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How credit card companies cheat customers?

A large number of credit card consumers have complained to different consumer forum against aggressive marketing, excess billing, mis-commitment and false promises by credit card companies. The terms and conditions mentioned in the credit card application form are grossly unfair, unilateral and against the rights of the credit card holders.

Trunk calls to mobile — the journey from dumb to smart phones

There was a time there were many barriers for people who wished to communicate. People had to book trunk call and patiently wait for the operator to connect to the other party. There was no privacy; technically the operator could eavesdrop on the entire conversation. Then came the PCO. But people still had to walk a little distance away from their homes. The mobile phone now has transformed everything where it does not matter whether you are lying on bed or in the toilet-- it’s possible to communicate without any barriers of time, space or distance.

Assam’s brass industry on the verge of closure

The brass industry is in a bad shape. The villagers, mostly Bengalis, collect brass scrap from nearby markets, smelt it in coal-fired ovens and make attractive items by hand.

AC industry keeping fingers crossed to make cool profit

April-May-June are the peak season for AC sales and accounts for 40-45 percent of total AC sales. Window ACs at present have a market share of 16 percent. This is because the price difference between split ACs and window ACs is narrowing.

Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 2

Corruption was again used as a major political weapon in the 2014 elections after an unknown American agency leaked out reports of enormous sum of rupees six lakh crore stacked outside India.

Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 3

The practice of stamping passport of workers as immigration needs continued till the Vajpayee government took over. Sahib Singh Verma, labour minister gave me patient hearing to scrap the need as useless appendage that had led to rampant corruption.

Budget — drive towards a dynamic economy ?

The Prime Minister has been emphasizing to accelerate industrialization by bringing in foreign capital with technologies and production units to India for it is accepted fact that no agriculture based economy has grown at faster pace.

Coal Mining in Australia: Prospects for India

Coal is Australia‘s biggest export commodity. Australia accounts for 34 % of the world's black coal. Almost 75% of Australian black coal is exported. Australia has one of the largest coal reserves - almost 10% of the world total.

Doctors can now have word to word with your Lungs.

Physicians and healthcare workers can now literally see what your lungs are saying, thanks to Indian scientists who have designed a new technology that allows lung disorders to be easily spotted through images of digitally-processed lung sounds.

Semi hi-speed EMUs V/s bullet train

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to France and Germany, cooperation in modernising India's giant but creaking railway system is to be a key focus area. With bullet trains in India likely to take some years in the making, the government is set to go ahead with the purchase of a cheaper, safer and smarter option - a la the Metro trains - called train sets.

Handicrafts emporiums near popular monuments

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Handicrafts and Handlooms Export Corporation of India, have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to open sales outlets in the premises of file centrally protected monuments- like Sarnath Museum in Varanasi and Humayun's Tomb in Delhi.

Hindi publishers are adapting new technology

Trends have changed and people don't tend to lean towards literary stuff. They want books on personality development, marketing management and self-help books.

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