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Defence & Security

Agnipath: Playing With Fire?

In war, the man behind the machine that matters the most. Agnipath is about a 04 years tenure with defence forces, as soldier/ air warrior/ sea warrior.

50 deadly weapons used in the Mahabharata war # 1

In just 18 days, 1660 million warriors were killed in the Mahabharata war. Many of the divine weapons used were far more advanced than the weapons in use today.

50 deadly weapons used in the Mahabharata war # 2

Some of the powerful weapons used in Mahabharat could crush the enemy. For Instance, Barbarik could single-handedly end the war in less than one minute.

Corruption in Russian military and Putin’s future strategy   

Putin’s initial strategy was to achieve a quick military victory over Ukraine that could not be accomplished and forced Russia to recalibrate its strategy.

Will ‘Tour of duty’ scheme– lead to financial savings?

Tour of duty (ToD) entails recruitment of some personnel into the Defence Forces for a period of three to five years. After the completion of 3/5 years tenure, they will either be absorbed in CAPF/ Corporate Sector or let off with some Severance Package to enable their self-employment.

Supply chain management – in war & peace 

There are many lessons to be learnt from the war in Ukraine. Success on the battlefield often causes supply shortages. As a force advances, its supply lines get longer, requiring more resupply vehicles in order to maintain the same rate of replenishment.


Endgame: Naxals are not going to vanish overnight; not the way we think

If we are want to finish off the Naxals, we also need to bring laws to punish politicians who cultivate the Naxals to silence their opponents

Rape: forensic science’s error leads to injustice

According to National Crime Records Bureau, nearly 77 rape take place in India every day, that is, a woman is raped about every 19 minutes.

Women in combat – better late than never?

Induction of women in combat arms, combat support arms and services should be based on their abilities and not based on their gender. The armed forces should lay down minimum physical standards for combat arms, combat support arms and services irrespective of gender and recruit accordingly.

Post-COVID laziness – an addiction

COVID  has not only changed our life but also our living patterns and ripped the social fabric apart. Initially, when the lockdown happened, everyone was very euphoric about the ‘Work from Home’ concept. It gave the working class, a sense of freedom from dressing up, freedom from pollution and traffic jams while travelling to the office and freedom from strict office timings.

The 50 most admired women of India # 2

Gone are the days when men were expected to go off to work while women were supposed to stay at home and look after the family.

The 50 most admired women of India # 1

Every year on March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day (IWD). It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

International Affairs

Is Joe Biden administration going soft on China?

During the early days of Joe Biden presidency, it appeared that he will continue Trump administration's foreign policy, but it was a mirage

President Joe Biden – From Scranton to White House

Joe Biden,78 -- the 46th U.S. president is the oldest person to assume presidency in the history of USA.

The women who made the world dance to their tunes

Here is a list of women who proved themselves more than equal to men and reached the topmost elected or selected posts in their respective country

Who is sowing seeds of terror in India’s neighbourhood?

Over the last few years, China’s influence, in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal affairs has multiplied increase while India losing its foothold.

The dragon debt trap

China has taken control of the strategic port city of Hambantota in Sri Lanka, Gwadar port of Pakistan, Lekki Deep Seaport in Nigeria, Port of Sudan, Mombasa Port in Kenya, Entebbe airport of Uganda, and many more. China indirectly enters the politics of that country and then dominates its sovereignty.

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Post mortem reports – the big farce, justifying untruth

What can be expected out of a post mortem when the doctor who signs the report hasn't seen the body? The ugly reality doesn't end here.

Ballistics- evidence at Gunpoint

Ballistics seeks to ‘determine’ how the bullet was fired; the weapon used and if the empty shells match those recovered from the crime scene

Rape: forensic science’s error leads to injustice

According to National Crime Records Bureau, nearly 77 rape take place in India every day, that is, a woman is raped about every 19 minutes.

Are DNA tests infallible?

Many people in India- police officers, forensic personnel and legal fraternity believe that ‘DNA tests’ are infallible. This is far from truth




The men behind extraordinary brands – 1

Each brand has a story behind it. Great brands were not created by God but humans’ back-stage who never gave up trying. They were successful entrepreneurs who like anyone else wanted to make money but ended up creating brands that last beyond their life time. Let’s unveil the hidden hands behind the success or failure of mega brands. Here are some of the legendary brand builders of all times…

New EU initiative may create hell for secret and shell companies

A new EU initiative might make life miserable for corrupt individuals and companies to hide their identity behind a maze of anonymous shell companies. The new move might make it easier for investigators and the public to uncover the source and intended destination for funds stolen from the public or given and accepted as bribes for winning public contracts. Many secret companies till now being used to hide illicit funds.

Online Gaming industry in India to get a regulator soon

The government of India is planning to set up a watchdog/regulatory body to regulate the untamed skill gaming industry in India. This is expected to bring legitimacy, promote investments in the mushrooming online gaming industry, and safeguard the interests of players. Currently, over 220 million gamers spend an average of 42 minutes per day on mobile games.

