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Brig Arun Bajpai

Defence and Strategic Analyst

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Are Islam & Taliban in Afghanistan good for Pakistan?

The US made it clear that if Pakistan decided to side with the Taliban it would also be blown to smithereens. Pakistan reluctantly decided to toe the line but clandestinely kept on helping the Taliban .
USA China

Is Joe Biden administration going soft on China?

During the early days of Joe Biden presidency, it appeared that he will continue Trump administration's foreign policy, but it was a mirage

Endgame: Naxals are not going to vanish overnight; not the way...

If we are want to finish off the Naxals, we also need to bring laws to punish politicians who cultivate the Naxals to silence their opponents
Pak Army Chief Gen Bajwa

Why does India need to agree to Pakistan Army’s cease-fire proposal?

It has been reported that UAE, is trying to broker a cease-fire between India and Pakistan along the 778 km long LOC. The question is why should India agree to it, giving a breather to Pakistan?

Iran’s surgical strike: the beginning of a bumpy road ahead for...

In the latest surgical strike Iranian revolutionary guard have taken back its two soldiers. This is a big slap on the face of Pakistan
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Chinese intrusion in Nathula: its time for a lasting solution

On 20 Jan 2021, Chinese soldiers tried to change the ground situation in Nathula Pass in Sikkim. Reports which are now coming in confirm that the incident did happen.
China ship 2

Why is China being allowed to cross all limits in South...

China has given orders to its Coast Guard to shoot at sight any ship without taking anybody’s permission. This is a very dangerous move and could start a war
Mamta Banerjee

Op West Bengal: Mamta Banerjee’s implicit game plan

In Malda, Murshidabad , Uttar Dinajpur , Dakshin Dinajpur, 24 Pargana, districts of West Bengal the rise of Muslim population is 14%. All these districts are border towns of West Bengal.

Corruption should be made a non-bailable offence

In the last 10 years since the arrival of Modi government there has not been any news of corruption at high places or any new Scam. Does it mean that there is no corruption in India?

Why is India perpetually going soft on Pakistan?

All said and done enough is enough and we must come out of our comfort zone to teach Pakistan read Pakistani Army a lesson. Only then they will start singing peace songs.

Why can’t Andaman -Nicobar islands be made new Hong Kong?

Andaman-Nicobar group of Islands consist of 572 islands spread over an area of 8259 sq. km. It is larger than Hongkong by eight times, Singapore eleven times, Seychelles twenty times, and Mauritius four times. Even after catering and protection of the original people of this place large area is available for developing this into a major trade centre of the world, a tourist spot and major military and naval base.

Will India ever be a superpower?

A fair number of Indians feel that India would sooner or later be a global power, if not a superpower. However, in my perception, India after a few decades may become a regional power but Superpower – NO, Never.

Why is India still plagued by 1962 syndrome?

What happened in 1962 was the fault of Nehru then PM of India and his dream of Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai. As a result of which he never modernized our Armed Forces who lacked even snow clothing and had 303 WW 2 rifles as against automatic rifles carried by Chinese.

Why are all the temples in India governed by the government?

80% earnings from the Temples is taken away by the State Governments leaving only 20% for the temple use

What is the constitutional standing of minority commission?

For Congress, Muslims are a vote bank that must be pampered and looked after at the cost of Hindus who number 100 corers in India and are in majority. Even more ridiculous is the fact that to date no political party including BJP, ruling this country for the last six-plus years, has bothered to define what constitutes a minority?

Why shouldn’t India recognize Tibet as an independent country?

Till 1951 Tibet was an independent country. India signed the Panchsheel agreement with Chinese at Beijing on 29 April 1954 hoping to peacefully solve all irritants between two neighbours in the spirit of Hindi-Chini-Bhai-Bhai. But ironically dug its own grave. Within six months the first Chinese incursion was reported in the Barahoti area of Uttar Pradesh in June 1954. This was followed by a hundreds of incursions which culminated in full-fledged war in October 1962.

Why should India talk to China after Galwan?

It has been confirmed by the MEA and recent US Intelligence reports that more than 350 Chinese soldiers armed with iron rods and spiked bats were waiting to pounce on a small party of 50 unarmed Indians. It is a different story that the Indian soldiers despite their inferior numbers managed to overpower them and in the process killed 43 Chinese soldiers and injured 76 of them at the cost of 20 Indian soldiers including the CO 16 Bihar Col Babu. Still, we are talking to Chinese. why?

India-China tangle: it takes two to Tango!

If China is claiming Galwan valley as their territory without any tangible evidence on ground, what prevents India from staking claim over their area as ours and adopt the same salami cut tactics as China? After all it takes two to Tango.

Why is Nepal spoiling for trouble?

It is time Nepal and its communist PM Oli are taught a lesson by India which they will remember for years to come.

Once again Congress led opposition did not allow the upper house...

Some 62 extremely important bills like GST, Labour Reforms, Land Acquisition and many others having direct impact on Indian economy, well being of Indian...

Why so many crimes in India?

The real reason for rising crimes in India is the change in its policy. Today India with 800 million youth in the country below 35 years of age is the youngest country in the world.71% literacy also is in this youth population only.