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Vijay Sanghvi

Political Commentator and Analyst Vijay Sanghvi, 81 has created a niche for himself as a seasoned media person with proven credentials and political, economic and social analyst since 1962. Sanghvi worked for five years in Mumbai for Gujarati papers before shifting to Delhi and continued to work for various dailies in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and English as well as for international media. He has many newsbreaks to his credit as well as inside view of many epoch making events. He covered parliamentary proceedings from 1967 till 2007.

Latest Articles

Politics is not family estate management

The Gandhi family may have by now realized that Indian politics is not family estate management. But the realization may have come too late
Charan Singh

Prime Ministers of India from Nehru to Modi # 4

Charan Singh's only budget was an unmitigated disaster. He showed that he knew nothing of economics. Piloo Mody told him, Sir for you India is only from Baghpat to Jhansi. You know nothing of India outside this belt.
Indira Gandhi

Prime Ministers of India from Nehru to Modi # 3

Indira Gandhi imposed emergency rule over the radio through a ten-minute national address. Censorship on media was announced six hours later. No one dared to inform her about the misuse of powers by the bureaucracy or growing resentment over the coercive dictates of Sanjay Gandhi and his coterie operating from her residence.
Lal Bahadur Shastri the second Prime Minister of India

Prime Ministers of India from Nehru to Modi # 2

An ardent follower of Nehru, Lal Bihari Shastri was known as the most honest politician who had dedicated four decades of his life in service of Indian people.

Prime Ministers of India from Nehru to Modi # 1

Jawaharlal Nehru served for the longest tenure as the Prime Minister of India from June 1946 to May 1964. Before departing the British grudgingly...

Ancient Indian wisdom

Nearly three thousand years before Western science the Indian sages in the Vedic era, began to learn the essential attributes of the universe.

Why are the farmers on warpath?

The farming community of India is on warpath against the move to benefit the trading community as three farm law reforms indicate.

Is it time to dismantle the Congress?

Jawaharlal Nehru could not carry out the Gandhian advice but his descendants provided grounds to halt the polluted Ganges from flowing down by reducing the Congress to immaterial force in the national political arena

It’s about time India nailed Chinese lies

The 1962 episode stands in the path of India's trust on Chinese intentions. Only party in power and person in the chair have changed and not the Indian mentality. Smaller traders may tolerate economic aggression but it does not mean every Indian sells his soul for few farthings.

Congress needs intensive care treatment

Congress was a culture, a philosophy and a value system – not a party. What exists today is a deplorable, dull, drab and ruined organization.

Who would have been a better Prime Minister – Nehru or...

Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy firmly believed that Nehru was unfit to rule India and would not be able to handle issues like the partition and departure of the British administration. Even the Congress committees did not support Nehru. This is when Gandhi stepped in and asked Sardar Patel not to contest. Was this a historic blunder? Would Patel have been a better Prime Minister?

Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 3

The practice of stamping passport of workers as immigration needs continued till the Vajpayee government took over. Sahib Singh Verma, labour minister gave me patient hearing to scrap the need as useless appendage that had led to rampant corruption.

Black money & Corruption: Who is to blame? — 2

Corruption was again used as a major political weapon in the 2014 elections after an unknown American agency leaked out reports of enormous sum of rupees six lakh crore stacked outside India.

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—3

Indira Gandhi also introduced reforms and turned schooling to 14 years and graduation course to three years but nothing was done to improve quality of education in public sector. A number of surveys indicated that the system did not achieve even the primary objective of providing an ability to students to read and write until the middle school levels.

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—2

A must read case study taught in almost all journalism classes is how a newspaper sub-editor was sacked for showing too much creativity. The sub-editor’s fault was that he insensitively headlined a story on a mad man escaping after raping a woman -- as “Nut screws and bolts”. This is the case with the Indian Education System where creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are dismissed disdainfully.

Indian Education System: nuts, screws and bolts—1

The British regime devised the education system only to meet its needs of its lower administrative strata. The academic calendar was devised to meet climate changes witnessed by the British. Long holidays were scheduled from May to July which left a majority of Indian children roaming around bare foot in hot afternoons when the British shifted to hill stations to avoid hot summers in plains.

Budget — drive towards a dynamic economy ?

The Prime Minister has been emphasizing to accelerate industrialization by bringing in foreign capital with technologies and production units to India for it is accepted fact that no agriculture based economy has grown at faster pace.

What makes PM Modi Angry?

The violence in Haryana has transmitted signals that can adversely impact on the intense campaign of the PM Modi to bring more capital and technologies from outside.

Can girls touch the sky in an unequal world?

Education has changed the status of girls. Wealthy and middle-class families have allowed their daughters not only to get an education but also work independently in various sectors which till recently were exclusive domain of men.

Can Modi solve the economic tangle?

Narasimha Rao was groping in the dark to find a human face in the repudiation of the economic activities that took the rate of growth of total percent. In fact Arjun Sengupta, economist had to warn him that his economic framework had merely increased inequalities and further widened distance between the high income and the low-income brackets.

Top five success or failures of Modi

Another evidence of his side-stepping from the party machinery to reach out masses is in his choice of the modern communication medium, radio and television for direct contact with masses and regularly sharing his thoughts with them.