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Why are all the temples in India governed by the government?

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Indian Constitution provides equal rights to all religions to do what they feel like with their religious institutions and money earned by them, then it is not understood why only in Hindu Religion the 80% earnings from the Temples in the form of Chadhava is taken away by the State Governments leaving only 20% for the temple use.

This is not happening in other religions why? Not only Government of state takes away 80% of the money it is then spent on Haj subsidy and other issues which have nothing to do with Hinduism why?

This simply means that when Hindu Code Bill was made under the PM ship of Nehru who hated Hinduism, it was wrongly made.

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A lot of people say that Nehru was a camouflaged Muslim as the records are now appearing, nevertheless without going into religion followed by Nehru, in first look this enforcement on Hindu Temples are wrong and should be immediately undone by Modi Government, supposed to be a nationalist government ruling us for last more than 6 years.

What is surprising is that Hindus are as usual are quite why? jo chalta hai to chalane do?

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Brig Arun Bajpai
Brig Arun Bajpai
Defence and Strategic Analyst


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