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Harmony- the need of hour

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Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay… Sallust

We all want to be happy all the time, but is it that easy? Not really! Because we cannot be happy unless there is harmony in our life. It is said that the one who lives in harmony with self lives in harmony with the whole universe. All of us are a part of a big human rosary which is tied up by a common thread of ‘Relationship’.

It’s a fact that our relationship with others is one of the most important key areas in our life. As soon as we are born, our relationship starts with our mother till the time we did when we are cremated by our relatives. However, with modern-day development, the whole relationship pattern between humans has changed due to which the traditions and practices which created harmony in society and in personal relations, are dying. It’s unfortunate though, but it’s a harsh reality that needs to be accepted. Our desire for a big car, a big house, a big salary & a bigger self-ego is eroding our value system, making us more materialistic than a real modern personality. It’s so paradoxical that on one hand we are getting modernized but on other hand, we are losing the human touch.

Today nobody cares to help a poor person, nor does one cares to look after their elders at home. This shows the level of degradation in our society which is beyond repair. Since we have forgotten the importance of the positive traits of our personality, we are losing all that we had gathered from our ancestors. Our relationship with nature too is suffering as a result of which we are facing nature’s wrath in the form of drought, famine, floods, cyclones etc… As a result, Our situation is fast changing from bad to worse, neither do we live, nor let others live in harmony. So who is to be blamed for this downfall?

For this, first of all, we need to understand the causes of lack of harmony & then we must ponder on the pre-requisites of creating harmony in society. To put it in simple words, harmony means friendliness & togetherness. So, if we work for the welfare of others and have love and sympathy towards them, it would be considered a good contribution to create harmony in society. If we listen to other person viewpoints patiently, we surely create rapport with them and win their respect and love & when selfless love and regard blossom in society, these foster compassion, peace, bliss and happiness. All our interactions and relations are then based on love, understanding and unity which would ultimately create a harmonious society. Remember !! Those human beings who work for creating goodwill, cooperation and cohesion in society are true servers of society and of Almighty Supreme. 

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Last but not the least, we all should realize that the most appropriate time to create harmony is now because never before in the history of humanity had there been such a steep decline in values.

Hence, if we as enlightened beings can stop this degradation and work hard to steer society to a new direction of positivity, purity and prosperity, then our future generations will surely remember us for this valuable contribution towards a very noble cause. So c’mon let us all take a pledge to save the treasure of our culture and moral values which were bestowed upon us by our ancestors and fill them in each and every human being which would enable them to become a symbol of inspiration for everyone.

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