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Medical profession is a slave of the ‘for-profit’ healthcare system

Secretary General Indian Medical Association, Dr. RV Asokan has the pulse of the medical profession in his hands. He knows the issues that affect the heart and soul of the medical profession and exactly how and why medical ethics are being compromised. Excerpts from an interview:

‘Indian Army needs the Base Workshops to win wars’

The Gen Shekatkar Committee made some 168 recommendations but the Government accepted only 68 and ordered the whole report to be kept confidential. The manner in which the government has selectively accepted some recommendations and swept a large part of the study under the carpet has raised many eyebrows.

DTC buses: doing the best with half – the equipment, manpower and resources

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) – is today like an aged widow, past her prime. It does not have more than half the things required to run an efficient transport service. There are not enough buses. Even if floats tenders there aren’t many manufacturers who can make a delivery on demand. There is always a time-lapse as each of them does not have the capacity to manufacture more than 100 buses a month. To top it all there is an acute shortage of drivers and conductors

Arya Samaj has a great future ahead

Arya Samaj –meaning; a society of nobles — is a non-political, spiritual and social organization campaigning in favour of women's education and widow remarriage while opposing caste discrimination. The main purpose behind the organization was to reform orthodox Hinduism in India.

Gen Jacob’s last interview before his death

Lt Gen Jacob had only one regret while others like Sam Manekshaw were hailed as heroes of 1971 war - he who convinced Gen Niazi to surrender wasn’t even recommended for a war medal.

Today we’ve to be better than our juniors: Salman Khan

"The challenges (of our profession) changes with time. So at every given point it's going to change," Salman

SRK, only actor who can make me cry: Preity Zinta

The actress, who completed 17 years in Bollywood, also wrote about her fellow co-stars in a question and answer session with fans

I’m more comfortable behind the camera: Ajay Devgn

Ajay's film will face competition from Karan Johara’s “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma, which will release alongside “Shivaaya” on Diwali 2016.

Marital rape is unacceptable: Maneka Gandhi

According to Maneka Gandhi. marital rape is condemnable as is violence against women. Her view assumes significance as it runs contrary to the government's position that charge of marital rape was untenable in India due to the nature of the society and its beliefs and mindsets.

A symptom-less disease which is already uncontrollable by the time it is diagnosed

About 20 Lakh new patients develop kidney problems every year. Out of these some one lakh new patients develop end-stage renal disease per year. Considering the average survival of these patients as 3-5 years, you can very well imagine the extent of the disease in our country.

‘Manekshaw and I were good friends’- Gen Jacob

Wars have their own logic. There is always one side that wins and another that loses the war. Everyone can’t win at the same time. Even in an individual context, no one can win all the wars; you may win some wars… but lose some others. Winning and losing is all part of life. This is the greatest lesson to be learnt from the life of Lt Gen (Retd) JFR Jacob. He won some but lost many battles in life.

My daughters have made me proud: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt has been one of the best filmmakers of his time and inspired generations with his movie-making skills, but the director, who now produces films with new talent, says his three daughters - Pooja, Shaheen and Alia - are far more intelligent and practical than him.

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