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The men behind extraordinary brands – 1

Each brand has a story behind it. Great brands were not created by God but humans’ back-stage who never gave up trying. They were successful entrepreneurs who like anyone else wanted to make money but ended up creating brands that last beyond their life time. Let’s unveil the hidden hands behind the success or failure of mega brands. Here are some of the legendary brand builders of all times…

FuelBuddy to deliver fuel at the doorstep of people in Northeast

India's first doorstep fuel delivery provider, FuelBuddy is launching its services in North-East. FuelBuddy has already delivered more than 150,000 orders and more than 5 crore litres of fuel.

How smart and attractive packaging helps to sell a product

For long we have celebrated the power of packaging as ‘the Silent Salesman.’ Across retail shelves around the world, brands have relied on the effectiveness of their carefully designed packages to communicate with their customers — at the first moment of truth — in sign language!

Top 12 startups that survived against all odds

Delhi-NCR is the new hotspot for startups and unicorns in India and the third-largest start-up network in the world after the US and UK.

New EU initiative may create hell for secret and shell companies

A new EU initiative might make life miserable for corrupt individuals and companies to hide their identity behind a maze of anonymous shell companies. The new move might make it easier for investigators and the public to uncover the source and intended destination for funds stolen from the public or given and accepted as bribes for winning public contracts. Many secret companies till now being used to hide illicit funds.

Online Gaming industry in India to get a regulator soon

The government of India is planning to set up a watchdog/regulatory body to regulate the untamed skill gaming industry in India. This is expected to bring legitimacy, promote investments in the mushrooming online gaming industry, and safeguard the interests of players. Currently, over 220 million gamers spend an average of 42 minutes per day on mobile games.

The men behind the most sought after and widely circulated autographs

All celebrities are expected to give autograph but hardly any autograph – sells (literally so) more than the Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to look out for in 2022

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming, especially for new crypto investors. It can be challenging to decide which coins to buy

Go-First stakes claim as the 3rd largest carrier

GO FIRST registered growth in market share from 8.2% to 9.8% in October 2021 making it the third largest carrier as per the DGCA

Why women fall short of the Central banker’s chair?

Women have occupied top political jobs. Angela Merkel was re-elected as German Chancellor thrice; Margaret Thatcher was elected PM in Britain three times; even France had a female prime minister. Six OECD countries had female finance ministers. But still why is it that no woman is close to leading the central banks in any of these countries?

Indian mining industry in the eyes of a storm?

The Indian mining industry can make magic happen and catapult India to colossal heights as a US$ 5 trillion economy. It can directly employ 48 lakh people and indirectly create 5 crore jobs by 2025 but that's only possible if it survives...

Supply chain management – in perspective

Supply chains contribute immensely to the success of any organisation. Supply chain management (SCM) has the power to boost customer service, reduce operating costs and improve the financial standing of a company.
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