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Maj. Gen. Dr. Rajan Kochhar, VSM

Maj Gen Dr Rajan Kochhar, VSM, retired from the Indian Army, as Major General Army Ordnance Corps, Central Command, after 37 years of meritorious service to the Nation. Alumni of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management, he holds a doctorate in Emotional Intelligence and is a reputed expert on logistics and supply chain management. Gen Kochhar, a prolific writer and defence analyst, has authored four books, including “Breaking the Chinese Myth” which was released recently. He is a Senior Adviser with Defence Research and Studies, Member, Manoj Parikkar Institute of Defence and Strategic Analyses, New Delhi, Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) and Society of Airspace Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDES). He is also on the Board of Management and faculty with Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Delhi NCR.

Latest Articles

Indian Armed Forces: 75 years of nation-building

At the time of independence, the Indian Armed Forces were equipped to consolidate the British Raj. Today we have the fourth largest Armed Forces in the world.
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Environment conservation: are we serious?

The recently released Environment Performance Index 2022, a global ranking system which measures environmental health and sustainability of countries has ranked India last amongst 180 countries.

Supply chain management – in war & peace 

There are many lessons to be learnt from the war in Ukraine. Success on the battlefield often causes supply shortages. As a force advances, its supply lines get longer, requiring more resupply vehicles in order to maintain the same rate of replenishment.

Supply chain management – in perspective

Supply chains contribute immensely to the success of any organisation. Supply chain management (SCM) has the power to boost customer service, reduce operating costs and improve the financial standing of a company.

It might take decades to rebuild Ukraine

The most serious aspect of this conflict has been pushing Russia closer to China and creating a wedge in the new world order. It will not be long before we see a distinct group primarily anti-American countries like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and some Central Asian Republics aligning together.

Russian-Ukraine imbroglio- a peep into the future

It is a known fact that the Russian forces outnumber the Ukrainian forces by almost five times. Ukraine has hardly any airpower, which is an important component both for offensive and defensive warfare.

The menace of Islamic terrorism and its impact on India

Recent intelligence reports suggest that there has been a marked upsurge in radicalisation activities among members of the Muslim community in recent times

Kazakhstan imbroglio: changing face of geopolitics in Central Asia

Kazakhstan has a democratic system in place but largely it remains on paper as more or less it is ruled by autocrats

Indo pacific region: challenges and opportunities

The Indo Pacific region has more than half of the World’s population. The region has 2 billion people living under democratic rule.

Future-ready technology and the new age battlefield

Indian Armed Forces have been undergoing rapid modernization & up-grading weapon systems in keeping with the threat perceptions.

Afghanistan: the turmoil & its ramifications

The planned withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan commenced last month and resulted in an unprecedented crisis in this land-locked country. No sooner...
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Anti-drone protection system – sooner the better

The intelligence agencies are in particular unable to figure out why no debris of the drones could be found at the blast site. It seems likely that the drones were pulled back by the handlers after completing their mission.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the troops,

Will corporatisation of OFB usher a new era of defence modernisation

In the last year since the Galwan incident, the Government of India under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narender Modi has shown a...
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Higher Education in India – road ahead

India has the largest population of illiterates in the World - 37% of the global total. There is a substantial gap in the male and female literacy in our country. The literacy gap is higher in the more populous states, like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

Defence PSUs: towards synergised indigenisation

Recently, in a boost for indigenous manufacturing of defence and aeronautical equipment, the Maharashtra government has approved defence and aerospace clusters at five places across the state.

Is the Supply Chain Management in the Indian Army future-ready?

The military supply chain can be divided into three distinct chains. The first chain encompasses fast and light stores, the second chain deals with heavy equipment and the third chain deals with the deployment and move of soldiers/men.
Quad flags

QUAD- Its future dimensions and impact on Chinese hegemony

The ultimate value of QUAD would be to create a better economic model than China and possess a collective military strength with its suitable presence in proximity to the South China Sea to act as deterrence to any kind of misadventure the Chinese may plan.

Importance of NLP in the armed forces

NLP is also a very important tool for performing the role of a mentor or a coach. It helps you move from a present state to the desired state by creating choices and options and then deciding on your future pace to kick start the process of self-improvement as well as become a facilitator to improve others.

India’s quest for sporting excellence

At the Rio Olympics in 2016, we got the 67th position with just got two medals, silver and bronze but none in any team event. Even countries as small as even Singapore was ahead of us.

Why is self-reliance in Defence Industry a distant dream in India?

India is probably the only large country in the world which is overwhelmingly dependent on external sources for its defence requirements. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), India ranks among the world’s second-largest weapons purchaser just behind Saudi Arabia.

Defence Acquisition: ‘lease V/s buy’ or ‘lease V/s do without’

Leasing of capital equipment is a common commercial practice that has been adapted for military purpose. According to a research study by Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, the decision is not ‘lease versus buy’ but ‘lease versus do without’. The question that should be asked is, “How critical is the requirement for national security?”