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Once again Congress led opposition did not allow the upper house to function

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Some 62 extremely important bills like GST, Labour Reforms, Land Acquisition and many others having direct impact on Indian economy, well being of Indian people and creation of more job opportunities, were pending for last three sessions of the Upper house of parliament where Congress has an majority. Despite these bills having been passed in lower house of parliament, the MPs are who are elected though the back door — those MPs who do not have any constituency and sole objective is to please their party high command were blocking these bills with scant regards to how badly their dirty politics is affecting the common man of this country. It is most unfortunate that our forefathers who drafted our constitution gave same rights to these back door politicians instead of the directly elected MPs. In no other democracy such back door entry MPs enjoy the same rights as directly elected MPs.

Congress led opposition muddied the politics by creating ruckus so that the house was not allowed to function. Point to be noted is that if the house was allowed to function and a particular bill was rejected then Modi Government had the right to call a joint session of parliament to pass these bills. Congress is ensuring that upper house does not function. Besides being gutter level politics, it has made our democracy a laughing stock of the world but who cares?

It is right that by first look of it in the case of Rohit Vemula suicide, it appears that the University administration of Hyderabad University did not display the right kind of attitude to prevent his suicide. However an investigation has been ordered and let this investigation come to some conclusion only then something authentic  can be said. But the Congress and other opposition parties are making the case that only what they say is right and should be immediately accepted. This is nothing else but the vote bank politics to garner dalit votes. The other case on which Congress party, the JDU and the Left parties are making an issue of and are standing united with  the antinational activities of a group of students who on the third anniversary of the parliament attacker and jehadi Afzal gurus hanging, were on 09 Feb shouting anti national slogans wanting India to be broken in so many small pieces and that new afjal guru will be born in each house. They had so many posters also pasted saying the same thing.Modi Government rightly reacted to these anti national activities’ in a highly subsidiesed university of India that the JNU is, flush with the government funds. Just because the leader of this anti national activity was from minority community, Omar Khalid and also kashmiri students were involved who were shouting slogans for Kashmiri Azadi, Mr Rahul Ghandhi went all the way to JNU to hold a press conference supporting these anti national students .He was duly supported y the leaders of left parties , the AAP party of kejariwal and JDU.This JNU case is currently between the police and the courts, so is it right for any political party to politicise the issue as these people are doing ? Do these netas understand that youth of any country is volatile, they are emotional and are full of energy, and they need proper guidance and not incitement for not doing things which they should not do?  Politicising them is the worst that these politicians can do.

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 It is very important for people of India the aam adami to wake up to the shenanigans of these self serving netas.Most of them have black money accounts outside India .they will leave the country on first sign of trouble but where will the aam adami will go ? They have been elected by people of India to represent them in parliament and present their case. They have not been elected by Indian people to stop functioning of parliament. If they still do not listen to the desire of the people and stop Upper house to function then time has come to scrap this upper house of parliament. Alternatively the constitution should ensure that upper house also is composed of directly elected MPs who must have people’s constituencies to answer. No back door entry please. In a few days it will be known whether these cong led opposition netas  will allow the Upper house to function or again stall it. If they stall it then modi government now must find other methods, if any, to get these pending bills passed. Even if emergency has to be declared so be it.

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Brig Arun Bajpai
Brig Arun Bajpai
Defence and Strategic Analyst


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