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Reading News can help children perform better

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We all understand the importance of education. School is not only an essential place of learning but also where children gain social conscience, self-confidence and many social skills. It’s not only vital for kids to soak up information but also to grow into responsible and self-aware individuals.

Parents often encourage their children to engage in extracurricular activities which are excellent stress busters and greatly help children develop their personality and interests.

These activities help them remember and easily apply what they have learned through listening and doing, rather than rote learning! At the end of the day, bookish knowledge will only get your child so far! Their holistic development will play an important role in deciding the kind of person your child becomes.

There is a vast amount of research that tells us that a parent’s involvement in their child’s education greatly affects their child’s academic and developmental goals. There are ways parents can guide their children to brain power-boosting activities, such as reading the news!

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Here’s how can reading the news can help your child improve their mental, social and educational abilities-

Reading helps your child become a better reader and listener

Reading news is an engaging activity for children. Reading more helps them to read faster and even helps them identify the main idea of a given text. Reading aloud is a good practice for kids who want to boost their confidence while speaking in classrooms, and among friends.

Reading also helps children become more attentive listeners! It introduces them to new words and word meanings, and through this, it gradually improves your child’s language skills. It also helps them retain information and help them memorise texts with more ease!

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Boosts your child’s general awareness!

Reading news can act as a bridge between school-going children and the real world! It is very important to protect a child from the harsh realities of the world, but one should not keep their child in a bubble. There are so many fascinating things that go on in the world every day and kids have a right to know!

When kids learn about different events happening in the world, it greatly excites them. They get to learn and experience how interconnected the world truly is, and how actions in one part of the world can affect people in another part of the world. This helps them properly relate to the curriculum they are taught in school. As a result of this, real-world examples help them remember concepts with more clarity.

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It keeps the kids curious!

Children have an amazing child-like wonder and fascination for almost everything! They ask so many questions, all fueled by their curiosity to understand the world. Reading the news gives children an opportunity to put on their thinking caps! It builds their curiosity, it makes them comfortable with asking questions, and even seeking their own answers.

Reading news for kids helps them develop their interest in many diverse fields such as business, social sciences, politics, national news, international news and sports news! It also covers information about the vibrant and dynamic world of art and cinema.

Improves your child’s fluency in English

Reading the news is a terrific activity for kids who want to improve their command of the English language. English is the medium of the business world. Gaining fluency in the language helps kids in their journey to becoming the leaders of tomorrow. This will also give them the confidence to converse in English while talking to their teachers, peers and parents.

Helps your child come up with their own thoughts and ideas.

When your child reads more news stories, they will develop certain feelings about it. This will help shape their opinion about many issues in the world. It will also help them understand the views and decisions of other people. This leads to them expressing themselves more. It will also play a pivotal role in their tolerance of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

The Takeaway

Reading news that is beneficial for kids can help children take an interest in the world around them. It also helps them turn into self-aware adolescents, and then slowly into responsible adults!

Newsahoot is one such service that publishes articles for children above eight years of age. They publish articles in three difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Not only this but they also publish only one article a day. This helps ensure consistency and not overburden your child.

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