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Is forensic science based on fact or fiction?

Forensic science must be stripped of the ‘undeserving aura’, that it has assumed for the simple reason that hitherto no one has challenged it

Police custody death- Are policemen licensed to kill?

It is obvious that Altaf's death in a police station in UP was cooked up to cover up the alleged torture leading to death in police custody

Ballistics- evidence at Gunpoint

Ballistics seeks to ‘determine’ how the bullet was fired; the weapon used and if the empty shells match those recovered from the crime scene

Brain fingerprinting: peeping into the suspect’s mind?

The obsessive desire behind brain fingerprinting is one that has fascinated mankind for ages—the desire to ‘read someone’s mind’. This has been a tremendously popular motivation for the simple reason that it would yield terrific power in the hands of one who may accomplish it.

Lie-Detector Test- so near, yet so FAR from TRUTH

The Lie Detector or Polygraph test was the result of an obsessive desire —to peep into the minds of others and acquire control over them

Death by hanging: ignorance, suicide or murder?

Popular imagery of suicidal hanging presumes the body hanging freely from the roof, eyes bulging out and tongue protruding from the mouth

Forensics: exact science or dramatised fiction? #1

Forensics is not an exact science just a few misleading laboratory techniques. In this series our aim will be to expose the hoax of forensics and highlight how justice continues to be murdered on the altar of ignorance.

Glass, paint, soil & questioned documents analysis

Glass, paint or soil samples may vary from place to place. Likewise, two different signatures by the same person are never exactly alike.

Rape: forensic science’s error leads to injustice

According to National Crime Records Bureau, nearly 77 rape take place in India every day, that is, a woman is raped about every 19 minutes.

Guns, bullets & wounds- the ‘hole’ truth

Many experts claim that they can tell the calibre of the bullets just by looking at the entrance wound. This is scientifically not possible.

Post mortem reports – the big farce, justifying untruth

What can be expected out of a post mortem when the doctor who signs the report hasn't seen the body? The ugly reality doesn't end here.

Fingerprint analysis- science or ‘medical palmistry’?

Investigators have been depending on fingerprint analysis to solve crimes for 100s of years. However there is no scientific way to determine how long a fingerprint has been on a surface or under what circumstances it was placed there.
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