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Decoding the Dragon strike – 3

It must be clear that China needs India more than India needs China, particularly in the next decade or so. India’s youthful population and growth, indicate the accumulation of the world’s largest middle class and its economic trajectory. The challenge lies in managing China both in peace and war, which requires collaborative military, economic, informational, diplomatic, and political levers.

Decoding the Dragon strike – 2

As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War - “He who wishes to fight must first count the cost” China mustn't underestimate India - politically, diplomatically, economically, or militarily. India is number four in the world just after China in the GFP (Global Firepower Index) 2020. GFP ranking is based on each nation's potential war-making capability across the land, sea, and air fought by conventional means.

Decoding the Dragon strike – 1

The dragon is a mythological powerful and benevolent symbol of the Chinese culture. Chinese dragon traditionally symbolizes potent and auspicious powers. Interestingly, dragons are also found in Indian mythology where Indra battled the dragon for 360 days and ultimately killed him. It was a typical “Good Prevails over Evil’, fable. It remains to be seen if and how far the traditional Indian folk-lore of taming the Dragon is relevant today?

New EU initiative may create hell for secret and shell companies

A new EU initiative might make life miserable for corrupt individuals and companies to hide their identity behind a maze of anonymous shell companies. The new move might make it easier for investigators and the public to uncover the source and intended destination for funds stolen from the public or given and accepted as bribes for winning public contracts. Many secret companies till now being used to hide illicit funds.

Most Americans don’t have enough assets to withstand 3 months without income

The study compared asset poverty rates in the U.S. and Canada. Canada's asset poverty rate has improved over the past 20 years while the U.S. rate has worsened, but still, 62% of low- to moderate-income Canadians also fall below the asset poverty threshold.

Pakistan on the verge of self-destruction?

The future of Pakistan is bleak due to its self-inflicted injuries. The condition of Pak is critical with financial bankruptcy, sectarian violence, impending Afghanistan US pull out, Saudi Arabia and several Muslim nations sidelining Pak and above all becoming a slave to China already under global backlash.

Islam, Jihad, and Terrorism

Jihad is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Islam. There is no such thing as holy war, in Islam.The Quran and Sunnah encourage Muslims to respect the life and property of all mankind.

Who is sowing seeds of terror in India’s neighbourhood?

Over the last few years, China’s influence, in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal affairs has multiplied increase while India losing its foothold.

Why is Nepal spoiling for trouble?

It is time Nepal and its communist PM Oli are taught a lesson by India which they will remember for years to come.

Why shouldn’t India recognize Tibet as an independent country?

Till 1951 Tibet was an independent country. India signed the Panchsheel agreement with Chinese at Beijing on 29 April 1954 hoping to peacefully solve all irritants between two neighbours in the spirit of Hindi-Chini-Bhai-Bhai. But ironically dug its own grave. Within six months the first Chinese incursion was reported in the Barahoti area of Uttar Pradesh in June 1954. This was followed by a hundreds of incursions which culminated in full-fledged war in October 1962.

Astronauts to wear designer spacesuits on Mars?

Spacesuit astronauts wear depends on where you are going and what you’re doing. The ISS suit is designed specifically for microgravity. The thin atmosphere on Mars allows more radiation and cosmic rays from the Sun. Hence the need to develop a material that can withstand the radiation and keep dust out of the bearings on the shoulders, wrists, hip, upper thighs, and ankles of spacesuits which help astronaut walk, kneel, and perform other tasks.

Japan may counter Chinese fifth-generation stealth fighters: expert

China’s development of fifth-generation stealth fighters such as the Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31 may eventually force the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force to adapt its recently commissioned Izumo helicopter destroyer into a full aircraft carrier

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