Coup in Myanmar: implications for India

The military coup on 01 Feb 2021 in Myanmar has to be seen in the context of the Chinese showdown with India in both western as well as the eastern sectors. China is working very hard to ensure that India does not become a third superpower on the globe within the next decade.

Why should India talk to China after Galwan?

It has been confirmed by the MEA and recent US Intelligence reports that more than 350 Chinese soldiers armed with iron rods and spiked bats were waiting to pounce on a small party of 50 unarmed Indians. It is a different story that the Indian soldiers despite their inferior numbers managed to overpower them and in the process killed 43 Chinese soldiers and injured 76 of them at the cost of 20 Indian soldiers including the CO 16 Bihar Col Babu. Still, we are talking to Chinese. why?

Who is sowing seeds of terror in India’s neighbourhood?

Over the last few years, China’s influence, in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal affairs has multiplied increase while India losing its foothold.

Why is Nepal spoiling for trouble?

It is time Nepal and its communist PM Oli are taught a lesson by India which they will remember for years to come.

Remember Kargil: those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat their own mistakes

The Kargil Review Committee set up to find what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again, found that the helicopter-borne Winter Air Surveillance Operations (WASO) failed to detect the intruders even when its helicopter was flying over their heads.

Remembering Operation Vijay – in Kargil

The whole Nation salutes the valour and sacrifices of Bravehearts who did the Impossible at Kargil

Why do bureaucrats prefer the Defence Secretary’s post?

Though anyone who reaches the level of Secretary to Government of India is said to have reached the top, those who occupy the Defence Secretary’s position are specially ‘blessed’ and have new doors opening for them. Anyone who adorns the post is sure to go places and do well later in life…

Chiefs of Army Staff – the unusual coincidences

Gen. Naravane is the 3rd officer from Sikh Light Infantry to become Chief of the Indian Army. Prior to this, Gen. V. P. Malik and Gen. Bikram Singh served as the 19th and 25th COAS.

Helicopters- Taxis to War

It is difficult to imagine a future war without helicopters. Helicopters are versatile and lethal fighting machines. They do not need fancy airfields to take off and land. They can engage targets on the ground, air or sea. A typical helicopter gunship fitted with all kinds of armaments and missiles is like a samurai that can destroy around 17 times its cost before being destroyed. At the same time, Choppers can transport men, material, and casualties.

What does China wish to achieve in Galwan Valley?

The questions uppermost in the minds of people all over the world are -- what is China up to? Why is China creating problems on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Galwan area? The only option for India is to be prepared for a military option all along the Chinese border but make an early exit without conceding China’s new claims.

Why daily firing is an India-Pakistan practice match at the LoC?

Firing is such a routine on the LoC that if it does not happen for a few days or hours, you start feeling something is wrong. This random firing has many benefits. Besides inviting the enemy soldier cooped up in a similar 2x2 bunker – on the other side of LoC- 30 meters away -- to come and play, at the end of it—the soldiers can warm their hands on the red-hot barrel of their guns. It is all a time-pass that kills boredom

The inside story: Mashkoh– Kargil as I saw it #1

This book is a first-hand authentic account of war stories of the ‘Mashkoh Warriors’ by Brig Umesh Singh Bawa, who commanded the 17 Jat during the Kargil war and was awarded Vir Chakra for his gallantary actions in the Mashkoh Valley in 1999.

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