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Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh

Currently head of Department of Holistic Medicine & Wellness at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh is a mental wellness expert with expertise in relationship, lifestyle & stress management. The founder and director of The Mind and Wellness Studio Dr. Rachna Khanna has worked with leading hospitals like Fortis Escorts, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital. Her specialties include stress management, lifestyle management for heart diseases, supportive care for chronically ill patients, work-life balance, parent-child bonding, cancer support care, ante/postnatal care, relationship counselling, pre-marital & marital counselling, adolescent counselling, psychiatric & psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Latest Articles

Mental health stigma in rural areas

Mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, yet the stigma surrounding mental health persists in various communities, in the rural areas.

Building mental strength: insights from military psychology

Mental strength is a crucial aspect of military training, allowing soldiers to endure extreme conditions and perform their duties effectively.

Emotional eating: Does change of weather trigger abnormal eating?

Emotional eating is a way to suppress emotions like stress, anger, fear, boredom, or loneliness. To conquer emotional eating, you need to identify your trigger

How to recharge yourself during time off?

We all have different personality types and ways to recharge & refresh ourselves. Here are some proven ways to recharge ourselves and boost our energy.

5 Ways to manage exam uncertainty  

The main element in dealing with uncertainty during an exam is having a clear and focused mind. Therefore, plan your day and distribute a few hours to studying

How parents can change a child’s behaviour?

As a parent, we influence our child’s behaviour by either ignoring it or punishing them to induce a behavioural change.

Five myths about anger management

Anger is an emotion like happiness or sadness. It is brief, and projecting onto it's far simplest going to perpetuate it. Anger is normal.

What is Gaslighting? How to make out if someone is Gaslighting...

Gaslighting is not unusual. Gaslighting can take many forms. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. Gaslighting is related to romantic relationships

What does midlife crisis feel like?

Midlife crisis is a time of introspection when some people reflect about their past life and wonder what would have happened if they had taken a different path

Cultural influence on self-harm and suicide

Self-harm is a major public health concern among adolescents. It is common among teenagers around 12 years old, although its prevalence is low in early life.

Prosocial behaviour v/s social responsibility

Prosocial behaviour can be referred to as activities performed to help other citizens in society so that it leads to collective positivity and harmony in the living environment.

Impact of mental health on relationship

Kory Floyd, a psychologist from the University of Arizona has described a concept called ‘skin hunger,’ which explains why having a phone call with your partner is not as fulfilling as having them right next to you

Depression in adolescents – the hard truth  

Depression manifests itself differently in each individual and hence there cannot be a set of red flags termed ‘common’ to all. The symptoms may vary from person to person

How Indian TV shows can help spread awareness about mental health

Filmmakers and celebrities are continually attempting to normalize conversations about mental health with films like Dear Zindagi (2016) and Chhichhore (2019). However, there is still a rare conversation or representation of mental health in TV shows or on small screens.

Psychological effects of aromatherapy

History of aromatherapy traces back to over 1000 years. Several civilizations used aromatic oils in their perfumes and aroma-infused oils.

Role of psycho-oncology in treatment of cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease that takes a toll not only on the patients but on everyone close to them. A psycho-oncologist, seeks to improve the quality of life of the patient throughout the dark journey

Menstruation and its impact on women athletes

Hormonal changes during menstruation cause mood swings and trigger anger, irritability and depression. These mood changes can cause fatigue in the athlete which could impact their motivation and surge their stress levels; theoretically decreasing their performance.

Mirror neurons – human relationship & empathy

Mirror neurons are a part of motor neurons, present in the frontal lobe of the brain. They make a person empathetic and feel others' pain

Teen suicide: how to read the early warning signs

Many teens who commit or attempt suicide give advance notice of their intentions. Hence parents need to know the early warning signals

How COVID-19 unlocked floodgate of opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic had several negative aspects. People got sick and died; schools closed, employees lost their job. However, the tragedy also opened floodgates of opportunities.

Psychology, Maths and Science- what’s common?

Psychology plays a vital role in many subjects like Mathematics and Science. Psychology & education are like needle & thread. Psychology is like the sharp needle while education is like the thread that fits the child like a garment.