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Is Joe Biden administration going soft on China?

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File Photo: US President Joe Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Till the time Donald Trump was the president of the USA, America was firmly behind India, but the same cannot be said of Joe Biden – Kamala Harris regime.

Surprisingly in his recent dialogue with China, US president Joe Biden did not even mention Covid 19 which has taken the lives of 30 lakh people to date.

Recently Japan’s Nobel prize-winning immunologist Tasuku Honjo with 40 yrs of experience behind him said he has no doubt that the Covid 19 is a Chinese virus made at Wuhan lab and is not a natural virus. Can China get away with the accountability of 30 lakh deaths the world over?

India is facing second wave of Covid 19 which is more lethal than the first.

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Let there be no doubt that India committed a blunder by disengaging from the Pangong Tso area in eastern Ladakh and move back to Dhan Singh Thapa Post near Finger 3, just because China vacated finger 4 and went back to finger 8 on the Northern bank of Pangong Tsu lake because it suited its own interest. India should have agreed to vacate Kailash ranges only if China vacated Gogra, Hot Springs and Depsang plains also.

It is time India sees the Chinese actions in view of changed American foreign policy. When China initiated its offensive actions in Ladakh, Donald Trump and the USA were solidly supporting India. After the Corona event, the US became even stricter on China.

During the early days of Joe Biden presidency, it appeared that he will continue with the Trump administration foreign policy, but it was a mirage, the Biden administration is not even listening to its intelligence agencies on China. Instead of appreciating the threat from China, due to its left-leaning policies, it is only calling China its competitor. With Russia amassing its forces against the Ukraine border Biden administration may even become more accommodating to China.

Joe Biden talking to Xi Jinping
Joe Biden talking to Xi Jinping and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during a luncheon in Washington, DC, February 14, 2012. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

US took no action when China was building 9 artificial islands in the South China Sea and arming them despite protests by littoral countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. All Joe Biden Administration did was to send a missile frigate in Indian EEZ about 130 nautical miles (241 km) west of India’s Lakshadweep islands without permission just to instigate India. Let it be clear that Joe Biden himself and his administration have people who are soft towards the left and China. Australia also had a soft corner for China and its state Victoria had taken a lot of loans and other goodies from China. The matter does not end here and seemingly in future too Joe Biden administration’s decisions may end up creating problems for India.

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Joe Biden has decreed that all American troops are to withdraw from Afghanistan by September this year. After the US leaves Afghanistan China will try its best that all Afghan and Pakistani terror groups focus on India and relieve pressure on Xinxiang Muslims of China numbering one crore. Chinese intelligence agencies have already talked to the Taliban.

It is time India stops looking up to the US and Joe Biden Administration. We must go further than just banning Chinese Apps. We must progressively ban all goods from China as also prepare ourselves for Chinese Cyber-attacks. We have any day better IT than China. It is time we stop banking on the US alone. We must ascertain all like-minded countries that are annoyed by China and form a group. Joe Biden Kamala Harris combo should also know that they are ruling in US because more than 70% of Indian origin Americans numbering 30 lakh voted for them. Next time this may not be the case.

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Brig Arun Bajpai
Brig Arun Bajpai
Defence and Strategic Analyst


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