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Does winter worsen the chances of a heart attack?

Heart attacks are common in winter. Dr Suresh Gude, Senior Cardiologist Kamineni Hospitals advises early diagnosis and shares remedies

Human Liver: The largest body organ

The liver is one of the only organ in the body that can regrow and regain its shape and size even after surgical removal or chemical injury. This notwithstanding a liver disease can harm the entire human body.

Depression in adolescents – the hard truth  

Depression manifests itself differently in each individual and hence there cannot be a set of red flags termed ‘common’ to all. The symptoms may vary from person to person

Cultural influence on self-harm and suicide

Self-harm is a major public health concern among adolescents. It is common among teenagers around 12 years old, although its prevalence is low in early life.

Doctors give new life to patient with one lung & two diseases

64 years old Narasimha with Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolism & Pneumonia was given new lease of life by doctors at Kamineni Hospitals

A stethoscope can diagnose heart defects in children with 95% accuracy: study

The research, conducted at Amrita Hospital, Kochi, found that a stethoscope could avoid unnecessary use of more expensive investigations like echocardiography and allow for substantial reductions in healthcare costs

The booming business of fake medicines in India

Almost one-third of popular medicines – antibiotics, anti-allergic, vitamins, painkillers, syrups and life-saving drugs sold in India are fake, counterfeit, or substandard. Nearly 35% of fake drugs sold all over the world originate from India

Eat apple, green tomatoes to gain never-say-die muscles

The team identified ursolic acid, which is found in apple peel, and tomatidine, which comes from green tomatoes, as small molecules that can prevent acute muscle wasting caused by starvation and inactivity.

Bathing daily protects children from infections

Daily bathing of paediatric patients with disposable clothes containing two percent chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) reduces bloodstream infections by 59 percent, a study shows.

People living near highway have higher BP: study

Researchers have concluded that the risk of hypertension was 22 % higher among women who lived within 100 meters of a highway or major arterial road than women who lived 1,000 meters away.

Insulin may be bad for the heart

A team of researchers from Japan suggest that high levels of insulin in the blood could lead to heart failure and might be harmful if the patient has chronic high blood pressure.

Diabetics are prone to depression & behavioral disorders

There was a time when obesity and genetic constitution were considered to be the main cause of diabetes. Today of course, Diabetes is classified as a lifestyle disease which requires management of diet and exercise. A new study now reveals that diabetics are more prone to anxiety and depression than those with other chronic diseases. The first of its kind study reveals that insulin resistance in the brain actually can produce a behavioral change and lower levels of the key neurotransmitter dopamine in areas of the brain associated with anxiety and depression.
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