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Schools: playgrounds or battlegrounds?

School children and teachers live under the shadow of the gun all over the world. Does it make any difference if the hand on the trigger is that of a terrorist or security forces personnel? Many students, teachers, schools, and universities have seen targeted attacks, bombing, burning, killing, kidnapping and torture in the last 5-10 years. Many people died, and many others missed out on education.

Why teenage girls do better in single-sex schools?

Most psychological studies suggest that girls and boys develop at different rates and that girls are far in advance of boys through the teenage years: it is in a girl's best interest to be educated separately, at least until boys catch up with them

English, vinglish and the trauma in the minds of students

After teaching English in a Government School for years I realize how difficult it is even for brilliant students to study English and other subjects in English medium, especially when there is no English speaking environment at home, school, or neighbourhood. Let the students decide what language they wish to learn and let them do so at their own pace and grasping ability!!

National Education Policy 2020 – reforming education

The National Education Policy 2020 envisions an India-centric education system that contributes directly to transforming the nation sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society by providing high-quality education to all.

IITs and the IIMs: neither the best nor ideal

IITs and IIMs setup with the help of Americans in the 60s are not the best intuitions of learning that we can create. The elite that they are creating is much too imperfect and incapable of leading the society. Were the IITs and IIMs created for producing elite management cadres for the American market? Surely something is wrong, more so when, most IIT and IIM graduates are moving into marketing and not in the manufacturing sector for which they trained.

Meritnation registered 4X growth in live classes during the pandemic

Indian Edtech major Meritnation registered impressive four-fold growth in live classes and paid users during the lockdown. Meritnation is a pioneer in the field of online learning in India having started live classes in 2014. Till date it has over 2.5 crore registered students, 10 million-plus app installs and over 47 million tests attempted.

IIM considers digital courses for masses

More than 40,000 students from 180 countries have registered for the four specialised digital education programmes known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) developed by IIMB that are featured on edX, a platform developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Vachani said here. Seven more MOOCs are to be added in the coming months in the programme called IIMBx.

Where have the teachers gone?

Teachers have suddenly become an endangered species in India. Teaching today is no longer a passion but just another profession to make money -- but then why should you expect the low paid teachers to make all the sacrifices while others have a good time. The result is that experienced teachers are either migrating abroad or switching over to a better job.

Future of MBBS students in India: 2021 and beyond?

The duration of the MBBS course is 5.6 years, which also includes a year of mandatory internship. The average fees for the MBBS course in India range from Rs. 10,000 to 6 lakhs.

A state where teachers fail in tests

Only one percent of more than 245,800 primary teachers who took the test passed. Only 4.9 percent upper-primary teachers -- cleared the tests. This is the situation in a state where 99 percent of children aged 6-14 years are, officially, enrolled in schools, and there are 25 teachers for each student, near the global average.

Gandhiji’s concept of Buniyadi Shiksha

Gandhi's book Buniyadi Shiksha is a masterpiece in which he stressed imparting education through handicrafts, especially through spindle (takli).

Safe to school and back home

Millions of children travel to school and return home by bus every day apart from those who walk, cycle or use other means of transport.

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