Rear Admiral Dr. S Kulshrestha

Former Director General of Naval Armament Inspection (DGNAI) at the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defense (Navy) Rear Admiral Dr. S Kulshrestha was advisor to the Chief of the Naval Staff prior to his superannuation in 2011. An alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College Wellington, College of Naval Warfare, Mumbai, and the National Defence College (NDC), Delhi — Rear Admiral Kulshrestha holds two MPhil degrees in nanotechnology from Mumbai and Chennai Universities and Doctorate from ‘School of International Studies,’ JNU. He has authored a book “Negotiating Acquisition of Nanotechnology: The Indian Experience”.

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The war and Ukraine’s sling shot’ tactics

This war would be remembered for Ukraine's sling shot' tactics or use of relatively cheap missiles to bring down the mighty Russian Tanks, BMPs, aircraft and warships by slingshot.

Poseidon – the largest torpedo ever built

Initial reports suggest that the Poseidon torpedo can attain a speed of 130 kmph, with a range of 10000 km and an operating depth of 1000 m. The torpedo is supposed to be 24 m in length with a diameter of 1.6 m.

Torpedo- A weapon of choice for anti-submarine warfare

Royal Navy's frigate HMS Shah was the first naval vessel to fire a torpedo in anger during the battle of Pacocha but it took on more year before Intibah a Turkish steamer became the first vessel to be sunk by self-propelled torpedoes on 16 January 1878. A torpedo can be fired from a ship, submarine, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft - this makes it a smart, cost-effective and multiple use weapons of choice for the world navies.

Building bridges of friendship in the Indian Ocean region

India has built a reasonable number of bridges of friendship in the Indian Ocean Region which have helped in enhancing its image as a benign friend in need.