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Top 12 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the World

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Honeymoons — for all seasons and reasons — come in all shapes and sizes. From beautiful sun-kissed beaches to ski trips in snowcapped mountains, fairy-tale theme parks, jungle safaris and far-flung exotic locations — there are a variety of options and logic behind selecting the most romantic and hottest, luxury hot spots in the world. Selecting the best place to go for the honeymoon is arguably the best part of getting married. From Thailand, Greece, Maldives and Hawaii to Italy or South Africa– finding the perfect honeymoon destination is one of the most crucial decision that the newlywed couple has to take.

This is not an easy task and may be the reason why some tried-and-tested honeymoon destinations like Hawaii, are always popular, while places like Iceland, Mexico and Greece come and go with the latest trends.

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If all goes well, the first post-wedding getaway can lead to evergreen and everlasting memories. The time the couple spend with each other without the stress and strains of personal and professional life — helps them understand each other and plan for the future. Above all, it lays the foundation for memories to last for the lifetime.

Here, is a list of the top 12 most romantic and luxurious honeymoon destinations in the World:



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Hawaii is undoubtedly the dream destination and a perfect place for newly-wed couples to start their married life in comfort, style and luxury. From volcanoes to rainforests, protected parks, spectacular coral reefs, golden sands and aquamarine bays — Hawaii has something for everyone. The 50th and most recent state to join the United States, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful Honeymoon resorts. Anyone visiting Hawaii — almost any time of the year is assured of perfect weather, plenty of sunshine and postcard-worthy view of the beaches and volcanoes.

The six major islands of Hawaii boast of emerald valleys, active volcanoes and golden sands during the day, while the setting sun over Haleakalā, a dormant volcano offers such a breath-taking view that Mark Twain described it as “the sublimest spectacle” he ever saw.

Whatever you choose to do on your honeymoon to Hawaii, one thing is for sure –it will be a holiday to remember.

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Seychelles — an archipelago comprised of some 115 different islands, scattered in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa, is a paradise on earth. Blessed with blinding chalk-white beaches, neon blue waters and blazing sunsets –is slowly emerging as the hottest honeymoon destination, especially for Indian couples.

One of the most gorgeous places on planet earth — Seychelles, which is also called ‘Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean’ offers endless possibilities for wildlife-watching. The Cousin Island and Bird Island are bird sanctuaries to look for blue pigeons, sooty terns and land-dwelling animals, like free-roaming Aldabra giant tortoises. Seychelles’ also offers opportunities for underwater exploration – snorkeling or scuba-diving to look for luminous coral, shoals of brightly colored fish, hawksbill sea turtles and whale sharks.

Seychelles offers everything you’d want on your honeymoon – glimmering beaches, exquisite beauty, delish delicacies, heart-warming people and carnival-like spirit of the place.



Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”. Mauritius — is arguably the most romantic and glorious place to kick start your married life. From the serene beaches with warm and azure waters to the adrenaline pumping adventure activities, Mauritius — the ‘paradise island nation’ — has been offering opulence, scenic views, romantic settings, and unlimited pleasure to honeymoon couple from around the world for decades.

Mauritius is of the top destinations for a perfect honeymoon — all for the right reasons. The virgin beaches and clear waters provide the right ambience for a romantic holiday. If you are looking for exceptional private moments for you and your spouse, then Paradise Cove Boutique with its ADULTS ONLY hotels, private beaches, swimming pools, spas and restaurants is the best place to go for a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon.



Easy to love and easy to reach Mexican sun, sea and sand are ideal for romance. A Mexican honeymoon is one of the perfect post-wedding stress busters. Romance in Mexico knows no bounds! A classic honeymoon destination, Playa del Carmen offers the perfect combination of white sand beaches, proximity to uber-cool nature reserves and world famous nightlife. Playa is also filled to the brim with luxury hotels that are ideal for the recently married couple who want to indulge in some five-star treatment.

Laid-back Tulum and Sayulita offer bespoke charms, while Los Cabos and Mexico City have name-brand resorts chockfull of amenities. Look further afield and you’ll find less-traveled Xhu-Pa, Costa Careyes, Todos Santos, and Mérida. No matter which destination you choose, honeymoon in Mexico guarantees so much more than just sun and sand.



