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6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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6 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The marketplace is so crowded now since brands are grappling with their hands at designing a digital marketing strategy so they can attract as many consumers as possible. It’s all a gamble; a marketing strategy will make or break your brand. 

An example of digital marketing is Xfinity implementing 24/7 customer service to meet the needs of its customers. Apart from dialling the Xfinity customer service number, customers can now attend live chats, on Twitter, or Facebook to reach out to the brand. That shows Xfinity’s willingness to make the experience as wonderful as possible for its customers. This is an incredibly effective marketing technique that lets customers 

As a brand, you need to make sure that you are using effective marketing techniques to advertise your products and services. Otherwise, you are just losing your customer base. Take this example; back in 2014, the hashtag #WhyIStayed was trending and many women who experienced domestic abuse used the same to raise awareness. DiGiomo Pizza retweeted the same hashtag with this tweet: #WhyIStayed You had pizza. This caused such an uproar among many Twitter users that the brand ad deleted the tweet and put up an apology for hurting sentiments. This tone-deaf attitude towards the hashtag showed a lack of sympathy or awareness of the marketing team of DiGomo. 

Is there a way to make sure your strategy works well? Yes: you need a solid base. To build it, do deep research, collect data, make informed decisions, avoid common mistakes in digital marketing – or simply delegate the tasks to professionals from https://famesters.com/.

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Hence, it’s pretty common that brands tend to make marketing mistakes that make them lose their customer base. Following are some of the digital marketing mistakes your brand needs to avoid making;

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile view

When designing a website for their products and services, many brands often forget to optimize their website for mobile users. 

If your mobile traffic has dropped, you can examine the mobile usability report to find out why that is so. Most probably it’s because users quit your website when they find that it hasn’t been optimized for mobile use. This doesn’t make it easy for them to navigate through your website. 

Hence, you need to work on designing an easy-to-navigate website for mobile users. 

Your website is too slow

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Having a slow website is a big problem for your website. Because you spend a lot of money, time, and effort into designing a website to attract visitors, only to have them driven away because your website is too slow. 

In fact, one in every two visitors abandons the website completely if it takes too long to load. Your brand needs to work on hiring a good web hosting service that makes your website fast for your current and prospective customers to navigate through. 

You don’t offer discounts

When you offer discounts to your customers, it increases the chance of visitors coming to your website. It doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t willing to purchase the products that are listed at full price. Rather, it means that if there is something else on your website that catches their eye, they might be willing to pay more, or that too for items that are available on a deal. 

Promotions and discounts increase the chances of visitors buying your products or services. Roughly 80% of the respondents in the US state that they have used coupons for shopping. This means that they are willing to stick to your brand if they could redeem a coupon. 

You don’t use social media platforms

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Your brand also needs to stay pretty active on its social media platforms. 

If you don’t maintain your social media presence, you are depriving your customers of the convenience of using live chat communication. Moreover, managing social media platforms is pretty inexpensive compared to traditional marketing methods, which is why your brand should be taking advantage of its online presence. 

Also, your current and prospective customers can stay updated about the products and services offered by your brand from your social media platforms.

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You are not measuring the ROI

ROI means return on investment. As a brand, you need to keep track of your ROI. If you are investing money in certain marketing strategies, and you are not getting any return or positive results, then you need to stop investing in that strategy right away. Or simply modify it. 

Having a business is all about getting a return, so your brand needs to make sure that you’re not just burning a hole in your checking account by making insufficient investments. That’s why your brand always needs to keep an eye out for your ROI for a significant profit. 

You are spamming irrelevant emails

Your customers willingly share their contact numbers and email addresses to the subscription list on your website because they want to stay updated on any new deals and promotions from your brand. 

However, what they don’t need is irrelevant information being forwarded to their emails. Your brand needs to make sure that the emails you are sending to your customers in the recipient list are helpful, educational, and relevant to them. Otherwise, these customers will just choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

Final thoughts

Your business models and online marketing strategy needs to be designed accordingly to get sales in return. You can modify what needs to be changed to get the desired results. Or if it agrees with your budget, you can also hire digital marketing experts to handle such strategies to promote your products and services. 

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