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Defence & Security

Myanmar crises: India’s dilemma

As the world's largest democracy India must join those who are condemning the military take over Myanmar. It is in the interest of India that a civilian government is restored in Myanmar at the earliest.

Army, Navy and Airforce need to be placed under a single Theatre Commander

The idea of Theatre Command has received a fair amount of criticism from various quarters. Some analysts feel that Theatre Commands are required for expeditionary forces like the USA and China and not suited for India which does not covet territory beyond its borders.

India-China disengagement– temporary relief or lasting peace?

Does this disengagement mean an end to the hostile environment? Or is it just another edition of a long list of standoffs?

Why is Pakistan dancing to China’s tunes?

China never gives anything free. Islamabad will have to return $21.8 billion of commercial loans and $7.75 billion taken as bilateral debt to Beijing by 2023. Pakistan needs to repay China more than double the amount it owes the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Considering the dismal state of Pakistan’s economy over the past several years it is doubtful if Pakistan can ever return the loans.

The pathetic track record of defence manufacturing

Even after 15 to 20 years of manufacturing, it is disheartening to see a fair number of systems and components either on the import list or where indigenized giving an engineering life of about 50% or less.

Modernizing the IAF – better late than never

Even if the previous Manmohan Singh Government is discounted as an example of bad governance, what difference has Modi’s government that works made? The ground realities haven’t changed. Even if the first of the 18 MRCA’s are delivered in 2015, the remaining 108 aircraft made in India will not be available for quite some time.


Delhi High Court directs telcos to strictly curb unsolicited communication

Delhi High Court ordered TRAI and Telcos to strictly curb unsolicited commercial communication to safeguard innocent users.

Even unwed mother could be child’s guardian: SC

The Supreme Court ruled that there was no need for the father's consent in giving guardianship of a child to an unwed mother as it held that the views of "uninvolved father" are not essential if the child is solely raised by the mother.

Added sugar in processed foods – recipe for disaster

Sugar sweetened beverages are responsible for nearly 1,80,000 deaths every year. High fructose corn syrup which is the most frequently used sweetener in processed foods, particularly fruit-flavoured and fizzy drinks.

How did Tata Sumo get its name?

Tata Group’s first multi-utility vehicle Tata Sumo had nothing to do with Japanese heavyweight wrestlers and named after Sumant Moolgaokar - Su for SUmant and Mo for MOolgaokar

Delhi Police women to wear khadi silk sarees

Over the years Khadi is becoming popular not only among common people but even government organisations are adopting Khadi. Traditional artisans in West Bengal are preparing Tasar-Katia Silk sarees for Delhi police

Why are road accidents an everyday affair in India?

Many drivers are maniacs in a hurry, who do not follow traffic rules, over speed, overtake from the wrong side, and drive under the influence of liquor.

International Affairs

The U.S. Presidents who died with their boots on…

Eight out of 45 U.S. Presidents died while still in office without completing their full term. Four of them were assassinated while the others died due to what may today seem to be curable diseases

Pakistan on the verge of self-destruction?

The future of Pakistan is bleak due to its self-inflicted injuries. The condition of Pak is critical with financial bankruptcy, sectarian violence, impending Afghanistan US pull out, Saudi Arabia and several Muslim nations sidelining Pak and above all becoming a slave to China already under global backlash.

Most Americans don’t have enough assets to withstand 3 months without income

The study compared asset poverty rates in the U.S. and Canada. Canada's asset poverty rate has improved over the past 20 years while the U.S. rate has worsened, but still, 62% of low- to moderate-income Canadians also fall below the asset poverty threshold.

Top 12 countries with the largest land borders

Russia has over 20,017 km of land border with the maximum 16 neighbors while China shares 22,147 km of land with 14 countries

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15 Countries where people eat dogs and cats

Dog meat and dog skin is a flourishing trade in many parts of the world. This is the reason behind illicit dog stealing, smuggling, and trafficking. Ancient Chinese writings from the Zhou Dynasty mention --pig, goat, and dog -- among "three beasts" bred for food. Every year close to 10 Million dogs are skinned alive.

Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Baba Ramdev and his not so hidden political ambitions

A ministerial berth or any such glorified decoration is a sure shot way to mask or camouflage the business promotion activities of a Marketing Manager of Ayurvedic products...

What is the Shark doing in your soup bowl?

Ironically over 100 million sharks are killed every year for a tip of their tail in the soup bowl. But what makes the practice called 'shark fining' even more cruel and repulsive is the fact that the fins of living shark are cut off, and their squirming bodies are thrown back into the ocean for the Shark to die in pain.




