Lt. Gen. K K Aggarwal, AVSM, SM, VSM

Lt Gen Kapil Aggarwal retired as Director General Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME). A Post Graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Gen Aggarwal was Commandant Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) Secunderabad which conducts post-graduate technical training courses in Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Microwave and Computer Engineering. He also served as Chairman Army Pay Commission Cell, providing the inputs required by the 7th Pay Commission which articulated the pay, allowances and pension of approx. 12 lakh personnel in different rank, grade and trades. Gen Aggarwal also served as Technical Adviser to the Government of Mauritius – for close to three years.

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Merit-based promotion system: much ado about nothing?

The Debate of Merit vs Seniority is largely inconsequential as long as there is no politicization of promotion and appointments.

The politics of environment, farmer’s agitation and the youth

In the last few days Disha Ravi, Nikita, Shantanu, and Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist Greta Thunberg have been in the news because of their links with the farmer’s movement in India and sedition charges slapped on them.
President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind at the ‘At Home Reception’, on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day Celebrations, at Rashtrapati Bhavan

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The Government has to decide the optimum allocation for defence, given the existing security scenario and competing demands of health, education and infrastructure segments

Of Lebenstraum, salami slicing, and chinese checkers

Till a few years back Depsang (2013), Chumar (2014), Doklam (2017), or Galwan (2020) were god-forsaken places that existed only on the map but no one bothered about or found them worth mentioning. Not anymore

Corona is not a joke # 2

The COVID-19 virus is a very lonely but deceptive soul. It cannot survive in thin air and often needs a platform to rest, regrow, resurrect and have a big bite of our liver, kidney or gall bladder before engaging itself with another family member or neighbor. It is a seasoned killer who always stabs someone behind its back. This is all the more reason why the COVID-19 virus needs to be detected - quick and early before it weakens the body’s defenses and forcibly enters our body. To counter this enemy we need someone strong, resourceful and powerful enough to take care and protect us against this gangster who is trying to overpower, abduct, misbehave and dictate terms - like a roadside bully.

Corona is not a joke # 1

Corona virus today is like an irresponsible ticket-less traveler or fun loving tourist on a world tour. The fast-moving, alien is free to come and go anywhere from China to Chandni chowk and literally rest of the world. The virus somehow managed to surreptitiously disguise its presence till it was first identified in the landlocked Wuhan region of Hubei province in China. After being spotted and identified (December 2019) the new virus was given the name 2019-nCoV. Its first priority was to establish a foothold for its own survival and have a bite off whatever was available. But once it managed to consolidate its position and feel safe and secure, it literally went on a world tour.