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Flying Elephants – to be screened at the Wildscreen Film Festival 2020

“Flying Elephants’ is a short film, that narrates the story through the eyes of a mother elephant. The six minutes long film took about two years to make.

Conserving the endangered the Asiatic wild dog

A new study identifies priority actions and locations for conserving populations of the endangered Asiatic wild dog or dhole in India.

Study reveals flying secrets of soaring birds

The Andean condor - the world's heaviest soaring bird which can weigh in at up to 15 kg - actually flaps its wings for one per cent of its flight time.

Giraffe: Do you know?

The tongue of Giraffe is 21 inch long and can be turned around to clean the ears

Why are donkeys common in Pakistan, rare in India?

There are a large number of donkeys in Pakistan. The donkey hides exported to China is used as an ingredient in medicines while the meat is served back to the people in Chinese street foods, burgers and other items in place of beef

New tortoise species discovered

The last reported range of the species was from Gwa in Myanmar, where TSA/WCS is carrying out a conservation breeding of this endangered tortoise for further reintroduction into the wild.

Gigantic flightless bird lived 50 million years ago

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and the University of Colorado Boulder have found fossil evidence that suggests that a giant, flightless bird known as Gastornis wandered in the Arctic winter some 53 million years ago. The evidence is a single fossil toe bone of the 6-foot tall, several-hundred-pound bird from Ellesmere Island above the Arctic Circle.

Why aren’t we talking of elephant conservation: Photographer Rajesh Bedi

Elephants are the most charismatic, emotional, and animals and there's a mystery behind them, Bedi said, adding: "They are very much like humans, although large in size. It is one of the reasons why I have a special love for elephants."

Study maps distribution of wild herbivores outside Tiger Reserves in Karnataka

A new scientific study by the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program has assessed seasonal distribution patterns of five wild herbivores in human-use areas adjoining Tiger Reserves in Karnataka. The findings will help conservation managers better plan protection of these species as well as prevention of conflicts, outside the Tiger Reserves.

Bengal, northeast may conduct joint elephant census

There are around 9,000 elephants and 22 corridors in the north-east Indian states

National Green Tribunal hears NH 7 – Kanha Tiger corridor case

NGT Chairperson Swatanter Kumar made it clear that NHAI cannot fell trees as there is no question the NGT giving up its powers and that the interim order staying felling of trees will continue to operate till further orders.

15 Countries where people eat dogs and cats

Dog meat and dog skin is a flourishing trade in many parts of the world. This is the reason behind illicit dog stealing, smuggling, and trafficking. Ancient Chinese writings from the Zhou Dynasty mention --pig, goat, and dog -- among "three beasts" bred for food. Every year close to 10 Million dogs are skinned alive.

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