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Maj. Gen. BK Sharma AVSM, SM**

Director, United Service Institution of India (USI) Maj Gen BK Sharma, specializes in strategic Net Assessments, Scenario Building and Strategic Gaming. Alumni of Defence Services Staff College, Higher Command course and National Defense College, Gen Sharma commanded a mountain division on the China border. Gen Sharma was Senior Faculty Member at the National Defense College, Director at the Military Wing at the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Principal Director at the Directorate of Net Assessment, HQ Integrated Defense Staff and Brigadier General Staff of a Corps in the East. He was Defense Attaché in the Embassy of India in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and UN Military Observer in Central America.

Latest Articles

Will there be enduring peace in Afghanistan?

The Operation Enduring Freedom is as good as over. As the foreign combat troops prepare to go back home at the end of this month, the responsibility for peacemaking and ensuring the safety and security of the people of Afghanistan will squarely lie with the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) hampered by a shortage of arms and ammunition.

Rebuilding Afghanistan

After more than a decade of intense fighting, the US and NATO forces are in the fag-end of leaving war torn Afghanistan. A prime concern in everyone’s minds is whether the proud Afghans would be able to rebuild an efficient and people friendly system of governance or Afghanistan would once again go back to being safe havens for the Taliban and al-Qaeda to launch terror attacks? A durable peace and stability is the only hope for Afghanistan precariously perched on the edge of violence and tranquility.