2,500 ton of counterfeit food and cooking oil seized in 47 countries

Thousands of tonnes of fake and sub-standard food and drink have been seized in 47 countries around the world as part of an INTERPOL-Europol...

Cybercrimes have increased four times in COVID-19 era

All this is just a tip of the iceberg. An increasing number of cases are being reported today, where hackers are trying to attack the servers of government and large companies to access confidential and medical information before demanding ransom.

Surrender does not mean consent for sex – Kerala High Court

The conduct of a victim who surrenders before the accused as and when desired by him cannot be construed as consent for sexual intercourse.

Drinking in a private car amounts to drinking in public place: SC

In a landmark judgement the Supreme Court held that​​ Consumption of liquor even in​​ a private vehicle on public road is as good as drinking at a public place. Going a step further the judgement made it clear that even if a person consumes liquor outside the state borders but enters the territory of Bihar in a state of drunkenness, he is liable to be penalised under Section 37(b) of the 2016 Prohibition Act.

Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Beware! your web browser could be under attack!

What this simply means is that when you visit any susceptible website for online shopping, conducting banking transactions or just browsing, hackers could sneak into your computers and access your confidential data.

India is among Top 10 countries where online banking is most unsafe

If you are an online banking customer in India, you better watch out. India is among the Top 10 countries in the world where online banking is unsafe, prone to leakage of payment credentials and malware attacks.

Why so many crimes in India?

The real reason for rising crimes in India is the change in its policy. Today India with 800 million youth in the country below 35 years of age is the youngest country in the world.71% literacy also is in this youth population only.

Are youngsters safe online?

The Internet can be both a fun outing and a dangerous place where you commonly get pornographic images, adult content and pop-up ads during routine searches. Chat rooms can be fun to talk to friends and make new ones but then anyone can access chat rooms, even secure ones. There is always the danger of adults intent of harming children.

Why people fear the police, in India?

People in India fear the police as much as the criminals. Today many police officers are facing charges like brutality, torture and helping criminals or politicians - frame or eliminate opponents-- to get promoted. This may lead to total breakdown of values and erosion of confidence in the criminal justice system.

Fakes don’t kill brands; they kill businesses

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every five drugs made in India is fake. Consider the impact of all this, on human health when a patient takes a medicine, assuming that it will save his life but it doesn’t.

Police officers- were playing a game, when the revolver went off

It was a drama in real life. Two police officers were playing a ‘deadly’ game -- taking turns to fire bullets at each other from a revolver. There was only one bullet in the chamber. But Officer Katlyn Alix, 24, is dead and her colleague Nathaniel Hendren, 29, is facing charges for killing her.

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