Competition Commission- a bundle of confusion!

The legal lacunae in the Competition Act suit a new breed of competition lawyers, who know how to play the game of hide and seek, and mega corporations who can engage them

Justice Ranjan Gogoi: the Chief Justice of India who doesn’t even own a car

Ranjan Gogoi- the CJI designate is a reserved and soft-spoken human being but an unconventional judge at the same time who speaks out and minces no words to calls a spade a spade. These are a few qualities that make him stand out in a crowd and command respect.

Justice TS Thaur: he is what a lawyer wants from a judge

He has good knowledge of law as well as good temperament.As a judge he is very good in all subjects. His approach is very good. There is no conflict between the advocates and the Judge. He is a calm judge. He hears the advocates patiently. He never gets angry like other judges. He is a relief oriented judge.That is the basic difference between him and Justice Dattu

Justice Thakur: A daring judge who doesn’t mince his words

Better known as the Supreme Court Judge, who heard the Sahara investors refund case against Subroto Roy in the apex court after Justice J.S. Khehar recused himself from the hearing, Justice Thakur is known to be a thinking judge who does not hesitate tsthakurto call a spade a spade.

F(laws) that promote tax evasions

A bitter truth is that so far no attempt has been made to stop rampant tax evasion in India. The accused are able to get away by lifting their hands to grease greedy palms. Each law of restrictive law only increases corruption and discourage dishonesty. But politician refuse to learn.

National Green Tribunal hears NH 7 – Kanha Tiger corridor case

NGT Chairperson Swatanter Kumar made it clear that NHAI cannot fell trees as there is no question the NGT giving up its powers and that the interim order staying felling of trees will continue to operate till further orders.

Calling someone from north-east India by a derogatory name can land you in jail

The MHA is in process of finalising a comprehensive bill inserting new sections of 153 C and 509 A in IPC which will be introduced in Parliament after inter-ministerial consultation.

SC judge recuses to hear Chautala’s petition in the teachers’ recruitment scam

Chautala, his son Ajay Singh and three others are serving a 10-year jail term in the case for illegally recruiting over three thousand junior basic trained teachers in Haryana in 2000.

Even unwed mother could be child’s guardian: SC

The Supreme Court ruled that there was no need for the father's consent in giving guardianship of a child to an unwed mother as it held that the views of "uninvolved father" are not essential if the child is solely raised by the mother.

Asking rapists to settle matter with the victim -“illegal”

A Madras High Court ruling directing the rapist to mediate with the victim has sparked debate and outrage in the legal fraternity. Many legal experts are of the opinion that mediation is only for minor compoundable offense should not be allowed in heinous criminal offences like rape or murder. According to the legal experts the high court had no power to overwrite expressed provisions of law and that "rape survivors needs justice instead of sympathy".

Transgenders too have a right to be employed?

Why the transgenders are not eligible for the Civil Services Preliminary exam when the Supreme Court has declared them as a third gender?

Re-conduct AIPMT within four weeks: SC

In a landmark judgement the Supreme Court held, “We are aware, that the abrogation of the examination would result in some inconvenience to all concerned and that same extra time would be consumed for holding a fresh examination. This, however, according to us, is the price, the stakeholders would have to suffer in order to maintain the impeccable and irrefutable sanctity and credibility of a process of examination.

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