Maj. Gen. C P Singh

Maj Gen C P Singh is a scholar soldier accredited with MA, MSc, LLB, MBA, M Phil (Def Mgt.) and M Phil. (International Strategic Affairs). An avid reader and prolific writer, he is a Social Activist, Career Consultant and Motivational Speaker.

Latest Articles

India @ 75: Why everyone wants to be friends with India?

“Hele Verden vil være Venner med Indien" read the headline of a Newspaper meaning “Everyone wants to be friends with India". This is the importance of India

Incredible India- the journey from scarcity to surplus

Around 1700 AD, the Indian subcontinent had become the world's largest economy, producing about 25% of global industrial output. This is what attracted East India Company and other European Companies to commence trade with India.

Agnipath: Playing With Fire?

In war, the man behind the machine that matters the most. Agnipath is about a 04 years tenure with defence forces, as soldier/ air warrior/ sea warrior.

Will Ukraine last till the game is over?

The war in Ukraine has gone beyond 75 days, much against the expectations of the world and certainly, that of Russia. Sooner or later, the war will be over but the world will not be the same again.

It’s easy to start a war but difficult to stop it

Sooner or later, the war will come to an end, but Ukraine will be damaged beyond immediate repair.

The dragon debt trap

China has taken control of the strategic port city of Hambantota in Sri Lanka, Gwadar port of Pakistan, Lekki Deep Seaport in Nigeria, Port of Sudan, Mombasa Port in Kenya, Entebbe airport of Uganda, and many more. China indirectly enters the politics of that country and then dominates its sovereignty.

Ukraine Russia stand off and India’s dilemma

The world today is becoming a global village in which conflicts are longer localized between two neighbouring nations but have the potential to spin out of control. It’s aptly said-“ It’s easier to start a war but difficult to stop it.”     

Changing face of leadership in Armed Forces

Modern warfare and expansion of national interests well beyond the frontiers have placed fresh challenges on leadership, in Armed Forces.

Indian Navy- vigil in the sea

Navies are not built in a day, they require consistent efforts and thus, the Indian Navy now needs to transform from a ‘Buyer’s navy into a Builders Navy’.

Officers but not gentlemen!!

On 18 Aug 2021, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India ruled that girls should also be inducted into Armed Forces through NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune

IAF: guardian of the Indian aerospace

The Indian Air Force employs over 1,400 aircraft and about 170,000 personnel, for standing tall as the ‘Sentinel’ of the Indian Aerospace.

Need to select merit over caste-based reservation

As India positions itself to celebrate 75 years of Independence we need excellence in all spheres and not mediocrity. It should be ensured that...

Lessons corporate leaders need to learn from warfare

There are many lessons that the corporate leaders need to learn from the Armed forces to succeed in the fiercely competitive cut-throat business environment

Post-COVID laziness – an addiction

COVID  has not only changed our life but also our living patterns and ripped the social fabric apart. Initially, when the lockdown happened, everyone was very euphoric about the ‘Work from Home’ concept. It gave the working class, a sense of freedom from dressing up, freedom from pollution and traffic jams while travelling to the office and freedom from strict office timings.
Taliban in Afghanistan

Turmoil in Afghanistan: Options for India

As if Pakistan and China were not enough, the Taliban taking over Afghanistan further adds to the problems. India would perforce have to engage with its neighbours for lasting peace and yet be fully prepared for turbulent times ahead.
China PLA

Chinese foreign policy: My way or No way

China is the only country, in the world today, having an expansionist strategy. It wants to settle the border disputes at own terms.
judiciary 2

Is the Judiciary trying to run the country?

Delhi High Court passed an order that no advocates will be stopped/ checked by a police officer during the lockdown. Are the advocates immune from COVID? Isn’t it a favour to own brethren?

Armed Forces: When hit by worst, use the best!!

A pandemic like COVID strikes mankind, probably once in a Century, as per the historical evidence. The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has...
submarine indian ocean

India – a dominant power in the Indian Ocean

Given the geopolitical nuances within the Indian Ocean, the Indian Navy must transform itself into a blue water navy. For that to happen, it will have to first become a builder’s navy and achieve nation-building through shipbuilding. Buying naval equipment is very costly and navies are not built in a day.
Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)

QUAD- the new superpower to counter China’s arm-twisting

In the past eighteen months, there has been series of interesting developments defining the contours of the emerging new world order. The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) has now emerged as a crucial alliance and becoming a countervailing force to the increased belligerence and hegemony of China.
speed breaker

A country of speed breakers

I often find the eight lanes being blocked by police barricades, parked trucks/buses, protestors, agitators, social processions and vendors, leaving only one lane for traffic, leading to traffic jams and snarls. But who cares?