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English, vinglish and the trauma in the minds of students

After teaching English in a Government School for years I realize how difficult it is even for brilliant students to study English and other subjects in English medium, especially when there is no English speaking environment at home, school, or neighbourhood. Let the students decide what language they wish to learn and let them do so at their own pace and grasping ability!!

Three things to keep in mind for MAT

MAT is a test of the candidate’s speed of picking the right questions and solving them. The MAT exam consists of 200 questions, to be attempted in 150 minutes. The 3 fundamental things to be kept in mind for success in the MAT exam are time management, selecting the appropriate section to be attempted and selecting the right questions.

A state where teachers fail in tests

Only one percent of more than 245,800 primary teachers who took the test passed. Only 4.9 percent upper-primary teachers -- cleared the tests. This is the situation in a state where 99 percent of children aged 6-14 years are, officially, enrolled in schools, and there are 25 teachers for each student, near the global average.

Babu factory: Why does Bihar produce so many IAS, IPS or IIT, IIM grads?

Bihar is a state difficult to understand. On one side, 80% of the population is uneducated. There are hardly any studies throughout the year due to politics, frequent strikes and absenteeism. Many parents have to sell off their property to send their sons or daughters to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other such metro cities for education. Still the state manages to produce the highest numbers of IAS, IPS & IFS officers. Almost 25 percent of the 700 IAS and IPS officers in the last ten years are Biharis.

No smartphones in class– we are French!!

In a move to combat classroom distraction and “detox” youngsters -- French government has passed a new law to ensure that the phone-addicted children either do not carry their mobile devices to school or keep them stored in safe boxes during school hours.

InGenius Prep—one of the fastest growing companies in America

Apart from United States, InGenius Prep has made its presence felt in China, Canada, India, and many EU countries and now has plans to expand in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Where have the teachers gone?

Teachers have suddenly become an endangered species in India. Teaching today is no longer a passion but just another profession to make money -- but then why should you expect the low paid teachers to make all the sacrifices while others have a good time. The result is that experienced teachers are either migrating abroad or switching over to a better job.

India’s loss is foreign universities gain

Many Indian students who are unable to find a course of their choice at Delhi University, are going abroad to pursue their graduation in the US.

iPad brings the outside world into the IMD classroom

The full potential of the iPad in business learning is nearly limitless. We are still in the discovery phase. Business schools need to be at the forefront of innovation. Smart use of the iPad is certainly one way to achieve this.

Why Baha’i students are denied admission in colleges?

The Bahá’ís are being treated as second rate citizens in their country, Iran. They are not allowed to gain college admission or hold government positions. They are routinely harassed, discriminated, and their properties get confiscated.

Doctors can now have word to word with your Lungs.

Physicians and healthcare workers can now literally see what your lungs are saying, thanks to Indian scientists who have designed a new technology that allows lung disorders to be easily spotted through images of digitally-processed lung sounds.

Beat the exam stress: study smart

Stress free learning or study is an art that requires proper discipline and memory-enhancing techniques to study better in a relaxed manner. It is simpler than it seems. Studies can be as fun and extremely easy.

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