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Dr N C Asthana IPS (Retd)

Dr. N. C. Asthana, IPS (Retd) is a former DGP of Kerala and ADG BSF/CRPF. Of the 51 books that he has authored, 20 are on terrorism, counter-terrorism, defense, strategic studies, military science, and internal security, etc. They have been reviewed at very high levels in the world and are regularly cited for authority in the research works at some of the most prestigious professional institutions of the world such as the US Army Command & General Staff College and Frunze Military Academy, Russia. The views expressed are his own.

Latest Articles

Low turnout of Muslims in colleges – who is to blame?

How can the nation, government and society at large be responsible for Muslims not attending college? The government has thrown open the doors of higher education to everybody. If Muslim boys and girls do not evince interest in higher education, what can anybody do?

The Kerala Story: politically motivated criticism

As Prime Minister Modi pointed out, “The Movie (The Kerala Story) is trying to expose the consequences of terrorism, especially in a state like Kerala

Communal Harmony – not a one-way street

Communal harmony is not a one-way street. Promoting communal harmony is not the responsibility of a single community. The other side too has to play a part

Deadliest machine guns in the world

On the battlefield, everyone respects a machine gun. When machine guns open up, enemy soldiers with rifles hide. There is nothing which imbues you with that exhilarating feeling of power than firing a machine gun.

The untold story behind the rape of Indian history?

Why should students study the history of Muslim rule as well as their conquests in the Indian subcontinent — as if we had been living in Dark Age before that

Atiq murder – no lapse of the police

There has been a flurry of allegations against the UP police following the murder of the convicted criminal Atiq Ahmed and his brother in Prayagraj. Many laymen and un-informed journalists are casually describing it as police failure. They have no idea of what the police are expected to do and what they can do in such situations. Their expectations from the police are absolutely unrealistic.

Most iconic Revolvers of the world

Revolvers require very little maintenance. They do not demand any field stripping or any significant training or practice—one can keep it loaded and just shoot. A revolver never jams and if a round misfire, you go on to the next round.

The greatest combat pistols in the world

So many excellent pistols have been made over the years that it is not a question of selecting best among the good, but selecting the very best among the best

Indian Muslims – ‘eternal outsiders’?

For some Muslims, their communal identity is more important than their national identity. This is the reason behind many problems in the society and the nation

The farce called secularism in India

India is the only country where students are taught to hate their heritage and glorify the invaders who tried to destroy the heritage in the garb of secularism

Hindu-Muslim relations – the unsolved puzzle

In ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’, Dr B. R. Ambedkar writes on the history of Hindu-Muslim relations and describes every riot that took place in India

Police encounter – a necessary evil?

A fake police encounter is one in which police use lethal force on a criminal who is already in their custody. Police cannot be the judge, jury and executioner

Colleges inviting film stars – insult to education

The educational qualifications of practically every Bollywood actor are available on the Internet. While some of them do have some useless college degrees for the name of it, most of them are half-educated.

The devil’s workshop to poison the minds of Indian Muslims

Anti-national pseudo-secularist elements have always striven hard to brainwash the Indian Muslims

Creation of Bangladesh, turned out to be Indira Gandhi’s biggest mistake

Unlike their Pakistani counterparts, Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh do not have any long-time disputed issue like Kashmir with respect to India—it is pure and simple religion-driven terrorism

Women in combat – time for a reality check

A soldier fights to defend his or her country and its people in the first place—earning medals is secondary. Your countrymen would be proud of you if you got martyred for the country; however, the very same people would be deeply hurt if you got raped for the country.

Chinese Spy Balloon – a hoax

With such sophisticated technical resources at their disposal, there is no reason to believe that the Chinese have fallen into such bad times that they would be obliged to use 1950s technology for spying! A contrived hypothesis that balloons are being used because lasers or kinetic weapons could target satellites is simply ridiculous.

Khalistan – a lost cause

Some developments in Punjab have given a reason to the security establishment and media to predict a return of militancy in Punjab due to Khalistan supporters.

How should police deal with armed criminals?

"The use of force is a last resort, not a first option. If a police officer has to use force, it should be...

Can public bully the police?

The only way out is that policemen should wear body cameras on their uniform, and record the incidents. Body cameras won’t be able to prevent suicides but can certainly help zero down on the truth in case the public cooks up stories of imaginary violence by the police.

Crackdown on child marriage in Assam

In the ongoing drive against child marriage, 3047 persons have been arrested and only 251 managed to get bail In Assam