New EU initiative may create hell for secret and shell companies

A new EU initiative might make life miserable for corrupt individuals and companies to hide their identity behind a maze of anonymous shell companies. The new move might make it easier for investigators and the public to uncover the source and intended destination for funds stolen from the public or given and accepted as bribes for winning public contracts. Many secret companies till now being used to hide illicit funds.

Trojans are ripping online banking services apart

Traditional financial security measures – including one-time passwords (SMS, TAN generators), tokens and CVV2 – are inadequate protection against banking Trojans that are able to bypass all the security technologies.

Will Jet Airways be back in the skies in 2021?

If all goes well -- the oldest private airline in India with an operating history of more than 25 years – Jet Airways will be back in the domestic and international skies by the summer of 2021.

Silk can repair nerve damage: scientists

The exquisite fibres of the famed mulberry silk can trigger regeneration of nerves and restore activity in limbs affected by traumatic injuries, courtesy a new technology developed by Indian scientists.

Essel Group- the sinking ship?

The multi-billion rupee empire built by Subhash Chandra—the founder of Zee TV and his ancestors is on the verge of collapse. On one side, a financial tsunami emerging over the horizon is clashing with the passionate dream of a full grown adult who wants to buy the most expensive, brightest and best toys in the market but fails each time – because they do not give him adequate return on investment. This, in short, is the nail-biting climax of the story of Subhash Chandra’s life, success, and survival.


Post-COVID Learning Framework for India

It may still be early to say if and when online education will totally or partially replace the traditional classroom system. But the day is not far when online or off-campus learning will gain back door entry and add to or replace campus-based education-- sooner or later

The award-winning educationist who wants to reform education and believes that learning should never...

Teaching is an inherent part of her upbringing and present in her DNA. She started her professional career as an English teacher in various reputed DPS schools. Today Dr Rosetta Williams, the innovative and enterprising CEO, of Dalmia Vidya Mandir, is breaking new grounds in the Indian education system
Simrita Dhillon

‘Quality Education can change people’s lives’ – Simrita Dhillon

Simrita Dhillon has advised 20+ Global Fashion, Beauty & Fragrance Brands. Excerpts from a free-flowing interview on the life and times of Simrita Dhillon

Education inequities in all U.S. school districts– study

Stanford researchers review more than 200 million test scores to spotlight communities with the nation’s worst academic achievement gaps.
social media

MyCaptain to launch Social Media Management course

MyCaptain is a platform that transforms passion into a career, with mentorship from 200 plus professionals who have made a mark in their respective fields, in the most exciting way possible.


Anger management: cool down the angry boss

Managing anger involves a range of skills. It also involves recognizing the signs of anger and positively handling the triggers at an early stage while remaining calm and in control.

What is it that money can’t buy?

Money is power. Money can match the mismatched, fix matches, drop catches, miss goals and change roles. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that money can do almost everything.

The day a child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent

The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise

When boredom becomes a blessing in disguise

Boredom is a common feeling. There is nothing wrong with feeling bored. Some of the greatest inventions did not just take place out of necessity, but out of boredom, simply because someone was bored and wanted something new.

Even COVID-19 could not stop people searching for a life partner

BharatMatrimony’s Online Matrimony Trends Report 2020 reveals that even COVID-19 could not stop ready-to-marry singles from searching for a life partner.




Andhra DGP stakes claim for India’s best top cop

Sawang a 1986 batch Andhra Pradesh cadre IPS officer has been awarded for initiating several measures for smart Innovative and community-oriented policing in the state.

Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Delhi Police women to wear khadi silk sarees

Over the years Khadi is becoming popular not only among common people but even government organisations are adopting Khadi. Traditional artisans in West Bengal are preparing Tasar-Katia Silk sarees for Delhi police

Mizoram: South Asia’s biggest hub for smuggled drugs, gold and guns

Mizoram in northeast India has emerged as the biggest hub for all kinds of smuggled goods - drugs, gold and guns in South Asia.

Police officers- were playing a game, when the revolver went off

It was a drama in real life. Two police officers were playing a ‘deadly’ game -- taking turns to fire bullets at each other from a revolver. There was only one bullet in the chamber. But Officer Katlyn Alix, 24, is dead and her colleague Nathaniel Hendren, 29, is facing charges for killing her.


Top 12 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the World

Greece, Maldives, Thailand, Hawaii, Italy or South Africa-- selecting the ideal honeymoon destination -- is one of the most crucial decision that a newlywed couple has to take. From beautiful sun-kissed beaches to ski trips in snowcapped mountains, fairy-tale theme parks, jungle safaris and far-flung exotic locations -- several options have to be considered while selecting the most romantic, luxurious, hot and sexy destination in the world.

The biggest palaces in the world!!

