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Ambassador Yogesh Gupta

Former Ambassador of India to Denmark, High Commissioner to Zambia and Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Ambassador Gupta belongs to 1976 batch of Indian Foreign Service. He has been Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Benin, Chad and Cameroon as well as Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy, Rome. He has been responsible for preparing speeches for the Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister on foreign policy and economic issues and advised Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs on setting up a NRI University in India. He is presently researching on China, Pakistan, USA, their relations with India.

Latest Articles

What needs to be done to make China stop dictating terms?

China is trying to break the political will of countries who it thinks are moving closer to the USA. It is trying to separate the USA from its allies and partners by breaking the transatlantic alliance, as China’s only friends are weak Pakistan and North Korea.