Why does COVID-19 impact only some organs, not others?

COVID-19 mostly affects the lungs and organs, like heart, liver, kidney and parts of the neurological system in severe cases. The biggest question that needs to be answered is - why does the virus target only specific organs?

Human Liver: The largest body organ

The liver is one of the only organ in the body that can regrow and regain its shape and size even after surgical removal or chemical injury. This notwithstanding a liver disease can harm the entire human body.

Wearing a mask alone is not enough to prevent COVID-19

A mask definitely helps, but if the people are very close to each other, there is still a chance of spreading or contracting the virus

When boredom becomes a blessing in disguise

Boredom is a common feeling. There is nothing wrong with feeling bored. Some of the greatest inventions did not just take place out of necessity, but out of boredom, simply because someone was bored and wanted something new.

Two-Thirds of adolescents report pornography use

About two-thirds of the teens had seen pornography at least once. The average age of first exposure was 12 years.

‘Selfies’ can help detect heart disease

Sending a "selfie" to the doctor could be a cheap and simple way of detecting heart disease, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal. According to the study, it is possible to use a deep learning computer algorithm to detect coronary artery disease (CAD) by analyzing four photographs of a person's face.

Why do men die early # 1– Heart Disease

Recent medical studies have revealed that though men appear to be tall, strong and sturdy; in reality they are prone to die sooner and women may live longer all over the world.

Brain noise contains unique signature of dream sleep

The ability to distinguish REM sleep by means of an EEG will allow doctors to monitor people under anaesthesia during surgery to explore how narcotic-induced unconsciousness differs from normal sleep -- a still-unsettled question. That's the main reason first author Janna Lendner, a medical resident in anesthesiology, initiated the study.

India set to lead the race to develop COVID-19 vaccine

If all goes well a potentially safe COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the first quarter of 2021 and around 25 crore people will receive 40-50 crore doses by July next year -- the largest vaccination drive in history

When is the best time to go for a walk – before or after meals?

Keeping your walks to around 10 minutes at a time would make it easier to fit in throughout the day without affecting your work schedule. To start with three 10-minute after meals is a good starting point, without disturbing your daily schedule.

Men are more likely to die due to COVID-19 than women

Researchers are of the opinion that men have a significantly higher risk of dying and are three times more likely to need intensive care treatment because of COVID 19

AYUSH & AIIMS agree to set up a new Department of Integrative Medicine at AIIMS

The Ministry of AYUSH will continue to support the Centre for Integrative Medicine and Research (CIMR) till the dedicated Department of Integrative Medicine is developed.

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