Tantra — Black Magic or path to Spiritual Elevation

The word ‘Tantra’ is derived from the combination of three words ‘Tattva’, ‘Mantra’ and ‘Yantra’. Tantra has infinite power with unlimited applications. Tantra is a legitimate science and not black magic. Vashikaran (A form of Hypnotism), voodooism and black magic are definitely neither part of Tantra nor has it been advised in any tantric scriptures.

Lord Ganesha – the God with a Global fan following

According to a popular legend in many parts of the world, Ganesha married to Lord Brahma’s daughters Buddhi (“Intelligence”), Riddhi (“Prosperity”) and Siddhi (“Success”) is believed to be the God of knowledge, intelligence, accomplishment and prosperity.

Shakuni — villain behind the battle of Mahabharata # 2

He didn’t care who won or lost the war. His evil aim was to set Hastinapur aflame. All he wanted to do was to inject poison in the minds of Pandavas and Kauravas and watch them fight each other. He wanted to take revenge for how his beloved sister Gandhari was married to a blind man

Face is the index of the mind; eyes are the mirror of the soul

One can virtually speak through the eyes.Silence, they say, is the climax of speech, and eyes are the medium for that.Eyes can smile,express love, hatred, sympathy and many more emotions that develop within us. It is said that no river flows deeper than the tears from our eyes,because eyes shed tears in diametrically opposite states of joy and grief.

Temples in India where men aren’t allowed to enter

Strange though it may sound, there are temples right here in India where men are not even allowed to go inside and worship. What more there are some temples where even male priests are not allowed to enter for few days every month

Guru Granth Sahib: the spiritual guide and eternal Guru

The Guru Granth Sahib comprising of 1430 pages and 5864 hymns is not just another holy book but an perpetual and eternal Guru for the sikhs. The sanctity of the Guru Granth Sahib is reflected in the manner in which it was treated by the Sikh Gurus. Today, no one can alter any of word, sentence or meaning of verses in Guru Granth Sahib.

Does any religion permit (mis)use of public places?

Religious discourses over loudspeaker amounts to encroachment upon the rights of others to practice their religion and is an illegal act

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s teaching: Humanity is One

One of the lessons learnt from Guru Nanak ji's life is equality and unity for all. He declared that God is one, and lives in every one of us

Spirituality or religion- which road should you take?

Spiritualism is like a huge elephant. People manage to touch one part of its body and start feeling as if they know all that there is to know about it. The person holding the trunk thinks - spiritualism is long and flexible like the truck, the person holding the tail feels spiritualism is short and keeps swinging from one end to another. Likewise, the person holding the leg has the perception that it is something hard and rigid.

Why do people love Hanuman?

Bajrangbali Hanuman is a loyal servant who likes to sit at the feet of Lord Ram his master. He has supernatural, powers but doesn’t boast or call himself the ultimate God. He can reach anywhere in the shortest possible time or fly – even without a special vehicle, helicopter or spacecraft. Even Sun one of the superhot (10,000 degrees F) stars in the Solar System, Shani Dev (Saturn -the most dreaded planet and incarnation of Lord Vishnu) or Yamraj the Lord of death don’t maintain a distance from him. He can lift a mountain even without a lift or multiple hands. He carries a weapon – but to protect and does not harm anyone, without a reason. These are a few things why this beloved devotee of Lord Rama, is a popular God who is worshipped all over the world as a symbol of strength and energy.

Post Office for sending letters to God Ayyappa

A unique post office near the famed Hindu temple at the Sabarimala hills allows you to post letters to God. It is used by people to post invitation cards for weddings and shop openings, seeking divine blessings from Lord Ayyappa

Jagannath Temple ‘Mahaprasad’: 700 cooks, 50,000 mouths, Rs. 10 lakh business

Nearly 40 to 50 quintals rice and 20 quintal dal are cooked together to make Mahaprasad on the premises of Ananda Bazar temple - the biggest open-air eatery in the world

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