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About Us

Taazakhabar News—News & Analysis from India & the World

We are a team of professionals with proven competence in every aspect of Media Management, TV, Print, Broadcast, Web Journalism, and Content Syndication with a proven track record of innovative ideas, 360 degree knowledge, skills, expertise and 30 + years of experience in print, electronic and web journalism.

Taazakhabar News is a professional, creative and dynamic media agency known for exclusive, objective, unbiased and in-perspective – news, views, features, and analysis on Politics, International Affairs, Defense, Business, Health, Crime, Legal, Consumer Affairs, Arts and Entertainment.

The pillars of our strength include the following news portals — widely read by — opinion leaders, bureaucrats, businessmen, intellectuals, white-collared professionals, educationalists, administrators, and politicians at the decision making levels in India and abroad.

  • Worldnewsreport.in (Target audience– International. Influential people in 193 countries)
  • Taazakhabarnews.com (Audience – HNIs, decision makers, KOLs and NRIs in India & abroad)
  • Taazakhabarnews.in (Hindi, Target audience — masses, who decide, who rules India)