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Real Estate Video Marketing- 8 Effective Ideas to Implement for Better ROI

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Real estate is a highly competitive market. So, video marketing is your best bet if we want to stand out from the crowd and get more leads. Still not convinced? Look at the following statistics:

  • 73% of homeowners prefer to do business with a real estate agent who uses video listings.
  • When looking for a home, 70% of buyers value video tours.

Videos can help us get a better ROI in residential and commercial real estate, from providing real estate listings to hosting a virtual tour.

In this blog post, we have compiled this list of 8 incredible real estate video marketing ideas to attract our real estate prospects and improve the overall ROI. Here they go:

  1. Creating Real Estate Video Listings

Real estate video listings gain 403% more inquiries than those without video. We’ll be able to sell it faster and for more money, if we show off what makes our home stand out from the competition. We can use a drone camera to take aerial footage of our property and capture interesting angles around the house’s exterior (like a backyard) and inside (if there’s room). This will help potential buyers visualize how much space they’d need after moving in!

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  1. Meet the Agents

These videos aim to show that our team is friendly and professional while also ensuring they’re showing off their personality.

What makes an effective way for agents to meet potential clients? The answer lies in the element of surprise: We are still determining who will show up at our door! This leaves room for some fun interactions with potential buyers—and it helps build trust by letting them see firsthand how happy they can be when working with us.

  1. Creating Agent Q&A Video

When we’re on camera, we must keep our delivery as natural as possible. This means not reading from a script and speaking in an engaging way that keeps the viewer engaged. If we have any questions about the homes or neighbourhoods being featured, we must ask them! We can even ask for advice on what homes might be suitable for our customer’s needs—or even if any houses are available now that would be good investments over time. Our audience will appreciate knowing what they’re missing out on!

  1. Creating “Day in the life of an agent” Videos

These videos show an agent interacting with clients and working with his team. We can also include videos of them doing open houses, showing homes to potential buyers, and even closing deals at the end of the day.

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If we’re looking for something more creative than “this is how I do my job” type videos, we should consider using some animation or motion graphics to create something unique that shows off our personality without being too cheesy or overbearing.

  1. Create Content for Every Stage of Home Buying Journey

Many people fall into the trap of thinking they can avoid all the hard work involved in buying or selling a property by taking on a real estate agent instead. The problem with this approach is that there are so many aspects of prepping our home ready for sale or purchase—from staging an open house to preparing paperwork and even cleaning up after tenants who’ve moved out—that it can feel overwhelming at times!

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to create video content specifically designed for each stage of the home-buying journey (or selling one). A simple & easy way would be to use online advertisement templates and edit them with a real estate video editor (available on the web).

  1. Hosting A Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a video that takes viewers on a property tour. It can be used to show off the property and its features, but it’s also an effective way to show off how different seasons affect different parts of our house. For example: if we’re planning on selling our home in early spring, having the cameras follow through each season will help prospective buyers appreciate how lovely it looks during those months. Another idea would be: hosting an “after-dark” virtual tour! This will give potential buyers an idea of what it looks like at night inside our house.

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  1. Create Personalized Video Emails

Including videos in emails is an excellent strategy that some of the most successful real estate agents have used. Why not? It has the potential to easily triple our click-through rates and provide a solid ROI for our efforts.

With personalized communication, email videos help establish credibility and authority while staying in the prospect’s spotlight. It also creates a personal connection and elevates us and the property to the top of the prospect list.

  1. Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Video Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for video marketing and have a large audience of real estate professionals.

We can use video content to create trust with potential clients and build relationships with them through the content we share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Besides, we can use Facebook’s carousel ad format to show multiple videos at once, allowing viewers to watch all the videos in succession or skip around if they don’t want to watch them immediately.

With the help of online Real estate video templates, we can easily create a real estate Facebook ad in no time.

Final Word

Real estate videos are a great way to market our business and can be cost-effective. However, only some real estate companies use them in the right way. We must know how to use video marketing to get the most out of it for our business. 

An excellent place to start would be by creating content for every stage of the home-buying journey, from initial research through closing on the house itself!

Want to learn some more effective real estate video ideas? Head over to this blog and try them out!

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