Asking rapists to settle matter with the victim -“illegal”

A Madras High Court ruling directing the rapist to mediate with the victim has sparked debate and outrage in the legal fraternity. Many legal experts are of the opinion that mediation is only for minor compoundable offense should not be allowed in heinous criminal offences like rape or murder. According to the legal experts the high court had no power to overwrite expressed provisions of law and that "rape survivors needs justice instead of sympathy".

Leopard in the bag – the lucrative trade of leopard skin and body parts

Illegitimate trading in wildlife is an illegal offence under the wildlife protection act and if convicted it can lead to imprisoned for up to 10 years. Illegitimate trading in wildlife is an illegal offence under the wildlife protection act and if convicted it can lead to imprisoned for up to 10 years. Possessing a wildlife item; even as a part of ancestral /family inheritance without a license is a crime.

FBI is probing 1000s of cases of spying, espionage or IP thefts prompted by China

A number of Chinese nationals have penetrated the US government, corporate houses and campuses allegedly to steal intellectual property and trade secrets

Sanofi offers to pay $25 m to drop charges of corrupt practices

While Sanofi does not admit or deny anything then-- why did it offer to pay $25 m and why did the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and department of Justice agree to drop charges of corruption and unfair business practices against its subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Middle East?

Why are police custody deaths common in India?

A total of 1,731 -- almost five people per day died in police custody in India during 2019. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 1,022 deaths in police custody were reported from 2000-2016 but only 428 FIRs were filed, and just 5% policemen were finally convicted.

Two of the five hijackers of IA flight IC 423 set free

The five Sikh militants-- armed with knives --took control of the aircraft and made it land in Lahore. Their leader Gajender Singh -- negotiated with Natwar Singh- the then Indian ambassador in Pakistan for the release of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and $ 5, 00,000 in cash. One of the hijackers cut his palm with a kirpan to show that he was serious and threatened to detonate grenades -- which later turned out to be guavas wrapped in newspaper.

CBI case against private firm causing loss of Rs. 38.53 Crores to Union Bank

The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI)) has registered a case against an Ahmadabad firm on for committing an alleged fraud to the tune of Rs....

Andhra DGP stakes claim for India’s best top cop

Sawang a 1986 batch Andhra Pradesh cadre IPS officer has been awarded for initiating several measures for smart Innovative and community-oriented policing in the state.

Web series on the life and times of gangster Vikas Dubey

Even though Vikas has not finalized his cast, a photo of actor Akshay Kumar in the get-up of Vikas Dubey flaunting a paunch has gone viral.

‘Prostitution is not a criminal offence; seducing a person or running a brothel is’: BHC

There is no provision under the law which makes prostitution per se a criminal offence or punishes a person because she indulges in prostitution

Online Gaming needs regulation

Gaming is a state subject in India. Each state is supposed to frame and implement its own anti-gaming laws. In July 2018, the Law Commission 276th report stated – “legalizing betting and gambling is not desirable in India". Still, no state came forward to ban online gaming. This inaction is leading to a rampant increase in illegal gambling and black-money. Though it is not possible to ban betting and gambling altogether, effective regulation is the only way out.

CA arrested for using 50 bogus Companies for circular trading and fake GST claims

Pandey had created a number of companies in the name of his family members for issuing fake invoices without any actual supply of goods/services.

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