Why do men die early # 1– Heart Disease

Recent medical studies have revealed that though men appear to be tall, strong and sturdy; in reality they are prone to die sooner and women may live longer all over the world.

Why men die early cause # 2 – Cancer

Out of the over 100 types of cancers that can affect humans-- breast, cervical, and stomach cancers are a major cause of deaths among women, while lung, oral and stomach cancers lead to a majority of death among men in India.

‘Selfies’ can help detect heart disease

Sending a "selfie" to the doctor could be a cheap and simple way of detecting heart disease, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal. According to the study, it is possible to use a deep learning computer algorithm to detect coronary artery disease (CAD) by analyzing four photographs of a person's face.

Cancer and Corona: Why do people die even before death knocks at the Door?

Corona and Cancer are twins with almost similar effects. Cancer comes slowly, and stays longer while corona comes fast like a storm, and disturbs everything. The morbidity in case of cancer is higher. Corona has lesser fatality but still, it creates panic. Glimpses from the life of a survivor who celebrated his birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas and New Year in the Hospital.

Sleep loss may lead to weight gain

Scientists have corroborated the linkage between disturbed sleep and weight gain, leading to increased fat accumulation and reduced muscle mass - associated with adverse health consequences.

The magic behind Music therapy

‘Raga Chikitsa’ or ‘Music Therapy’ is an integral part of Ayurveda and Samaveda. Music therapy or listening to music can lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate, relieve depression and lessen the need for seductive and pain killers.

Barbaric surgery and weight loss enhance sexual performance

“The results presented are very useful to assess the impact of bariatric surgery in obese patients. Nevertheless, it does not mean that bariatric surgery is the best, or only, treatment available,” the authors wrote.

A second pathway in the brain prevents blindness: study

Scientists have made a new discovery detailing how areas of the brain responsible for vision could potentially adopt to injury or trauma and ultimately prevent blindness

CURA helps turn shipping containers into Intensive care units

CURA – a global open-source initiative aims to convert shipping containers into plug-in Intensive-Care Pods for COVID-19 patients. Each CURA pod can be mounted as a hospital tent, and as safe a regular isolation ward, thanks to bio-containment with negative pressure. The first unit is built and installed at a temporary hospital in Turin, Italy.

India’s biggest kidney dialysis hospital to offer free treatment & food to all patients

In medical parlance, dialysis is performed to remove excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood of people whose kidneys cannot perform these functions naturally.

8 reasons why you need to review your health insurance policy

Health insurance helps insulate your family against health hazards, financially uncertainties and saves taxes. But to get the most from your health insurance policy, you need to choose the most suitable insurance product in line with your changing health care needs.

How does the mother’s psychological state affect the fetus?

Pregnancy can itself incite various emotions- such as feeling overwhelmed, happiness and nervousness, it can also result in major mood swings, shifting the positive emotions to feeling extremely anxious which can elevate women’s stress level. It is thus important to remain as stress-free as possible during pregnancy.

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