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Paytm all set to waive off all charges on merchant transactions

Paytm will absorb Rs 600 crore in MDR charged annually by banks to support the MSMEs and ensure that they have adequate liquidity to expand their businesses. This initiative will benefit more than 17 million merchants on Paytm ecosystem

BharatPe records the fastest ever business growth in 3 months

BharatPe was co-founded by Ashneer Grover and Shashvat Nakrani in 2018 with the vision to make financial inclusion a reality for Indian merchants. BharatPe launched India’s first UPI interoperable QR code, first ZERO MDR payment acceptance service, and first UPI payment backed merchant cash advance service.

Paytm Postpaid launches flexible EMI options

Paytm users can now avail of flexible 'buy now and pay later facility' for a wide range of products and services at more than 5 lakh plus shops and websites.

Consumer Protection Act, 2019- a landmark in the Consumer rights movement in India

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provides for a Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) as the much needed regulatory body to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers.

Virat Kohli defends eco-friendly f&b packaging

The Food Authority has started a consumer awareness campaign “Eat Right India for Sustainable Living” as a call to action for plastic waste management and reduction of plastic footprint in the F&B industry.

FSSAI’s initiative to stop wastage of food

FSSAI's new initiatives -‘Save Food Share Joy’ and Indian Food Sharing Alliance (IFSA) - aim to create a network of food collection/recovery agencies in India.

Online Gaming needs regulation

Gaming is a state subject in India. Each state is supposed to frame and implement its own anti-gaming laws. In July 2018, the Law Commission 276th report stated – “legalizing betting and gambling is not desirable in India". Still, no state came forward to ban online gaming. This inaction is leading to a rampant increase in illegal gambling and black-money. Though it is not possible to ban betting and gambling altogether, effective regulation is the only way out.

How to make a consumer complaint

Keep copies of all relevant documents relating to your complaint. These might be useful later if you have to complain to a higher authority. Maintain a record of all phone calls - who you spoke to, on what date and what was the response. Keep copies of all letters or emails you write.

10 ways credit card companies could cheat you?

Credit card companies come up with seemingly attractive offers and high reward points for purchases to entice the consumers to land up with bills for hefty and unnecessary purchases.

How credit card companies cheat customers?

A large number of credit card consumers have complained to different consumer forum against aggressive marketing, excess billing, mis-commitment and false promises by credit card companies. The terms and conditions mentioned in the credit card application form are grossly unfair, unilateral and against the rights of the credit card holders.

Indians using mobile phones for purchase online may cross 40 million

At this rate, India will be the world’s second largest Smartphone market after the US in 2016 with over 200 million Smartphone users the study predicts.

Can a banker refuse to honour a legal tender?

If bankers don’t honour legal documents issued by them-- why should anyone accept a piece of paper whether it is a FD, cheque or demand draft in return for hard cash deposited in the bank?

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