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India’s longest river ropeway over river Brahmaputra in Assam

It took about 17 years and a cost of Rs 56 crore to complete the 1.8-kilometre-long-- India’s longest -- river ropeway — connecting the two banks of river Brahmaputra. The ropeway will hopefully turn out to be a non-polluting means of transport and environment-friendly tourism.

Who would have been a better Prime Minister – Nehru or Patel?

Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy firmly believed that Nehru was unfit to rule India and would not be able to handle issues like the partition and departure of the British administration. Even the Congress committees did not support Nehru. This is when Gandhi stepped in and asked Sardar Patel not to contest. Was this a historic blunder? Would Patel have been a better Prime Minister?

Mind your business in my space

Till lately, the outer space was a no man’s land, now sky is the limit. Billionaire Robert Bigelow the founder of Bigelow Aerospace is already talking in terms of hotels, offices and holiday resorts in space. This is just tip of the ice berg; the real discovery to space has just begun....

SC judge to probe Vadra land deals

Robert Vadra's land deals and other irregularities will now be probed by an inquiry commission, headed by a retired apex court judge. The probe announcement came just days after the Congress hardened its stand on the land acquisition bill tabled by the Narendra Modi government in parliament

Will drones & UAVs change the future battlefield?

Drones offer small countries very cheap access to tactical aviation and Precision Guided Weapons, enabling them to destroy an opponent’s much costlier equipment such as tanks and AD system

Fake, unqualified pilots have hijacked Civil Aviation in Pakistan

The civil aviation industry in Pakistan is in deep trouble. Many airline companies are on the verge of closure. To add insult to injury many pilots are cheating in the qualifying exams or getting someone else to impersonate on their behalf

Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide is not a mental disorder but an outcome of mental health disorder. Research has suggested that in most cases, people who committed suicide had some mental disorder.

Is Kerala losing while UP gaining grip over the bureaucracy?

Had Sinha whose birthday falls on 18th July not made it as the 31st Cabinet Secretary of India he would have retired on July 31. But now he would go on to adorn the cabinet Secretary’s official bungalow - No 32, Prithviraj Road till June 13, 2017 and maybe more if he gets an extension for four years like his predecessors.

Singapore world’s most expensive city for expats

Singapore is 11 percent more expensive than New York for basic groceries, over 50 percent more expensive for clothes, together with Seoul, the most expensive place in the world to shop for clothes.

CINI – calls for a national drowning prevention plan

Drowning is among the top 10 leading causes of death of children aged between 5-14 years globally.

14th August: Partition Horrors Remembrance Day

The Union Home Ministry has announced that 14th August would henceforth be observed as ‘Partition horrors remembrance day.’

Coup in Myanmar: implications for India

The military coup on 01 Feb 2021 in Myanmar has to be seen in the context of the Chinese showdown with India in both western as well as the eastern sectors. China is working very hard to ensure that India does not become a third superpower on the globe within the next decade.
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