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Neeraj Mahajan is a hard-core, creative and dynamic media professional with over 35 years of proven competence and 360 degree experience in print, electronic, web and mobile journalism. He is an eminent investigative journalist, out of the box thinker, and a hard-core reporter who is always hungry for facts. Neeraj has worked in all kinds of daily/weekly/broadsheet/tabloid newspapers, magazines and television channels like Star TV, BBC, Patriot, Sunday Observer, Sunday Mail, Network Magazine, Verdict, and Gfiles Magazine.

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prison cell

75% prisoners in Indian jails are undertrials

It is common knowledge that poor people are often at the receiving end of excesses by the law enforcement authorities. A poor person is invariable the first to be locked-up for being a thief or prime suspect in a crime. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “poverty (itself) is crime.”
Saina Nehwal

The 50 most admired women of India # 2

Gone are the days when men were expected to go off to work while women were supposed to stay at home and look after the family.

The 50 most admired women of India # 1

Every year on March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day (IWD). It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
Angela Merkel

The women who defied all odds in a men’s world

It is not easy for women to prove themselves and be treated as an equal, if not better, in a male-dominated world. Here is a list of women who defied all odds and dared to be different.
Queen Elizabeth II

The women who made the world dance to their tunes

Here is a list of women who proved themselves more than equal to men and reached the topmost elected or selected posts in their respective country

Mizoram: South Asia’s biggest hub for smuggled drugs, gold and guns

Mizoram in northeast India has emerged as the biggest hub for all kinds of smuggled goods - drugs, gold and guns in South Asia.

Top 20 Cryptocurrencies you need to know about

Jan Lanksy, a Czech researcher described cryptocurrency as the currency of the future. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in 2008 since then several cryptocurrencies have been created.

Are Cryptocurrencies the future of money?

The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions makes them ideally suited for illegal activities, like money laundering and tax evasion.

Behind the scene politics and experience decide who rules as Prime...

It is much more than a simple number game when it comes to deciding the PM of democratic India. Had it not been so Jawaharlal Nehru could not have overshadowed stalwarts like Sardar Patel, Subhash Chander Bose, Jayaprakash Narayan or Maulana Azad without much of support within the Indian National Congress

The men who ruled America

At least 14 Vice presidents of USA have gone on to become President. John Adams was the first vice president to become president. Now Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the 15th Vice President is due to become the 46th president on January 20, 2021.

The U.S. Presidents who died with their boots on…

Eight out of 45 U.S. Presidents died while still in office without completing their full term. Four of them were assassinated while the others died due to what may today seem to be curable diseases

Consumer Protection Act, 2019- a landmark in the Consumer rights movement...

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provides for a Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) as the much needed regulatory body to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers.

India’s quest for a main battle tank- a distant dream?

Almost 60-70 % of the army’s inventory is out-of-date and unserviceable due to lack of spares for repair, maintenance and overhaul. According to an internal audit - the Army has a critical shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks shells, fuses and spares for all types of weapons.

End of the road for battle-tanks?

If the Army Chief General MM Naravane is to be believed –large main battle tanks have a limited role to play in the changing character of the 20th-century warfare. The logic behind this supposedly is that slow-moving tanks are bulky, noisy, and outdated war machines - easy to target and shoot down. The noise, smoke and dust raised by a moving tank column can alert the enemy – miles away.

Lord Ganesha – the God with a Global fan following

According to a popular legend in many parts of the world, Ganesha married to Lord Brahma’s daughters Buddhi (“Intelligence”), Riddhi (“Prosperity”) and Siddhi (“Success”) is believed to be the God of knowledge, intelligence, accomplishment and prosperity.

Two new Boeing-777-300ERs to augment Air India One VVIP squadron

India is all set to receive two wide-bodied Boeing 777-300ERs ("ER" for Extended Range) to replace the ageing - the 26-year-old fleet of Boeing 747-400s currently used to ferry the VVIPs as a part of the call sign - Air India One. Each flight of Air India One flight would have four pilots, a dedicated team of doctors and highly trained commandos to protect the President/Vice/Prime Minister on board.

Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Why do bureaucrats prefer the Defence Secretary’s post?

Though anyone who reaches the level of Secretary to Government of India is said to have reached the top, those who occupy the Defence Secretary’s position are specially ‘blessed’ and have new doors opening for them. Anyone who adorns the post is sure to go places and do well later in life…

Invaders from far & wide— who looted India – 3

Muhammad’s siege of Multan fort lasted over two months without any result till a traitor came out of the fort and told them how to cut off of the town’s water supply. Muhammad got such a vast amount of gold in Multan that he named it the city of gold. Multan turned out to be the last city conquered by him.

Shakuni — villain behind the battle of Mahabharata # 2

He didn’t care who won or lost the war. His evil aim was to set Hastinapur aflame. All he wanted to do was to inject poison in the minds of Pandavas and Kauravas and watch them fight each other. He wanted to take revenge for how his beloved sister Gandhari was married to a blind man

Shakuni — villain behind the battle of Mahabharata # 1

After every battle historical facts, folksongs and biographies are written to project a larger than life image of the winner while the loser or vanquished doesn’t get adequate space to justify what he did, and why? This, however, doesn’t apply to Shakuni the dramatis personae behind every act of Mahabharata -- which lasted 18 days and witnessed average 166,667 deaths per day – biggest in the history of warfare.