Dr. Nisha Khanna

Celebrity Psychologist from the past 18+ years Dr. Nisha Khanna is one of the leading marriage and family counselor in Delhi NCR. She assists individuals and couples from every walk of life. She has offered assistance in more than 3750+ cases (professional and personal related needs of an individual, couple and families). Dr. Nisha has dealt with clients having emotional, mental, and physical & adjustment problems in their love, friendship, live-in, pre-marital, post-marital/post-marriage, family, professional life. She deals with the parent-child relationship, depression, insomnia, anxiety and all other kinds of moods, emotions, temperament, personality and behavioural issues.

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social media

Social Media: what is there in it for me?

Social media connects us to different people. It’s useful for networking and making contacts. These are some advantages of social media

Coping with clinical depression

Symptoms of clinical depression can be mistaken for day to day moods and feelings we go through, but in order to label the symptoms as signs of clinical depression we need to monitor them for 21 days or more

What makes a person kill his own blood relatives?

On the night of October 2015, a 22-year-old youth allegedly killed his father who asked him to start earning before thinking of marriage.

Antisocial personality disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder is a mental health condition where a people diagnosed with it may not follow social norms and may harm others

Why do men lie (more than women)?

Studies show that men and women tell the same number of lies. But, what differs is the content of those lies. On one hand, women lie to make others feel better. They find it hard to lie about their feelings.

How does the mother’s psychological state affect the fetus?

Pregnancy can itself incite various emotions- such as feeling overwhelmed, happiness and nervousness, it can also result in major mood swings, shifting the positive emotions to feeling extremely anxious which can elevate women’s stress level. It is thus important to remain as stress-free as possible during pregnancy.

Why do we make mistakes?

Mistakes are a part of life, but still, we avoid situations where we may make mistakes because we find the idea of making mistakes so unpleasant. Unfortunately, this means that we avoid situations where we’re most likely to learn.

Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide is a terrible mystery of human behaviour. As a professional psychologist or marriage and Family counsellor who has been in the practice since the past 18 years, I believes that certain common risk factors make a person more vulnerable to suicide.

Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide is not a mental disorder but an outcome of mental health disorder. Research has suggested that in most cases, people who committed suicide had some mental disorder.

Feeling lonely is not the same as being alone

Loneliness can cause people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. The best way to combat such feelings is to do things that make you feel genuinely happy and alive. It is important to make a wish list and follow them.

Jealousy can help us work harder

Jealousy is an instinctive reaction each one of us has experienced it at some point of our life. It is mostly a negative connotation but can prove to be a motivation that makes us work harder.

How to resolve conflicts in relationships?

Each conflict should be resolved with caution and thoughtfulness. To resolve any conflict, a person has to keep in mind the personality of those who are involved, benefits of the fight and the level of investment both have to maintain the relationship.