Are microwave radiations harmful?

An advantage of microwave cooking is that the energy heats only the food, not the whole oven compartment. In fact, foods cooked in a microwave oven retain most of their vitamins and minerals, because microwave ovens can cook more quickly and without adding water.

Forgive and forget – let go of the past

To forgive and forget comes from compassion. We must learn to forgive ourselves, as well as others; otherwise, the process of releasing the burden would neither begin nor progress. Forgiving not only means letting go of the past but also not making the same mistakes again and again; not inventing convenient ways to excuse ourselves.

Two-Thirds of adolescents report pornography use

About two-thirds of the teens had seen pornography at least once. The average age of first exposure was 12 years.

Positive psychology: making life worth living

Positive psychology is a new domain of psychology or study of the "good life", or the positive aspects of the human experience that make life worth living. The discipline of positive psychology focuses on both individual and societal well-being

TV: The New Guardian

It is estimated that 75 per cent of everything on TV, both programming and commercials, is created by approximately 100 large corporations whose only intention is to maximize their profits for their shareholders in whatever ways are legal.

Managing stress: pushing that extra mile

Managing your time well will allow you to get more done during the workday and will help you establish clear boundaries between your work and home life. This gives you time to recharge and destress by taking time away from your work stressors. This balance also allows for time to socialize and spend time with your loved ones, which can do wonders to relieve your stress.

Make way for a new world

Supreme almighty himself descends on this earth to change the world order. He does his duty first of all by generating a new world order, which is the creation of a completely pure and peaceful world.

Why do Relationship Break?

Isn’t it so ironical that throughout our life we struggle hard to maintain our relationships and yet we cannot achieve that perfect balance in our relations, be it personal or professional?

High heels causes osteoarthritis

According to health experts, high heels cause unequal weight distribution on the metatarsals (foot bones) exposing those areas of foot joints which normally are not designed to bear weight, and this results in painful foot conditions like bunions and meta-tarsalgias (fore-foot pain)

Are you heaven ready?

Let us make an effort to first make heaven within self before actually moving into heaven.

What should you be eating- vegetarian beans or (human) beings?

Recent studies made by modern medical science have suggested that the human body is not naturally designed to digest and assimilate non-vegetarian food. That is why today most of the medical practitioners recommend a healthy vegetarian diet to their patients who are suffering from lifestyle disorders.

‘Prostitution is not a criminal offence; seducing a person or running a brothel is’: BHC

There is no provision under the law which makes prostitution per se a criminal offence or punishes a person because she indulges in prostitution

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