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Ayushmann Khurrana turns Cross Functional Athlete for Abhishek Kapoor’s film

Ayushmann Khurana, who started his career with films like ‘Vicky Donor’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Savadhan’ is now training as a cross-functional athlete for a progressive love story by director Abhishek Kapoor

World’s shortest men!!

Various studies have revealed that most rich, successful and powerful people in the world are expected to be tall, dark and handsome. In our society where appearance makes a big difference, there is a strong bias against short people and being short is considered a liability.

Durga Raghunath bids goodbye to Zomato to become digital head of Times of India

Durga Raghunath is to take over as digital head of Times of India, Mirror Brands, Newspoint, Gadgets Now and Etimes, Times Internet has announced.

What’s this IAS officer doing at WHO?

Dr Khetrapal Singh is the first Indian as well as the first woman to hold the post of Regional Director at the WHO South-East Asia Region. Dr Poonam Khetrapal, an IAS officer has also served for over two decades as a Joint-Secretary and Secretary Health in Punjab

SC judge to probe Vadra land deals

Robert Vadra's land deals and other irregularities will now be probed by an inquiry commission, headed by a retired apex court judge. The probe announcement came just days after the Congress hardened its stand on the land acquisition bill tabled by the Narendra Modi government in parliament

Former RAW chief’s disclosures too good to be true

This is one revelation that has already created a stir and Dulat may be the only former top spy who seems to be on the job even after retirement.

How Nambi Narayanan was framed in a fake Spy Case?

24 years ago, Nambi Narayanan –a reputed space scientist was accused of selling ISRO’s rocket and satellite secrets and subjected to inhuman torture by IB and Kerala police officers. Was it part of an international conspiracy, insensitive journalism or police brutality that the scientific genius spent the prime of his life behind four walls of a jail instead of a laboratory?

Shahi Imam has no relevance today

Hereditary imamat is un-Islamic. Shahi Imam means Imam of the emperor. It is not relevant today. All an imam does is to lead the prayer. Imamhood is not a license for power plays or monopoly of one family. It should be possible to remove Imams who bring a bad name to the community.

Diplomatic prime minister

In the last 5-6 years PM Narender Modi has set established new milestones in India’s foreign policy. He was the first Indian PM to visit Australia in 28 years; first Indian PM to visit Fiji in 33 years and first Indian PM to visit Nepal in 17 years. Since the day he became Prime Minister, Na Mo has visited Japan, USA, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji and Nepal, meeting over 45 leaders from every inhabited continent of the world.

Maj. Gen. Ian Cardozo – the Gurkha legend

The valiant Gurkhas may not think twice before sacrificing their life or shedding their blood on any battle-field. But at the same time, they are not prepared to do or die, or give their loyalty to any officer they come across. They are simple and straight forward but not stupid enough to be taken for a ride. This is one of the toughest challenge for any non-Gurkha officer to win over or earn their respect and to lead or command them in action.

Baba Ramdev and his not so hidden political ambitions

A ministerial berth or any such glorified decoration is a sure shot way to mask or camouflage the business promotion activities of a Marketing Manager of Ayurvedic products...

First Indian woman awarded for peacekeeping

More than 200,000 Indians have served in 49 of the 71 UN peacekeeping missions established around the world since 1948. In 2007, India became the first country to deploy an all-women contingent to a UN peacekeeping mission. But Major Suman Gawani deserves the credit for being the first Indian woman to get the Gender Advocate of the Year Award.

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