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15 Countries where people eat dogs and cats

Dog meat and dog skin is a flourishing trade in many parts of the world. This is the reason behind illicit dog stealing, smuggling, and trafficking. Ancient Chinese writings from the Zhou Dynasty mention --pig, goat, and dog -- among "three beasts" bred for food. Every year close to 10 Million dogs are skinned alive.

What is the Shark doing in your soup bowl?

Ironically over 100 million sharks are killed every year for a tip of their tail in the soup bowl. But what makes the practice called 'shark fining' even more cruel and repulsive is the fact that the fins of living shark are cut off, and their squirming bodies are thrown back into the ocean for the Shark to die in pain.

How is Jignesh Shah using bureaucratic red tape to strangle justice

A new twist in Jignesh Shah who has many ex-bureaucrats working for him in a number if his companies involves seeking the help of pen pushing babus in different ministries to play hide and seek with the files. This behind the curtain game is helping Jignesh Shah to shoot and scoot without being caught.

Essel Group- the sinking ship?

The multi-billion rupee empire built by Subhash Chandra—the founder of Zee TV and his ancestors is on the verge of collapse. On one side, a financial tsunami emerging over the horizon is clashing with the passionate dream of a full grown adult who wants to buy the most expensive, brightest and best toys in the market but fails each time – because they do not give him adequate return on investment. This, in short, is the nail-biting climax of the story of Subhash Chandra’s life, success, and survival.

Did Defence Minister lie on the floor of the parliament?

In a written reply to Ramdas Athawalein Parrikar claimed that one - the main reason behind most IAF accidents is human error. Two, according to him no air crash occurred in 2015-16 upto 23.4.2015, though six crashes were reported in 2012-13 and 2013-14 and eight in 2014-15. Both the statements are not true and based on false presumptions.

Hidden nexus between NSEL and its defaulting borrowers

On 30 July 2013 Amit Mukherjee promptly sent a mail informing the progress of the loan to Anjani Sinha former chief executive officer (CEO) of National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL). It seems strange that Jignesh Shah and other NSEL promoters did not even know of an attempt to procure Rs 4900 crore loan on behalf of the borrowers.

What did FTIL do with the money earned abroad?

It is being alleged that the market value of FTIL is stake Rs 2200 crore which they are trying to pass off as Rs 1000 crores. The entire operation is allegedly being held under the directions of FTIL Managing Director Prashant Desai, who reportedly visited Dubai several times to oversee the deal.

What made Bhure Lal change his mind?

Here is a perfect example of cat and mouse games pen-pushing bureaucrats play on the dartboard of governance to favor someone who is their own or deny a legal right to someone whom they wish to destroy.

What made NHAI lie to the PM?

The initial cost of constructing the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) was projected to be Rs 2,676 crores. But by the time the project is complete, this might cross Rs 7,558 crore. Can NHAI which is reportedly already suffering from a loss of over 86.97 crore bear this burden?

How NHAI misled the PM

Here is evidence how facts were fudged with or without the active compliance of the district authorities. There are many cases where the land ownerships have been changed on paper in the official records without negotiated settlement of price or acceptance from the original owner.

Did NHAI ‘bluff’ the PM?

NHAI does not have physical possession of even an inch of land from Kundli to Palwal. No work has started on the ground. They have just changed the status of possession in the revenue records by influencing the DMs. Even while doing so they have not taken NoC from the actual owner. This is a clear violation of the law. It is entirely illegal

Eastern Peripheral Expressway: benefits limited, problems unlimited

The purpose of a highway is to settle people and improve their quality of life- not to uproot and unsettle their lives and the future of their children. There is a hairline difference between right and wrong. Right and wrong are two sides of a coin. In a democratic society, there should be adequate measures to correct a wrong and seek remedy against it.  

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