Why do Relationship Break?

Isn’t it so ironical that throughout our life we struggle hard to maintain our relationships and yet we cannot achieve that perfect balance in our relations, be it personal or professional?

Air Badminton – A New Outdoor Game

Air Badminton is designed to create opportunities for people of all ages and ability to play badminton on hard, grass and sand surfaces in parks, gardens, streets, playgrounds, and beaches around the world. The project has been going on for the past five years to develop a new outdoor shuttlecock with increased durability, stability and wind resistance to allow people to play badminton outdoors.

When boredom becomes a blessing in disguise

Boredom is a common feeling. There is nothing wrong with feeling bored. Some of the greatest inventions did not just take place out of necessity, but out of boredom, simply because someone was bored and wanted something new.

Top 12 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the World

Greece, Maldives, Thailand, Hawaii, Italy or South Africa-- selecting the ideal honeymoon destination -- is one of the most crucial decision that a newlywed couple has to take. From beautiful sun-kissed beaches to ski trips in snowcapped mountains, fairy-tale theme parks, jungle safaris and far-flung exotic locations -- several options have to be considered while selecting the most romantic, luxurious, hot and sexy destination in the world.

Why do we make mistakes?

Mistakes are a part of life, but still, we avoid situations where we may make mistakes because we find the idea of making mistakes so unpleasant. Unfortunately, this means that we avoid situations where we’re most likely to learn.

Extramarital affairs in the workplace

Shared goals and the smallest spark between co-workers may end up in infidelity and extramarital affairs without even realizing it. Even otherwise there may be a multitude of factors working behind the scenes that push the two people towards a more intimate, adulterous relationship.

Anger management: cool down the angry boss

Managing anger involves a range of skills. It also involves recognizing the signs of anger and positively handling the triggers at an early stage while remaining calm and in control.

Make way for a new world

Supreme almighty himself descends on this earth to change the world order. He does his duty first of all by generating a new world order, which is the creation of a completely pure and peaceful world.

Are microwave radiations harmful?

An advantage of microwave cooking is that the energy heats only the food, not the whole oven compartment. In fact, foods cooked in a microwave oven retain most of their vitamins and minerals, because microwave ovens can cook more quickly and without adding water.

Two-Thirds of adolescents report pornography use

About two-thirds of the teens had seen pornography at least once. The average age of first exposure was 12 years.

TV: The New Guardian

It is estimated that 75 per cent of everything on TV, both programming and commercials, is created by approximately 100 large corporations whose only intention is to maximize their profits for their shareholders in whatever ways are legal.

Positive psychology: making life worth living

Positive psychology is a new domain of psychology or study of the "good life", or the positive aspects of the human experience that make life worth living. The discipline of positive psychology focuses on both individual and societal well-being

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