Trojans are ripping online banking services apart

Traditional financial security measures – including one-time passwords (SMS, TAN generators), tokens and CVV2 – are inadequate protection against banking Trojans that are able to bypass all the security technologies.

How smart and attractive packaging helps to sell a product

For long we have celebrated the power of packaging as ‘the Silent Salesman.’ Across retail shelves around the world, brands have relied on the effectiveness of their carefully designed packages to communicate with their customers — at the first moment of truth — in sign language!

10 Iconic Japanese Domestic Market Cars

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM ) cars from the 1990s are legendary among their fans. This was the age when Japan was making fast, inexpensive, and stylish sports cars that could compete with Porsche, Ferrari, and any other carmaker on the racetrack or the streets.

Fakes don’t kill brands; they kill businesses

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every five drugs made in India is fake. Consider the impact of all this, on human health when a patient takes a medicine, assuming that it will save his life but it doesn’t.

New EU initiative may create hell for secret and shell companies

A new EU initiative might make life miserable for corrupt individuals and companies to hide their identity behind a maze of anonymous shell companies. The new move might make it easier for investigators and the public to uncover the source and intended destination for funds stolen from the public or given and accepted as bribes for winning public contracts. Many secret companies till now being used to hide illicit funds.

Will Jet Airways be back in the skies in 2021?

If all goes well -- the oldest private airline in India with an operating history of more than 25 years – Jet Airways will be back in the domestic and international skies by the summer of 2021.

Silk can repair nerve damage: scientists

The exquisite fibres of the famed mulberry silk can trigger regeneration of nerves and restore activity in limbs affected by traumatic injuries, courtesy a new technology developed by Indian scientists.

Essel Group- the sinking ship?

The multi-billion rupee empire built by Subhash Chandra—the founder of Zee TV and his ancestors is on the verge of collapse. On one side, a financial tsunami emerging over the horizon is clashing with the passionate dream of a full grown adult who wants to buy the most expensive, brightest and best toys in the market but fails each time – because they do not give him adequate return on investment. This, in short, is the nail-biting climax of the story of Subhash Chandra’s life, success, and survival.

Axis Bank in the eye of the storm

Axis Bank the third-largest bank in India with around 4,000 branches, and over 12,000 ATMs in the dock is in the dock; Mohnish Jabalpure a social worker has filed a criminal writ petition in the Bombay High Court accusing the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and other serving and retired officials of misusing their official position to favor Axis Bank where the CMs wife worked as a Vice President.

Companies profit when employees drink water, frequently

Dehydration can affect a persons mood, concentration and make them prone to commit mistakes -- leading to accidents. The moot question however is, “how do companies change the habits of its employees and make them drink more water throughout the day?”

The men behind the most sought after and widely circulated autographs

All celebrities are expected to give autograph but hardly any autograph – sells (literally so) more than the Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

Bank Frauds: Nothing is immoral or unethical

Banking today is not what it used to be. The relationship between the banker and the customer - even the reliability of commitments made by either of them- is at stake. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) is the eyes, nose, and voice of around 6 crore merchants, 40000 affiliates and stakeholders in all formats of trade, association, group, sector or industry in the field of commerce and industry all over the Country. Headquartered at “Vyapar Bhawan” in New Delhi, its objective is two way communications and meaningful dialogue between the industry and Government to thrash out solutions acceptable to all the stake holders. Excerpts of an exclusive interview between CAIT National President B. C. Bhartia and Taazakhabar News:

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