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Why so many crimes in India?

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In last five years, if we look into statistics of heinous crime and rapes in India, especially in the states of UP and Bihar, there is an astronomical rise in all types of crimes. what is really worrying is that while the criminals are becoming cyber savvy and highly modernised the Indian police instead of improving in consonance is actually going down in their capability, thanks to the limited  brain Indian regional netas who just cannot think beyond the level of their tehsil, district or at the most state. It is mind boggling that in the recently held panchayat elections in UP, a bulk of the people elected though youth is illiterate. Now these are the people who will provide guidance to their constituencies. So one blind man leading the other and we want to become a super power?
  The real reason for rising crimes in India is the change in its policy. Today India with 800 million youth in the country below 35 years of age is the youngest country in the world.71% literacy also is in this youth population only. This is a fantastic asset which if our politicians want can make India a world dynamo of work and industry. All that is needed is a concentrated drive to allow Indian enterprise famously known as Jugad to flourish with the governments of state and centre working in concert to provide the opportunities to our youth. However no Indian neta is bothered about these youth, the lack of jobs in the country and the future of India. All they are interested in are making quick money by fair means or foul.
Do these people know that if this youth power which currently already getting restless due to lack of job opportunities, if it comes on streets what will happen to these netas? No police or army will be able to save them from the fury of these youth, read the world history. It is these restless and jobless youth of India who are getting motivated to turn to crime. It is not that they want to commit the crime but they feel in the absence of jobs they have no other options to meet their aspirations. More illiterate a youth more inclination of his to climb the crime bandwagon.
Needless to say, India is sitting on a youth volcano which if tackled properly can make us a real economic and manufacturing giant  but if our politicians do not wake up, then we are heading towards a no return lane. At this time when the ruling party in power and the opposition should see the danger ahead and join hands towards a common goal to improve our economy, leading to more jobs, people like Rahul Gandhi the VP of Congress party and the opposition is hell-bent not to allow parliament to function. The bills urgently needed for immediate reform of Indian economy are not being allowed to pass due to petty politics. There are 62 crucial bills pending awaiting
The bills urgently needed for immediate reform of Indian economy are not being allowed to pass due to petty politics. There are 62 crucial bills pending awaiting the green signal. May be these Indian politicians feel that these Indian youth are morons with no brain. They must understand that it is the tolerant youth of India which is still following the basic law and order regime but they should be rest assured not for long.
The need of the hour is to immediately tackle this problem on the two fronts of economy and law and order. On the economy front, all the politicians both of ruling party and the opposition should join hands to immediately pass the bills like GST, Labour reforms, land acquisition and what have you. The need of the hour is to encourage make in India, digital India, agricultural reforms and all those programmes which enable the creation of more jobs in India. Similarly, we must go all out to encourage tourism industry, hospitality industry and also medical tourism. However, all this will only succeed if have sound law and order situation in the country.
This will be an impossible order to implement by the current state police of India with their lack of expertise, training and political interference at state level. So it is very necessary that we amend the Indian constitution to bring the subject of law and order in the concurrent list of state and the centre. Currently, it is only a state subject and hence all the ills. Once it is brought in the concurrent list then centre should go all out to raise an FBI type of force under the central government but reporting to the parliament with all the necessary powers what the FBI has in the US. This force will also be very helpful in tackling terror in the country. Time Indian politicians become aware of the gathering clods on the horizon. If they still fail to wake up then the right-minded youth of India must wake them up.

Brig_Arun_Bajpai[1]Brigadier Arun Bajpai is a Journalist cum Defense & Strategic Analyst
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Brig Arun Bajpai
Brig Arun Bajpai
Defence and Strategic Analyst


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