Italy is full of experiences to relish! From a relaxing swim in the hot springs, ambling hand in hand through the vineyards of Tuscany, or skimming through the glittering canals of Venice– Italy has a lot to offer to couples with varied interests. Gondola, wine, and everything fine await you on your honeymoon in Italy. This European country is bestowed with a varied topography, and thus you get to witness seacoasts, highlands, woodlands, and ornate cityscapes flaunting regal renaissance architecture. A honeymoon in Italy sounds incomplete without mentioning Venice — the famous canal city in the bucket list of many honeymooners.

Known for its world’s finest wineyards, Tuscany is an unmissable place for honeymoon couples. Offering a panaramic view of the Renaissance-styled edifices of Florence Tuscany is among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe! The beauty of Naples is captivating, tailor made to mesmerize love birds on their honeymoon in Italy.



Thailand also called — ‘Vegas of the East’ is a much sought after country for a picture perfect honeymoon package, gorgeous landscapes, blissful beaches and extravagant beach resorts. Phuket — blessed with crystal clear beaches and palm fringed coastline is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Thailand. Phuket is also one of the best destinations for Scuba diving. Another one of  Thailand’s holiday destinations is Krabi — a group of 130 secluded and tranquil islands. A paradise for the love struck couples, it boasts of some of the most picturesque landscapes, caves, coral reefs and untouched beaches. It is just the place to relax and unwind on the sun kissed beaches, go on boat tours or indulge in a candle light dinner on the shore and savor delicious seafood with your loved one.



Australia is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for love-struck newlyweds in the world. Located at the confluence of Indian Ocean & Pacific Ocean Australia is one of the most preferred international honeymoon destinations. Brimming with pristine beaches, landscapes and wineries Australia – with its diverse topography, secluded environs, and less-crowded places – is the perfect place to celebrate your big day post marriage! Abound in natural beauty, Australia is a perfect destination for couples who look forward to indulge in sun, sand and immaculate beaches on their honeymoon. Australia honeymoon packages offer a perfect chance to celebrate the beginning of your married life in the most delightful way.

From Great Barrier Reef to the Outback and Sydney Opera House to the white sands of the Gold and Sunshine Coast, Australia honeymoon has everything to enthrall you and your other half. The 123km long and 22km wide Fraser Island is one of the world’s largest and most unusual sand islands. It has beautiful tall rainforests growing on sand dunes and almost half of the world’s perched lakes – lakes formed out of depressions in sand dunes



Switzerland with its enchanting valleys, ethereal mountains, and enthralling waterbodies is among the most romantic destination on earth. The stunning alpine scenery, heart throbbing waterfalls, ultra luxurious stays and dreamy ski resorts in Switzerland leave you completely stoned with awe. A land of unspoiled lakes, thick alpine forests and snow-clad mountains, Switzerland captivates your senses and mesmerises you with its charm. 

A confluence of cultures and cuisine from Germany, France and Italy– Switzerland — a very small country is home to many beautiful towns, lakes, andawe inspiring mountain views, packed with romantic getaways. Zurich another popular honeymoon destination has some of the world’s most famous – and fanciest – art galleries. So irrespective whether you’re going on a honeymoon or just to spend some quality time with your partner, Switzerland will not disappoint you.



One of the most romantic places on planet earth — straight out of storybooks– Bali is an exotic and magical honeymoon destination for newly-wed couples. Bali’s abundant natural beauty clubbed with its rich culture, traditions and nightlife make it a paradise for lovers. One of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, Bali is a perfect place for romance with its shores, volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields and dense jungles. And if newlyweds want some private time to themselves, Bali with its landscape of mountains and hills, complemented by sandy beaches and stunning coastline has plenty of little known gorgeous spots to hide.

Pockmarked by crater lakes, rivers and rainforests Mount Agung and Mount Batur– are a blessing in disguise for nature loving honeymoon couple. On the other hand, a Honeymoon in Bali is incomplete without exploring idyllic beaches like Kuta, Dreamland, Lovina, Padang Padang, Geger, Jimbaran, Seminyak and Sanur. Another major attraction in Bali — sometimes called the Island of a Thousand Temples is its Hindu temples. Bali surrounded by water on all sides, offers endless possibilities for surfing and water sports.