According to Guinness book of World Records, Forbidden City, the world's largest palace in Beijing China has 980 buildings and 9,999 rooms

A flight that takes you to kissing distance of Mt. Everest

The lure of the Himalayas attracts more than 100,000 trekkers each year to this Himalayan nation. The tourists mostly prefer to see Mt. Everest through mountain ride.

Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh

Baha'u'llah's shrine is the focal point of prayer for Bahá’ís all over the world. It is the holiest place on earth and a pilgrimage site for the Bahá'ís. Bahá’ís turn their faces in the direction of the Shrine when they pray each day.

World’s longest ski slope & largest fountain will be in Dubai

The Meydan One project will cover an area of 3.5 million square metres. It will be located between the 829 metres-tall Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, and the Meydan racecourse in the emirate's centre.


Twitter users watch more movies: survey

Twitter users are 87 percent more likely than non-Twitter users to go watch a movie within the first 10 days of its opening. They were also 340 percent more likely than non-users to have seen more than 12 movies in theatres over the last six months.

Hard to Understand, Harder to Remember

Struggling to understand someone else talking can be a taxing mental activity. A wide range of studies have already documented that individuals with hearing loss or who are listening to degraded speech -- for example, over a bad phone line or in a loud room -- have greater difficulty remembering and processing the spoken information than individuals who heard more clearly.

Global streaming consumption up 63%, but advertisers wary

While global streaming time was up 63 per cent year-on-year, ad demand dropped 28 per cent in a single quarter, heavily impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

ICC to promote Facebook sports video during pandemic

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is fully in favour of promoting the game on Facebook, after seeing the results of viewership after the Coronavirus pandemic shook the world.

TV: The New Guardian

It is estimated that 75 per cent of everything on TV, both programming and commercials, is created by approximately 100 large corporations whose only intention is to maximize their profits for their shareholders in whatever ways are legal.



property investment

The top 3 cities for property investment

MMR, Bengaluru and Pune are currently the top three markets for buying homes for end-use and investment.

Tips for buying a ‘starter’ home

Buying a starter home is also significant in another sense - it is the point where most people step into 'adulthood', in the sense that they are finally transitioning from living on rent to a self-owned property. It marks the end of one's association with landlords, and the beginning of autonomy.
real estate

Real estate trends: COVID-19 sentiment survey

Real estate's popularity as an investment asset class increased perceptibly post COVID-19. The report titled 'Indian Real Estate Vision 2025' was unveiled at the 3rd CII Real Estate Confluence.

Selling property online: Impact of internet on Real Estate Marketing

On the surface, selling and buying real estate seems novel and even logical. What works against it is the manner in which the real estate market actually functions in India.

NCR property buyers held at ransom by developers, authorities

Already, developers in India need countless approvals, and the several steps that must be taken to obtain construction permits can take as much as two years. The World Bank’s 2014 report on ‘Dealing with Construction Permits’ ranks India 184th out of 189 countries.



Top 12 startups which survived against all odds in 2020

Delhi-NCR is the new hotspot for startups and unicorns in India and the third-largest start-up network in the world after the US and UK.
True Frog

True Frog – the Indian origin vegan brand

True Frog do not add Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones, or any other harmful chemicals and ensure that their products are environmentally friendly and have allergen-free fragrances.

Anarock seals a major deal for 20 acres of land in Kolkata

Anarock Property Consultants' has signed a significant land deal for 20 acres at Kolkata's 262-acre Batanagar township.

Surface coating inactivates COVID-19 virus in one hour

A Virginia Tech chemical engineering professor has developed a surface coating that, when painted on common objects, inactivates SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Matrimony.com announces the rebranding to Weddingbazaar.com

Matrimony.com has announced the creation of a new brand identity - WeddingBazaar.com, India’s largest wedding marketplace


New Micro-needle Roller for Skin Rejuvenation

The DermRoller has even been reported to significantly improve hair loss in men and women by provoking the body to stimulate hair growth. Users with thinning hair have experienced thicker hair growth with regular use.

Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil announces Lite & White Offer

Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil is non-sticky, a non-greasy cooking oil that enables it to cook more with less oil.
Yippee saucy masala

ITC launches Sunfeast YiPPee! saucy masala

The brand will also be launching a Sunfeast ‘YiPPee! Ki Saucy Googly' campaign, featuring brand ambassador MS Dhoni and a consumer contest on social media for the instant noodle-lovers.

New Google search makes it easier to find great films and shows

Google's mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Through products and platforms like Search, Maps, Gmail, Android, Google Play, Chrome and YouTube, Google plays a meaningful role in the daily lives of billions of people and has become one of the most widely known companies in the world.
Centre Fresh

Center Fresh launches Center Fresh Mints ‘Clean Breath’

Over the years, Center fresh - the iconic brand from confectionery major Perfetti Van Melle India – has become synonymous with fresh breath, enabling people with the confidence to engage in social situations.