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Top 12 countries with the largest land borders

Russia has over 20,017 km of land border with the maximum 16 neighbors while China shares 22,147 km of land with 14 countries

What needs to be done to make China stop dictating terms?

China is trying to break the political will of countries who it thinks are moving closer to the USA. It is trying to separate the USA from its allies and partners by breaking the transatlantic alliance, as China’s only friends are weak Pakistan and North Korea.

No good time for oil economics : OPEC

Oil prices are under pressure... Several OPEC members are on a collision course showing a substantial increase in production

Biden’s real challenge: setting America’s finances right

The US dollar is the worlds most trusted and preferred currency. It is hardly a surprise then that 66% of the worlds reserves are held in US dollars.

President Joe Biden – From Scranton to White House

Joe Biden,78 -- the 46th U.S. president is the oldest person to assume presidency in the history of USA.

The U.S. Presidents who died with their boots on…

Eight out of 45 U.S. Presidents died while still in office without completing their full term. Four of them were assassinated while the others died due to what may today seem to be curable diseases

Obama’s new book ‘A Promised Land’ to be the bestselling presidential memoir

This is Obama's third memoir -- even before the 44th US President had written two bestsellers ‘Dreams from My Father’ in 1995 and ‘The Audacity of Hope’ in 2006.

Pakistan on the verge of self-destruction?

The future of Pakistan is bleak due to its self-inflicted injuries. The condition of Pak is critical with financial bankruptcy, sectarian violence, impending Afghanistan US pull out, Saudi Arabia and several Muslim nations sidelining Pak and above all becoming a slave to China already under global backlash.

Pakistan going all out to revive the defunct Khalistan movement

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a pro-Khalistan hardliner wrote to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, “if India ever attacked Pakistan, the Pro-Khalistan Sikhs will extend full support to Pakistan”.

Oil pipelines are attractive targets for sabotage and theft

Offshore pipelines are more prone to sabotage because they are long-distance and it is not cost-effective to protect every centimetre of the length. It is also easier for the saboteurs to tackle onshore installations or pipelines.

25 Years of Internet: will Indians change the shape of things to come?

In reality, only 30% of India is online today. Over the next five years or so, an estimated 75-80% of new users will come from rural areas. The writing on the wall is loud and clear - Indians will shape the way the internet is used around the world…

Oil and Gas installations are attractive targets for terrorists: Dr Ajay Kumar

Oil and Gas installations have never been safe – in the water, or above the ground. Every sector of the oil and gas fuel cycle is vulnerable to terrorist threats.

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