Fakes don’t kill brands; they kill businesses

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every five drugs made in India is fake. Consider the impact of all this, on human health when a patient takes a medicine, assuming that it will save his life but it doesn’t.

Go-First stakes claim as the 3rd largest carrier

GO FIRST registered growth in market share from 8.2% to 9.8% in October 2021 making it the third largest carrier as per the DGCA



Aviation Psychology – an emerging field

An aviation psychologist is an expert in an emerging field where psychologists specifically study behaviour, feeling, thinking, and working in the aviation industry.

English, vinglish and the trauma in the minds of students

After teaching English in a Government School for years I realize how difficult it is even for brilliant students to study English and other subjects in English medium, especially when there is no English speaking environment at home, school, or neighbourhood. Let the students decide what language they wish to learn and let them do so at their own pace and grasping ability!!

Babu factory: Why does Bihar produce so many IAS, IPS or IIT, IIM grads?

Bihar is a state difficult to understand. On one side, 80% of the population is uneducated. There are hardly any studies throughout the year due to politics, frequent strikes and absenteeism. Many parents have to sell off their property to send their sons or daughters to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other such metro cities for education. Still the state manages to produce the highest numbers of IAS, IPS & IFS officers. Almost 25 percent of the 700 IAS and IPS officers in the last ten years are Biharis.

Schools: playgrounds or battlegrounds?

School children and teachers live under the shadow of the gun all over the world. Does it make any difference if the hand on the trigger is that of a terrorist or security forces personnel? Many students, teachers, schools, and universities have seen targeted attacks, bombing, burning, killing, kidnapping and torture in the last 5-10 years. Many people died, and many others missed out on education.
higher education campus

Higher Education in India – road ahead

India has the largest population of illiterates in the World - 37% of the global total. There is a substantial gap in the male and female literacy in our country. The literacy gap is higher in the more populous states, like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh


What makes Lord Hanuman a role-model even today?

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the greatest devotee ever born on earth. His devotion to Lord Rama was unique, exemplary, and unconditional. His character, strength, and ability are something to be admired and followed in everyday life even today.

The 1st Afghan woman to fly solo

Meet Shaesta Waiz the youngest woman to fly around the world solo in a single engine aircraft. Her journey lasted around 145 days, over 30 stops in 22 countries and 24,816 nautical miles, across five continents.

The unscrupulous world of power play and office politics

Politics or power play is a very common feature in the workplace. This is often demonstrated when employees aspire to achieve something beyond their authority and control. They attempt to live up to these aspirations by forming relationships with those who have greater power and authority than themselves.

Algorithm helps robots avoid obstacles in their path

If you’ve ever ordered a product from Amazon, chances are that a robot selected your purchase from a shelf, read the barcode and delivered it to the counter for packaging. Hopefully, it didn’t collide with a human worker on its journey or lost its way.

Why whisky & whiskey are worlds apart?

There is a world of difference between what India, the world's largest whisky drinking nation, cheers with and what connoisseurs call the American 'whiskey' spelt with an extra 'e', for starters.



Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Leopard in the bag – the lucrative trade of leopard skin and body parts

Illegitimate trading in wildlife is an illegal offence under the wildlife protection act and if convicted it can lead to imprisoned for up to 10 years. Illegitimate trading in wildlife is an illegal offence under the wildlife protection act and if convicted it can lead to imprisoned for up to 10 years. Possessing a wildlife item; even as a part of ancestral /family inheritance without a license is a crime.

India is among Top 10 countries where online banking is most unsafe

If you are an online banking customer in India, you better watch out. India is among the Top 10 countries in the world where online banking is unsafe, prone to leakage of payment credentials and malware attacks.

How Nambi Narayanan was framed in a fake Spy Case?

24 years ago, Nambi Narayanan –a reputed space scientist was accused of selling ISRO’s rocket and satellite secrets and subjected to inhuman torture by IB and Kerala police officers. Was it part of an international conspiracy, insensitive journalism or police brutality that the scientific genius spent the prime of his life behind four walls of a jail instead of a laboratory?

Is forensic science based on fact or fiction?

Forensic science must be stripped of the ‘undeserving aura’, that it has assumed for the simple reason that hitherto no one has challenged it


10 sacred Bahai temples around the world

The Bahai faith was founded by Bahá’u’lláh over 150 years ago. Bahai houses of worship or temples, are also called Mashriqu’l-Adhkar in Arabic meaning “The Dawning Place of the Mention of God.” People from all religions are welcome to meditate without any formal sermons and rituals.

The biggest palaces in the world!!

According to Guinness book of World Records, Forbidden City, the world's largest palace in Beijing China has 980 buildings and 9,999 rooms

Indians are the highest spending globetrotters

Shopping is the main preoccupation for Indians abroad. Indians just love shopping. Nearly half the people from India travel only to for shopping overseas. Almost 73% buy branded duty-free goods. According to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Indians spend over $5.52 billion while traveling abroad. Part of the reason behind it is that the credit cards issued by Indian banks are valid internationally.

