India set to lead the race to develop COVID-19 vaccine

If all goes well a potentially safe COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the first quarter of 2021 and around 25 crore people will receive 40-50 crore doses by July next year -- the largest vaccination drive in history

In a first in India, doctors airlift COVID sequela patient on ECMO from Nepal

The patient was admitted in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTVS ICU) in an intubated state, on ECMO and also started on I/V antibiotics. Radiology images showed that the left lung pneumothorax which meant that it was close to collapsing. A left-sided chest tube was inserted to help drainage and antibiotics modified accordingly.

Men are more likely to die due to COVID-19 than women

Researchers are of the opinion that men have a significantly higher risk of dying and are three times more likely to need intensive care treatment because of COVID 19

Cancer and Corona: Why should people die before death knocks at the Door?

Corona and Cancer are twins with almost similar effects. Cancer comes slowly, and stays longer while corona comes fast like a storm, and disturbs everything. The morbidity in case of cancer is higher. Corona has lesser fatality but still, it creates panic. Glimpses from the life of a survivor who celebrated his birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas and New Year in the Hospital.

Why does COVID-19 impact only some organs, not others?

COVID-19 mostly affects the lungs and organs, like heart, liver, kidney and parts of the neurological system in severe cases. The biggest question that needs to be answered is - why does the virus target only specific organs?

8 reasons why you need to review your health insurance policy

Health insurance helps insulate your family against health hazards, financially uncertainties and saves taxes. But to get the most from your health insurance policy, you need to choose the most suitable insurance product in line with your changing health care needs.

Global vaccine targets ‘far off track’ : UN

The Global Vaccine Action Plan had envisioned a world free from vaccine preventable diseases to avert 1.5 million deaths from preventable diseases each year by 2020

Boys are born with stronger spines: Study

Reaserchers have found that compared to newborn boys, girls have significantly smaller vertebra, birth weight and body length. Human beings are the only mammals in which this difference is seen, and it is one of the few key physiological differences between the sexes

Human Liver: The largest body organ

The liver is one of the only organ in the body that can regrow and regain its shape and size even after surgical removal or chemical injury. This notwithstanding a liver disease can harm the entire human body.

Why is female breast so attractive?

The shape and size of the breast play an important role in how the society views women. This might be the reason why most women in their 40’s or 50’s opt for cosmetic or plastic surgery to reconstruct, enhance, trim or drastically reduce the size of their breasts.

Fish oil may help fight depression: study

The study revealed that a stem cell model can be used to study response to treatment and compliment treatment, for depression

Zika – a new virus threatening the world

Like dengue fever and chikungunya, Zika is also transmitted by mosquitoes. In 70 to 80 percent of cases, the disease goes unnoticed. The symptoms resemble those of a mild case of the flu -- a headache, muscle and joint pain, and mild fever -- plus a rash.

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