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The real value of zero


“You don’t count in zeroes; when you count, zero is the mute background and one is your tool.” .. David Whiteland

Zero is the number people often feel, more so than one, isn’t it true? Because more zeroes mean more prosperity. However from a spiritual perspective, zero is the point from which all other numbers spring forth. Even visually the number zero is symbolic of a seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges. Since the zero also visually resembles a circle, it is symbolic of eternity, evolution, infinity. Like an atom is to the physical world, a soul to the spiritual world, the zero is of symbolic importance to both worlds. Pythagoras viewed the sign of the zero as the container for all things and the birthing place of all other values. The discovery of zero changes the way we calculate, compute and communicate. All these tasks affect almost all fields of human activity today.

Zero is counted as an even number along with positive and negative integers. It is important in the number-value system because it defines the value and place of a digit in a number like a thousand, hundred, ten or a million. In a way, it is a symbol that defines nothingness. While zero holds a valuable position in terms of its contributions to the myriad spheres of human life, it has been used to describe mystical concepts in religious and spiritual philosophies. In Hindi zero is called shunya meaning a void, the supreme state of awareness where everything comes to nothingness. Spiritual seekers perceive this state as mukti or nirvana in which the soul is restored to its original state free from all impressions, influences and impurities of the earthly life. Zero looks like an elliptical circle representing infinity the eternal cycle of creation. Everything returns to zero or nothingness before being created anew. Hence, most spiritual teachers emphasize on attaining the zero state i.e. emptying the mind of all worldly thoughts and detaching from the awareness of the physical body in order to attain liberation and peace. The egg-shaped symbol of the Soul or Supreme Almighty as a point of light surrounded by an oval aura also resembles a zero. In its original state, every soul is like a zero & it has no worldly identity or role but like a seed, it has infinite power and qualities merged within, which manifest when the soul enters the field of karma in this world.

Supreme Almighty is the eternal seed who always exists in the zero state of awareness, detached from everything yet filled with infinite divine qualities and powers that support the whole creation. It is from this supreme state of nothingness that HE creates a perfect new world whenever the creation becomes degraded and old. Like zero, the soul essentially has an even or positive character. Just as the negative of 2 is – 2 which means lacking in 2, the lack of awareness of positive qualities manifest as negative or odd traits in the soul.

The number zero has very special functions in the calculation. Anything added or subtracted to zero remains unchanged. Any number multiplied to zero gives zero while any number divided by zero gives infinity. Interestingly, when we add zeroes after a number, its value grows ten times. These specialities can be ascribed to Almighty Supreme who remains unchanged in the cycle of eternity. He does not enjoy the fruits of karma and nothing can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided from His powers. When we multiply our powers by linking yourself with Him, we too become a zero like Him filled with all divine virtues. So let us try our best to remain in Zero state and achieve a higher state of consciousness to live a life that is minus all worries, tension & stress.

Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj
Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj
A spiritual leader of Brahma Kumaris faith, Brahma Kumar Nikunj is a living example of simplicity, wisdom and devotion. Born in business family from Mumbai, Nikunj Ji was an Atheist. However, a chanced encounter with Rajyogini B.K.Didi Nalini Ji changed his life. Inspired by her thoughts & teachings, he decided to pursue spirituality. By virtue of sacrifice, penance, and godly services over the past 22 years he has been able to develop his inner self and enhance his spiritual knowledge. His Philosophy in Life is - “Spirituality cannot be taught, it has to be experienced”.


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