Indians largest tourist group by nationality in Sri Lanka

Interestingly, this has been a gradual shift in the source markets for the country’s tourism sector, with arrivals from the traditional source markets of Western Europe declining as a percentage of total arrivals and Asian countries increasing their market share, led by China and India.

Urban tourists going rural

"Rural tourism is one aspect of experiential tourism as it gives people a chance to do something on a holiday - be it farming, petting animals, eating fresh fruits and vegetables or just running around in farms and villages," Pinheiro said, adding that Grassroutes operates in three Maharashtra villages.


Fantico introduces a list of Bollywood collectables

Fantico is a digital licensed collectables platform, curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music and other collectables

Sooryavanshi- the widest overseas released film

‘Sooryavanshi’ directed by Rohit Shetty is creating a record as the film with the widest overseas release- ahead of its launch globally

Neelesh Misra to spoof governance in ‘Ramrajya’

Writer and lyricist Neelesh Misra's new “introspective” TV show “Ramrajya” will “raise a lot of uncomfortable but necessary prospects” of good governance.

TV: The New Guardian

It is estimated that 75 per cent of everything on TV, both programming and commercials, is created by approximately 100 large corporations whose only intention is to maximize their profits for their shareholders in whatever ways are legal.

Air Badminton – A New Outdoor Game

Air Badminton is designed to create opportunities for people of all ages and ability to play badminton on hard, grass and sand surfaces in parks, gardens, streets, playgrounds, and beaches around the world. The project has been going on for the past five years to develop a new outdoor shuttlecock with increased durability, stability and wind resistance to allow people to play badminton outdoors.


Selling property online: Impact of internet on Real Estate Marketing

On the surface, selling and buying real estate seems novel and even logical. What works against it is the manner in which the real estate market actually functions in India.
property investment

The top 3 cities for property investment

MMR, Bengaluru and Pune are currently the top three markets for buying homes for end-use and investment.

Be a smart property buyer with a pre-approved home loan

The best ‘be prepared’ move on this front is to become pre-approved for a home loan. Doing so means that this tricky and time-consuming aspect of home purchase has already been dealt with, and that one can enter the market focused squarely on the best options. Getting pre-approved also puts you in the strongest possible place when it comes to negotiating the best deal.

Schools are pushing sale of property in Pune

Pune has more hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities per square kilometer than most other cities in Maharashtra. A cursory study of pricing trends indicates that residential properties which are near to good secondary schools appreciate better than others.

More women in India today wish to own their homes not just live in...

More Indian women are now determined to own their homes rather than just live in them. Women are the decision-makers. The final decision on a home purchase is taken by women for 80% of all purchases.


Boeing Named ‘Eco-Company of the Year’ by Air Transport World

Leading industry publication cites fuel-efficient airplanes, ‘collaborative, creative, innovative’ environmental strategy

“Advantek ethos: Green Earth and clear Blue Sky”

Advantek Fuel Systems Private Limited created a big splash in the Indian mobility market by introducing clean, eco-friendly, Composite CNG Cylinders for the first time in India. These cylinders are not only 70% lighter than the Type - I steel cylinders currently being used in India but also provide more storage capacity on-board to cover 800- 1000 KM per fill.

Renault announces new initiatives for the specially-abled

India is one of the key top 10 global markets for Group Renault and the brand has some of the most popular global products in its portfolio, led by KWID which is one of the top cars for the group globally.

Matrimony.com announces the rebranding to Weddingbazaar.com

Matrimony.com has announced the creation of a new brand identity - WeddingBazaar.com, India’s largest wedding marketplace

Caterpillar celebrates 50 years of manufacturing in India

Caterpillar is one of the largest exporters of construction and mining equipment and remains focused on providing world-class products and after-market service solutions to its customers in India and around the world.


New Micro-needle Roller for Skin Rejuvenation

The DermRoller has even been reported to significantly improve hair loss in men and women by provoking the body to stimulate hair growth. Users with thinning hair have experienced thicker hair growth with regular use.
Dabur Vatika

Dabur launches Vatika Protect ‘Germ Protection shampoo’

Dabur India Ltd announced the expansion of its Vatika portfolio with the launch of ‘Vatika Germ Protection shampoo’, which helps to protect against Germs and Coronavirus.

Lay’s introduces ‘wafer style’, the thinnest chip

Lay’s, India’s favourite chip brand, is introducing a new flat cut chip and its thinnest range of chips ever - Lay’s Wafer Style.

Turtle car care products to keep cars clean & healthy

Turtle Wax car care products ensure a clean, shiny, healthy, and long endurance of the car during harsh winter conditions. 

Peter England: new wedding range for men

Peter England, menswear brand from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited, has launched ‘Honestly Made’ for its latest wedding range