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Ethics in bureaucracy: does honesty pay?

Corruption is one of the main evils affecting the bureaucracy. A bureaucrat has to be efficient, disciplined, and, transparent for the bureaucracy to thrive

Wearable device for home monitoring of glucose and BP

Researchers at Amrita Vidyapeetham university have developed a non-invasive device called, Amrita Spandana for home-monitoring of glucose and blood pressure. The wearable device can measure six body parameters like blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and 6-lead ECG.

Dress code in Hindu temples – a necessity?

Mahakal temple in Ujjain has had a dress code which states that Men should wear dhoti and women must wear sari. Many other temples also have such codes

Low turnout of Muslims in colleges – who is to blame?

How can the nation, government and society at large be responsible for Muslims not attending college? The government has thrown open the doors of higher education to everybody. If Muslim boys and girls do not evince interest in higher education, what can anybody do?

Are reservations serving the ends of social justice?

Manipur is on fire on account of issues relating to reservations. The entire country was on fire in late 1980s. Who can forget the Mandal-related agitation?

Forensics: exact science or dramatised fiction? #1

Forensics is not an exact science just a few misleading laboratory techniques. In this series our aim will be to expose the hoax of forensics and highlight how justice continues to be murdered on the altar of ignorance.

Will BJP win the 2024 elections?

Even though many people are in favour of non-BJP governments in the states, they want BJP with Modi at the helm to rule at the centre.

Atiq murder – no lapse of the police

There has been a flurry of allegations against the UP police following the murder of the convicted criminal Atiq Ahmed and his brother in Prayagraj. Many laymen and un-informed journalists are casually describing it as police failure. They have no idea of what the police are expected to do and what they can do in such situations. Their expectations from the police are absolutely unrealistic.

Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh – a tale of two states

Both Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh came into being around the same time. Jharkhand has thrice the population of Chhattisgarh but one-third Revenue of Chhattisgarh

Artemis Accords: What India stands to gain or lose?

Artemis Accords represents NASA’s articulation about how the world should approach technological and policy issues for planning and executing missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Crime in Public – Why Do People Remain Apathetic?

Recently, a young girl Sakshi was murdered in Delhi in full public view. The accused Sahil Khan fled from the scene of crime but was arrested from Bulandshahr

NDRF’s first-ever mountaineering expedition to scale Bhagirathi-II peak

Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Kumar Mishra recently flagged off "Saahas" -2023 NDRF’s first-ever Mountaineering Expedition led by DIG Gambhir Singh Chauhan.
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