Anti-drone protection system – sooner the better

The intelligence agencies are in particular unable to figure out why no debris of the drones could be found at the blast site. It seems likely that the drones were pulled back by the handlers after completing their mission.

Will India soon be a Defence Production Hub?

In the last nearly one decade the Department of Defence Production (DDP), Ministry of Defence, Government of India has produced a wide range of defence paraphernalia through Ordnance Factories, Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) and, licensed private sector companies

Poseidon – the largest torpedo ever built

Initial reports suggest that the Poseidon torpedo can attain a speed of 130 kmph, with a range of 10000 km and an operating depth of 1000 m. The torpedo is supposed to be 24 m in length with a diameter of 1.6 m.

How satellites can influence battlefield agility of armed forces

Operation Desert Storm was the first instance when space capabilities were used to enhance operational effectiveness and battlefield agility of armed forces. Satellites today can support forces in a wide array of fields like early warning, attack assessment, satellite communications, surveillance, environmental monitoring, navigation and positioning, space control, ballistic missile defence, etc.

Afghanistan: India’s Concerns

Afghanistan is at a crossroads after the US announced plans to withdraw all troops by 11 Sep 2021 -- bringing America's longest war to an end

Agni-P: a boost to India’s nuclear strike capability

India successfully flight-tested Agni-Prime a New Generation Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam island off the Balasore coast in Odisha on June 28, 2021.

Will drones & UAVs change the future battlefield?

Drones offer small countries very cheap access to tactical aviation and Precision Guided Weapons, enabling them to destroy an opponent’s much costlier equipment such as tanks and AD system

India’s quest for a main battle tank- a distant dream?

Almost 60-70 % of the army’s inventory is out-of-date and unserviceable due to lack of spares for repair, maintenance and overhaul. According to an internal audit - the Army has a critical shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks shells, fuses and spares for all types of weapons.

Why is China being allowed to cross all limits in South China Sea?

China has given orders to its Coast Guard to shoot at sight any ship without taking anybody’s permission. This is a very dangerous move and could start a war

Women in combat – better late than never?

Induction of women in combat arms, combat support arms and services should be based on their abilities and not based on their gender. The armed forces should lay down minimum physical standards for combat arms, combat support arms and services irrespective of gender and recruit accordingly.

Building bridges of friendship in the Indian Ocean region

India has built a reasonable number of bridges of friendship in the Indian Ocean Region which have helped in enhancing its image as a benign friend in need.

Pakistan’s nuclear missiles- more of a threat for Pakistan than India

On November 5, 2013 Pakistan conducted its fourth test of the Hatf-IX (Nasr) short range battlefield ‘nuclear’ missile and claimed that the missile had a range of 60km and was capable of carrying ‘nuclear warheads. This leaves a few unanswered questions - first, what is Pakistan trying to signal by way of Nasr? Secondly, can Pakistan actually fit a nuclear warhead into the Nasr? Thirdly, what will be the impact of Nasr on the Indo-Pak strategic balance? Finally what happens if this weapon falls in the hands of a jehadi organization?

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