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Turtle car care products to keep cars clean & healthy

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Turtle car care products ensure a clean, shiny, healthy, and long endurance of the car during harsh winter conditions. 

The Winter months can turn out to be difficult not only for you but take its toll on your vehicle also. The temperature drop comes with a set of factors that will affect your car and tarnish the lifespan of the vehicle. Turtle Wax offers a wide range of class-leading and attractively priced Turtle Wax products for both interior and exterior. These car care products ensure a clean, shiny, healthy, and long endurance of the car during harsh winter conditions. 

Below are just a handful of products that help tackle the driving and riding woes during the winter season: 

Tire Care

  • In winters the tires get dirty quite often and accumulate tough grime which is hard to remove. Washing the tire in chilly weather with cold water seems to be a difficult task. Turtle Wax All Wheel & Tire Cleaner can be effectively used to remove brake dust, dirt, and grime from the rims and tires. Applying Turtle Wax Wet N Black Tire Shine gives the tire a shiny wet look and helps protect the tires from further fading, cracking, and UV rays. 

Paint Work Protection

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  • The heavy smoke and dirt condense on the car’s paintwork during winters becomes hard to remove if left untreated for a long time. Turtle Wax offers a high-performance car shampoo ‘M.A.X. Power Car Wash’ which boasts of a 3-level cleaning power (Maximum, Aggressive & Xtreme) that gives a bright, colorful wash with an enticing tropical fragrance. It removes all the deep-rooted heavy dirt and grime from the car paints and prepares it for further protection and conditioning. 
  • To fade out the noticeable scratches and swirl marks, Turtle Wax Scratch Repair & Renew can be applied and add a base layer of protection. To secure the paint and provide ultimate protection from the inevitable dirt and grime, Turtle Wax ICE Seal & Shine with New improved formula infused with Carnauba wax is a perfect wax for superior repellence and shine. 

Odor Remover:

  • To fight the odor build-up inside the car, Turtle wax provides easy 1-time use ‘Turtle Wax Power Out Odor-X Whole Car Blast. It destroys odors wherever they hide and leaves behind a pleasant Caribbean Crush Scent that stays on for 30 days.

Glass Cleaner: 

  • Turtle Wax ClearVue Glass Clean helps fight the hardened watermarks in the car’s windshield glass surfaces making it smear-free. 

Trim Restorer

  • To fight the fading & Cracking of plastic & rubber from the harsh winter climate, Turtle Wax provides a 1-Step Trim Restorer for the ultimate exterior protection along with an incredible shine. 
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