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Man gifts land on Moon to his wife on her birthday

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Kapil and his wife Ruchi Mishra
Kapil and his wife Ruchi Mishra

Birthdays are always special. But the toughest part of a birthday is to pick up an extraordinary gift for our loved ones.

Kapil Mishra the foster son-in-law of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee wanted to express his love and make his wife’s birthday literally out of this world – so he bought a three-acre plot of land on the moon for his spouse.

Extended honey ‘Moon’

It may seem hard to believe but it’s a fact that Kapil Mishra a resident of Ajmer, Rajasthan bought lunar land on the Moon in the region called “Bay of Rainbows” through a New York City-based firm, Luna Society International. He also has the authentic official documents issued by the Lunar Society International that includes a declaration of citizenship of the Lunar Republic, registered lunar property deed and map of the piece of land.

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Property deed - land on the Moon
Postcard from the Moon

The property is registered in the name of his wife Ruchi Kapil Mishra, latitude 47.3 degrees north, longitude 33.9 degrees west, tract 6.

Declaration of Citizenship Lunar Republic

Chunk of the Moon: A gift of a lifetime

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Kapil Mishra, the founder of ‘Atal Hindustan – a Jaipur-based local newspaper’ said, “I was planning to gift my wife something unusual and memorable, to thank her for her support and to make me the happiest husband alive.” Also, I was always fascinated by the moon since my childhood. When I heard that number of people around the world purchased the plots on the moon, I decided to invest in the same, he added.

“I couldn’t believe that as I didn’t hear anything like this before. But when he demonstrated the documents, I was astonished and even blank to react”, said Ruchi Kapil Mishra. 

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