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Neeraj Mahajan is a hard-core, creative and dynamic media professional with over 35 years of proven competence and 360 degree experience in print, electronic, web and mobile journalism. He is an eminent investigative journalist, out of the box thinker, and a hard-core reporter who is always hungry for facts. Neeraj has worked in all kinds of daily/weekly/broadsheet/tabloid newspapers, magazines and television channels like Star TV, BBC, Patriot, Sunday Observer, Sunday Mail, Network Magazine, Verdict, and Gfiles Magazine.

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Doordarshan 63 year old journey– footprints and milestones

15 Sept 1959 was a landmark in the history of Doordarshan (DD) when it started its first transmission with a small transmitter and makeshift studio in Delhi. Doordarshan then was a part of All India Radio which had complete control over the overall production and content. The 9th Asian Games in 1982 was another landmark when Doordarshan switched to colour transmission.

How well educated is Prime Minister Modi and his cabinet?

There was a time when politics was considered the last resort for people who had nothing else to do. Not anymore…Today Prime Modi's cabinet today has ministers who are highly qualified people who quit their regular job, business, or profession to join politics.

Autonomous weapons and the future wars

Autonomous weapons are armaments with a mind of their own - which once activated, can select and engage targets with or without any further intervention by a human operator.

Vultures – birds of prey or doctors of the environment?

Vultures are the ‘nature’s clean-up crew’. They do the dirty work by eating the dead animals -- thus helping keep the environment clean and minimize the spread of disease. But still -- they have a bad reputation and are perceived as lowly scavengers. Nobody loves or cares for them.

Top 12 economies in the world today

The economic health and wealth of a nation depend on a number of economic indicators which are statistics that provides valuable information about the economy.

The tallest buildings ever demolished in the world

The demolition of Supertech's Twin Towers in Noida said to be taller than Qutub Minar using 3,700 kg of explosives was nothing less than an engineering marvel.

Is it time to say good-bye to aircraft carriers?

On 14 April 2022 Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea fleet —sank about 90 km off the Ukrainian coast after being hit by two relatively low-tech, shore-launched R-360 Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles.

Inside Pakistan – politicians who lived in exile

Choudhary Rehmat Ali who coined the acronym Pakistan as a separate Muslim homeland was the first political leader who was forced to live in exile

Will Russia win the battle, lose the war?

Russia had 3 times more artillery and 10 times more aircraft still Ukraine managed to ward-off the Russian army's advance and inflict a number of casualties

Why business runs in the Gujaratis blood?

Jaha na pahunche bailgadi waha pahunche Marwadi. The Gujaratis, Marwaris, Parsis, Sindhis, Jains, Punjabis, and Multanis are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Every community has certain unique characteristics. Business runs in the Gujaratis’ blood. ‘No one can do business, better than the Gujaratis’. They love making money but don’t show off. Another secret behind the Gujaratis’ success is that they think big and aim higher. They never give up and know how to convert defeat into victory.

The booming business of fake medicines in India

Almost one-third of popular medicines – antibiotics, anti-allergic, vitamins, painkillers, syrups and life-saving drugs sold in India are fake, counterfeit, or substandard. Nearly 35% of fake drugs sold all over the world originate from India

Why doesn’t the arms trade lobby want the war to end?

Irrespective of whether Russia or Ukraine win the war – as always the weapons manufacturers and arms dealers will stand to gain and make a big profit.

Why smuggling of Green peas is a serious ‘matar’ in India?

Smuggling and illegal cross border movement of green peas is a ‘serious matar’ and an organised crime that cannot be taken lightly. Over the past few years, several cases have come to light where huge quantities of green or dried peas have been wrongfully declared as something else or undervalued to avoid paying customs duties.

Taxpayers would be allowed to file updated Income Tax return

Taxpayers will now be permitted to file an updated return within two years from the end of the assessment year, Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said while presenting the Union Budget 2022-23 in the Parliament.

Who do ‘they think’ is fit for promotion?

The Government is understood to be planning to change in the promotion of Armed forces on the basis of merit - leading to heart burn
President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind at the ‘At Home Reception’, on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day Celebrations, at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Promotion based on seniority or merit – what does the Army...

The objective behind this move is to evolve a merit-based promotion policy for officers at the decision-making levels in the armed forces.

People in Afghanistan hate Taliban

The people of Afghanistan don’t like the Taliban. 80% of them are in favour of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and democracy

Defeating diabetes: 100 years of insulin

Today, one in 11 people all over the world have diabetes. This figure is projected to rise to one in nine by 2045 if left unchecked.

Outer Space: The future battlefield

Outer space is the place where future wars will be fought. There is a possibility that future conflicts could extend into space and vice-versa
Agni prime

Agni-P: a boost to India’s nuclear strike capability

India successfully flight-tested Agni-Prime a New Generation Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam island off the Balasore coast in Odisha on June 28, 2021.

New brand of terrorism in Kashmir

Kashmir is undergoing a new phase of terrorism - much different than ever before. The situation in Kashmir is much better than it used to be.