Why is India still plagued by 1962 syndrome?

What happened in 1962 was the fault of Nehru then PM of India and his dream of Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai. As a result of which he never modernized our Armed Forces who lacked even snow clothing and had 303 WW 2 rifles as against automatic rifles carried by Chinese.

Why are all the temples in India governed by the government?

80% earnings from the Temples is taken away by the State Governments leaving only 20% for the temple use

What is the constitutional standing of minority commission?

For Congress, Muslims are a vote bank that must be pampered and looked after at the cost of Hindus who number 100 corers in India and are in majority. Even more ridiculous is the fact that to date no political party including BJP, ruling this country for the last six-plus years, has bothered to define what constitutes a minority?

Indo-Nepalese joint-family and the jealous neighbour

India and Nepal are inseparable. Thousands of people in India and Nepal cross the open border every day to work. India remains Nepal’s dominant trade partner, accounting for approximately 60-65% of all trade. These are all the more reasons why both India and Nepal need to reset their ties.

An opportunity amidst chaos

It would also be imperative to give the necessary punch to our paramilitary forces such as ITBP, BSF, CRPF, etc to be able to carry out effective border management and control internal strife. As the opportunities do not come every day and to put into words of Sun Tzu, “Amid the chaos, there is also an opportunity.”

Love can move mountains

When connect with our inner nature of love, it becomes an imperishable treasure that remains with us wherever we go. This unlimited love means that I have a connection with every living being and I also spread the rays of love to the five elements of nature.

Institutional preparedness for a Pandemic

While a disaster is a multifaceted blow to the economy, employment, and social ethos of a nation it nevertheless is an opportunity to assess one’s capacity, capability, and resilience. It’s the best time to bring health sector reforms and to revisit the role and responsibilities of NDMA.

The pursuit of happiness

Happiness is Not: Being Rich or Affording Everything You Want. All of us have a deep desire to be in a state of happiness forever. But it is quite difficult to find someone who is truly blessed, to remain always happy. The fact is that for most of us, the happy times are often broken by periodic sorrow or disappointment.

Is it time to dismantle the Congress?

Jawaharlal Nehru could not carry out the Gandhian advice but his descendants provided grounds to halt the polluted Ganges from flowing down by reducing the Congress to immaterial force in the national political arena

Mechanised warfare will decide the fate of future battles

There are reports that China has deployed its 6 Mechanised Division equipped with assorted AFVs (armoured fighting vehicles) — medium and light tanks — to leverage their coercive messaging potential, as part of psychological warfare. But we must not forget that it's the men behind the gun and human will to fight and win that is above all weapons in the enemy's arsenal.

Decoding the Dragon strike – 3

It must be clear that China needs India more than India needs China, particularly in the next decade or so. India’s youthful population and growth, indicate the accumulation of the world’s largest middle class and its economic trajectory. The challenge lies in managing China both in peace and war, which requires collaborative military, economic, informational, diplomatic, and political levers.

Decoding the Dragon strike – 2

As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War - “He who wishes to fight must first count the cost” China mustn't underestimate India - politically, diplomatically, economically, or militarily. India is number four in the world just after China in the GFP (Global Firepower Index) 2020. GFP ranking is based on each nation's potential war-making capability across the land, sea, and air fought by conventional means.

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