The timeless appeal of the bungalow lifestyle

Bungalows are the ultimate real estate investment vehicle, as their value grows in tandem with the appreciation of land prices in a locality. In the case of bungalows situated in townships, the appreciation of land value is further compounded by the growth in value made possible by the superior infrastructure.

Why is Lonavala in big demand?

A comfortable driving distance from both Mumbai and Pune Lonavala is already in great demand. It is only a matter of time before Lonavala becomes an end-user driven residential market

5 Reasons Why A Developer’s Reputation Matters While Buying A Home

India’s economy is once again on a sure footing, and people across the country are now confident about buying homes. Purchasing a home is of course a huge investment, and therefore not something where there can be any margin for error – and yet, things can and often do go wrong.

Township Living – A New Way Of Life In Chennai

An integrated township project could comprise of residential plots, row houses, villas as well as low-rise and high rise apartments. However, it does not end with developing residential spaces. To attract home buyers to invest and live in these projects, it is imperative that physical and social infrastructure is also in place.

Delhi, Mumbai – A tale of two cities

While prices in many established areas of Delhi declined, property prices across Mumbai increased in 2014

Mumbai tops the list of cities with big demand for office buildings

Mumbai has hardly seen any new launches in the last few years. This will have implications in the next three years, with the supply pipeline drying up in the right locations like BKC Core and SBD (Central). On the other hand, peripheral areas such as Thane and Navi Mumbai will see an oversupply, which will actually be the supply that had got delayed due to the global financial crisis and would get constructed during this time period.

Why Real Estate Investment Beats The Stock Market

The outcome of stock market volatility is more evident if one follows the changes in real estate markets. Real estate investment provides more stability and can also deliver a continuous income stream, and this is why it attracts more investors. The slow but steady correlation between the stock markets and real estate markets provides the important advantage of diversification in an investor’s portfolio.

Why women have the final say in purchasing a home

Homes are made by women, not men. Every man knows this, and defers to the judgment of the woman in his life in matters of buying a home. It is nothing but simple, basic psychology. One of a man’s most fundamental drives is to please the woman in his life. In fact, most male-dominated activities are centered on this truth.

Senior Living In India – Homes For The Golden Years

The number of senior citizens is expected to double by 2030 and reach 320 million - 20% of the country’s total population by 2050.

NCR property buyers held at ransom by developers, authorities

Already, developers in India need countless approvals, and the several steps that must be taken to obtain construction permits can take as much as two years. The World Bank’s 2014 report on ‘Dealing with Construction Permits’ ranks India 184th out of 189 countries.

Tips for buying a ‘starter’ home

Buying a starter home is also significant in another sense - it is the point where most people step into 'adulthood', in the sense that they are finally transitioning from living on rent to a self-owned property. It marks the end of one's association with landlords, and the beginning of autonomy.

The philosophy behind residential project names

The philosophy behind naming a project is guided by the specific nature of a particular market in terms of overall ethos, social configuration and mind-set, and the type of clientele that the developer is targeting.

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