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India’s biggest ever data theft

Data is new age currency and some fraudsters derived plans to make quick bucks by selling the sensitive data. Cyberabad Police cracked yet another biggest-ever data theft case in the country.

Child exploitation: man jailed for taking pics of naked girls

Internet has facilitated sexual exploitation of children. Sexual predators can now solicit children for sexual contact and distribute pornographic material

Information sharing is a ‘tripwire’ against foreign terrorist fighters – INTERPOL Chief

INTERPOL, information sharing and intelligence analysis represent strong tripwires at the frontlines against foreign terrorist fighters.

Inside the mind of a suicide bomber

Suicide attacks are cost-effective and easy to plan. But they cannot be used indiscriminately; as the movement will soon run out of trained and motivated cadres

2,500 ton of counterfeit food and cooking oil seized in 47 countries

Thousands of tonnes of fake and sub-standard food and drink have been seized in 47 countries around the world as part of an INTERPOL-Europol...

FBI probing cases of spying by Chinese secret agents in the USA

A number of Chinese nationals have penetrated the US government, corporate houses and campuses allegedly to steal intellectual property and trade secrets

Can public bully the police?

The only way out is that policemen should wear body cameras on their uniform, and record the incidents. Body cameras won’t be able to prevent suicides but can certainly help zero down on the truth in case the public cooks up stories of imaginary violence by the police.

Cattle mafia active in Hyderabad?

Ninety-four cattle were caught while being trafficked in separate incidents in Hyderabad city. Countless cattle are trafficked daily in the city for slaughter.

Thailand – NACC to catch bribe takers and the bribe givers

Thailand has set up an anti-bribery service to provide information to the private sector about the laws related to bribing government officials. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is a constitutional independent organization and supervised by nine commissioners selected from various professions.

Rk Vishwakarma to be part-time DGP of UP Police

Dr R K Vishwakarma, IPS has been appointed the new part-time DGP of UP police- just two months ahead of his retirement in May 2023 unless he gets an extension

Ali the elusive kingpin of drug trade in the subcontinent

Ali's who runs an international drug network in several countries is on the most wanted list of Delhi Police. Ali's name first cropped up when a South African national arrested in January 2012 spilled the beans about his role as an international drug dealer. Since then Delhi police keeps hearing about his involvement in crimes but has never been able to lay its hands on him. Ali rarely comes out in the open and contacts his associates through the internet.

Terrorism – only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

South Asia suffered the most on account of terrorism in 2019 for the second year in a row with more lives being lost due to terrorism than anywhere else in the world.
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