Supply chain management – in war & peace 

There are many lessons to be learnt from the war in Ukraine. Success on the battlefield often causes supply shortages. As a force advances, its supply lines get longer, requiring more resupply vehicles in order to maintain the same rate of replenishment.

Russian-Ukraine imbroglio- a peep into the future

It is a known fact that the Russian forces outnumber the Ukrainian forces by almost five times. Ukraine has hardly any airpower, which is an important component both for offensive and defensive warfare.

Future-ready technology and the new age battlefield

Indian Armed Forces have been undergoing rapid modernization & up-grading weapon systems in keeping with the threat perceptions.

Tour of duty: a high impact reform

The government`s move to bring the Tour of Duty (TOD) recruitment model into the armed forces could emerge as a high-impact reform if introduced with the right strategy.

Russia-Ukraine conflict- expect the unexpected

The Russian-Ukraine conflict has created a strategic fulcrum that could have a long-lasting impact and lead to a multi-polar world with China- Russia at one end and the US at the other end of the spectrum.

Why doesn’t the arms trade lobby want the war to end?

Irrespective of whether Russia or Ukraine win the war – as always the weapons manufacturers and arms dealers will stand to gain and make a big profit.

It’s easy to start a war but difficult to stop it

Sooner or later, the war will come to an end, but Ukraine will be damaged beyond immediate repair.

The war will only end when Ukraine accedes to Russian demands

The war is only likely to conclude when Ukraine accedes to Russian demands. The longer Ukraine fights on, the harder would-be destruction, and more would be the demands of Russia

The war and Ukraine’s sling shot’ tactics

This war would be remembered for Ukraine's sling shot' tactics or use of relatively cheap missiles to bring down the mighty Russian Tanks, BMPs, aircraft and warships by slingshot.

It might take decades to rebuild Ukraine

The most serious aspect of this conflict has been pushing Russia closer to China and creating a wedge in the new world order. It will not be long before we see a distinct group primarily anti-American countries like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and some Central Asian Republics aligning together.

Will Russia win the battle, lose the war?

Russia had 3 times more artillery and 10 times more aircraft still Ukraine managed to ward-off the Russian army's advance and inflict a number of casualties

Poseidon – the largest torpedo ever built

Initial reports suggest that the Poseidon torpedo can attain a speed of 130 kmph, with a range of 10000 km and an operating depth of 1000 m. The torpedo is supposed to be 24 m in length with a diameter of 1.6 m.

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