A number of villas — elegantly fitted with modern amenities — offer greater privacy for lovebirds wanting to spend intimate time together in Bali. These villas are fully equipped for all kinds of style, comfort and convenience, from late night dip in a private swimming pool to relaxing in your very own secluded sundeck. To add a personalized touch and make it an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, some villas have their own kitchenettes and private gardens besides offering round the clock butler services. Many of these villas are situated close to the beach, so that you can soak in a bathtub full of rose petals or enjoy a romantic poolside dinner at the villa with candles floating on the water after enjoying the sunset on the seashore.



Paris the uncrowned City of Love, offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon. Some of recommendations for honeymooners in Paris include snuggling in a cozy bistro by day or walking under the lights of Eiffel Tower in the night. Some of the well-renowned artists who had studios or worked in the Parisian neighborhood include Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. The Romantic Offer package comes with a bottle of champagne and chocolates upon arrival, American breakfast for two, access to the sauna and hammam in the Dior Spa.

The Eiffel Tower designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, is probably the most popular architecture in the whole world.  You can take an elevator or climb up the 360 steps to reach the first level and 344 more steps to reach the second level. The 276 meter high top level of the tower has a champagne bar and a restaurant with expansive glass windows that let you enjoy the top-angle view while having dinner with your sweetheart.

Things to do around Eiffel Tower: Climb the tower and learn its history; enjoy a glass of champagne at the top of the tower; have a picnic at the foot of the tower; and take pictures of the tower at night. These are some of the most wonderful things to do in Paris.

However a honeymoon in Paris is never complete without a visit to a small island called Parc  —The Temple of Love. Built in 1778, it is a replica of Bouchardon statue. The most romantic part about the trip is the romantic boat ride to the island. Couples from different parts of the world come here to renew their wedding vows. It is believed that kissing your partner at the center of the folly strengthens your love. Won’t you like to try it once!



There is so much to talk about Maldives that it is really hard to decide — from where to start and where to stop!  There are many exciting things to do for honeymooners in Maldives from stargazing in the night to sitting under the thatched-roof of a bungalow on a private pool side beach to participating in breathtaking water sports or sunbathing with your beloved — under the blue sky. Maldives; in fact, offers all this and much more to make your sexy and passionate dreams come true during the honeymoon.

From sandy white waters, luxurious villas and resorts, azure colored waters and splendid landscape with relaxing spa and beach massage– there is so much to do in Maldives. The inhabited islands and surroundings lagoons offer a true romantic and sun-kissing beach experience. Maldives also offers unlimited possibilities for underwater sports to getting drenched in spirituality at the pre-historic Buddhist temples. Naifaru — the most visited islands in Maldives offers numerous possibilities for snorkeling and deep sea diving that are sure to make goose bumps rush inside your body. All in all, Maldives is a destination next to heaven–waiting for you to discover the hidden yet beautiful side of it.



They say fairy tales are fantasies that don’t exist– but you start believing in them only after going for a honeymoon in Greece and actually having lived through one of them!

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa across the Aegean Sea in Southeastern Europe — Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world– 13,676 km long– featuring a large number of islands, of which 227 are inhabited. The birthplace of modern democracy, philosophy, literature as well as political science, scientific and mathematical principles; western drama and Olympic Games — Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization. A place where beauty and brains co-exist — Greek is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and architecture and ranks among the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The country with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece is also known for its black sand beaches in Santorini, party resorts of Mykonos and colonies of whitewashed houses in Oia, and Crete, the ancient city dating back to the 5th century B.C. Athens the Greek capital, is famous for its  Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple.

Eighty percent of Greece consists of mountains — making the country one of the most mountainous in Europe. Mount Olympus or the mythical abode of Greek Gods is the highest mountain in the country followed by Mt. Smolikas- the second-highest mountain in Greece. The islands of the Aegean are peaks of underwater mountains, which once constituted an extension of the mainland. Pindus is characterized by its high, steep peaks, dissected by numerous canyons and other karstic landscapes. The spectacular Vikos Gorge, in the Pindus range, is listed by the Guinness book of World Records as the deepest gorge in the world. Some of the other notable formations include the Meteora rock pillars, supporting the Medieval Greek Orthodox monasteries.

As you explore the popular beaches of Greece riding a cruise, pour yourself a glass of bubbly, catch the breathtaking view of the sun slipping past a volcano, and sway along the cruise deck to the tune of the wind brushing past; in the blue sea – you’ll agree that a honeymoon in Greece is the best thing to have ever happened to you!

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