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How COVID has impacted the lives of Women?

Women have faced severe consequences of COVID. They are looked down upon with disgust and negative remarks and have had to suffer a lot.

Covid –19 pandemic: lessons learnt – too little, too late

The shortage of hospitals, beds, ventilators, oxygen, medical facilities could have been avoided, had we prepared ourselves better for dealing with the second wave. It is sad to see the scenes of wailing mothers, wives, children and fathers who have lost their near and dear ones to this pandemic.

How did Tata Sumo get its name?

Tata Group’s first multi-utility vehicle Tata Sumo had nothing to do with Japanese heavyweight wrestlers and named after Sumant Moolgaokar - Su for SUmant and Mo for MOolgaokar

Army dogs to sniff out COVID-19 in potentially infected troops

In what is the first of its kind initiative, the Indian army is training a dozen-odd Chippiparai, Labrador and Cocker Spaniel dogs to sniff...

Even unwed mother could be child’s guardian: SC

The Supreme Court ruled that there was no need for the father's consent in giving guardianship of a child to an unwed mother as it held that the views of "uninvolved father" are not essential if the child is solely raised by the mother.

What happens when an aircraft’s engines fail?

What really happens inside a single-engine military aircraft after its engine suddenly stop functioning -- is a ghastly and unnerving experience that only someone who has been through can describe?

Why are road accidents an everyday affair in India?

Many drivers are maniacs in a hurry, who do not follow traffic rules, over speed, overtake from the wrong side, and drive under the influence of liquor.

Who betrayed the Mahatma?

Was there a British angle in Mahatma's assassination? Another indication of a British hand in the plot was Apte’s refusal, at the height of the Great Depression, of a full-time job in the Royal Indian Air Force.The most likely explanation is that he was probably already occupied -- as a British agent. Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s investigation into that nexus was cut short when he was killed in the September 2008 attack on Mumbai, giving rise to a widespread belief that the attack was primarily aimed at eliminating him.

98% of the women feel health insurance policies need to be more women-centric

The survey shows that after years, women’s interest in health insurance as a financial security investment, has finally gained the much-desired importance in the country where women are more susceptible to critical ailments such as arthritis, breast cancer, auto-immune diseases, menstruation/hormonal issue

Powerful cyclones that ripped India in 2020-2021

Cyclone, hurricane, typhoon or storm all mean the same depending on the part of the world you are. Indian seas are no strangers to cyclones

Delhi High Court directs telcos to strictly curb unsolicited communication

Delhi High Court ordered TRAI and Telcos to strictly curb unsolicited commercial communication to safeguard innocent users.

Delhi Police women to wear khadi silk sarees

Over the years Khadi is becoming popular not only among common people but even government organisations are adopting Khadi. Traditional artisans in West Bengal are preparing Tasar-Katia Silk sarees for Delhi police

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