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Corruption should be made a non-bailable offence

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In the last 10 years there hasn’t been any news of corruption at high places. Does it mean that there is no corruption in India?

No Sir this is not true, at higher echelons corruption may have stopped or happening in a clandestine manner, but at second and third rung this goes on daily with no checks or balances.

Recently CBI carried out raids at 20 premises of one railway officer allegedly taking one crore bribe.

Some days back CBI conducted raids at some of its own people allegedly involved in corruption.

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This is a serious issue.

It is true that corruption cannot be stopped in one day. But there should be a way out to control corruption. However, this is not happening.

In the good old days corruption was one of the major issues in the Bollywood films, however it is no more an issue today because the public in India has got accustomed to corruption. In state level Lokaukts and at central level Lok Pal are just twiddling their thumbs. In the case of Lok pals more than 6.5 years have passed but still no action.

Truth is that it is just not possible to control corruption because the corruption is so deep seated that these small-time measures do not work. One of the main reasons for this unbound corruption is the fact that Indian Court system takes years to convict the person if at all he is convicted. By the time final judgment is reached say at SC level a decade goes by and the said babu or Neta may have retired and gone home.

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Today it is common knowledge that for election as MP a candidate has to shell out 10 crore while for MLA the figure is 5 Crore. So how do you expect these Neta’s to be honest? They must in their tenure have sufficient money first to make up their past election expenditure and second to have enough money for their re-election. These Neta’s get the money through their Babus, so they also dip in the kitty. A most honest IAS/IPS babu at the time of his retirement has 45-50 crores stashed in banks, benami properties, share market etc. So, what is the answer? How to control corruption?

First and foremost, if the government is really interested in controlling corruption then they must bring in transparency and accountability in all orders and dealings. The government must bring in laws where if a government Servant is found corrupt then his services should be terminated and all his bank accounts and benami properties be sealed.

Then why the government run Hotel Services, entrepreneur ship, railways, air lines etc. These should be run by private entrepreneurs and government only appoints a controlling body for good governance.  Cases in point are communication field where private firms are also competing and Air lines. Why should government poke its nose in areas where government is not needed say the PSUs. Then cases of corruption must be decided within six months of its happening. If necessary special courts be created.

Also, No tarikh pe tarikh. Corruption should be made a non-bailable offence.

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Brig Arun Bajpai
Brig Arun Bajpai
Defence and Strategic Analyst


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