Will India ever be a superpower?

A fair number of Indians feel that India would sooner or later be a global power, if not a superpower. However, in my perception, India after a few decades may become a regional power but Superpower – NO, Never.

TV: The New Guardian

It is estimated that 75 per cent of everything on TV, both programming and commercials, is created by approximately 100 large corporations whose only intention is to maximize their profits for their shareholders in whatever ways are legal.

Death -the ultimate reality

Death is an eternal enigma. Even though humans have stretched the frontiers of science to invent every imaginable comfort for their body yet they have failed to understand death and conquer it.

Cyber warrior: the way to the future

Today we have hidden enemies within us. The Cyber Warriors need to identify these hidden enemies, expose them and finally annihilate them. The Government needs to have a strict regulatory mechanism in place to guard against any anti-national propaganda or an attempt to incite passions on account of religion, caste or creed.

Nature, soul and God- the paths to peace and prosperity

We human beings must accept the responsibility for our ill behaviour towards mother nature & change our way of thinking as well as our way of life for the common good of all. This would be the first and fundamental step to a genuine partnership between humans and nature.

The Spiritual Bond

A number of legends are connected with the tying of the Rakhi, symbolizing the bond of love and protection, but the most intriguing one is where the deities are said to have lost their heavenly kingdom to the devils and then Indrani, Lord Indra's wife applies tilak on his forehead and ties him a Rakhi before he sets out for war to regain the lost sovereignty. In time, the deities gain victory and return to heaven.

Essence of the Geeta

Preachings of Geeta are not temporal but permanent, especially in the time when we are totally cutoff from our magnificent past.

The men who worked backstage to help India win the Kargil War and save cost

Do you think it’s possible for any army in the world to fight the enemy without the barest minimum protective clothing, boots, raincoat, Tents, Parachutes, Arms, Ammunition, Tanks, Guns, Optical Instruments, or Vehicles? Where do all these come from? This is precisely the role that the Indian Ordnance Factories play in keeping the will-power, manpower, gun-power and horsepower always and everytime in a fighting fit condition.

Remembering Operation Vijay – in Kargil

The whole Nation salutes the valour and sacrifices of Bravehearts who did the Impossible at Kargil

Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide is a terrible mystery of human behaviour. As a professional psychologist or marriage and Family counsellor who has been in the practice since the past 18 years, I believes that certain common risk factors make a person more vulnerable to suicide.

Mind healing tips in time of Corona

Let your faded hobbies and interests that got lost, find a way back again in your life. Rediscover the child full of curiosity in yourself again, indulge in arts and crafts. Let your creativity take a spin and create memories with yourself that’ll always be available.

Towards a new political era

Today we are witnessing fall of many governments, empires, kingships, and democracies across the world. The reason behind their collapse is because the values and aims of both the leaders and people are not clean. The seed of difficulties in our system is the lack of awareness and practice of values such as cooperation, honesty, serving, self-examination and self-discipline.

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