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Scientists discover materials that repair themselves

Researchers from the IISER Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur have developed piezoelectric molecular crystals that repair themselves without any external intervention.

Social Media detox: why do we need it?

A CNN study of 19-year-old teenagers found that the participants checked Facebook or other social media sites between 50 - 100 times a day

Are footprints, tyres or tool marks reliable evidence?

A widely held but mistaken belief is that impression evidence can link the suspects to the crime. Such evidence encountered includes footwear impressions, tyre marks, and markings created by tools and similar instruments.

Is forensic science based on fact or fiction?

Forensic science must be stripped of the ‘undeserving aura’, that it has assumed for the simple reason that hitherto no one has challenged it

Oldest woman to undergo heart surgery

The team led by Dr Ravi Gupta discovered that the LAD artery which supplies blood to about 60% of the heart alone had 100% blockage.

Endgame: Naxals are not going to vanish overnight; not the way we think

If we are want to finish off the Naxals, we also need to bring laws to punish politicians who cultivate the Naxals to silence their opponents

What happens when an aircraft’s engines fail?

What really happens inside a single-engine military aircraft after its engine suddenly stop functioning -- is a ghastly and unnerving experience that only someone who has been through can describe?

Post-COVID laziness – an addiction

COVID  has not only changed our life but also our living patterns and ripped the social fabric apart. Initially, when the lockdown happened, everyone was very euphoric about the ‘Work from Home’ concept. It gave the working class, a sense of freedom from dressing up, freedom from pollution and traffic jams while travelling to the office and freedom from strict office timings.

Environment conservation: are we serious?

The recently released Environment Performance Index 2022, a global ranking system which measures environmental health and sustainability of countries has ranked India last amongst 180 countries.

AU Bank- new incentives for salaried & business class

AU Bank, the largest Small Finance Bank and one of the fastest-growing retail Banks has launched – ‘AU Royale Salary’ and ‘AU Royale Business’ Current Account.

Commander of Royal Saudi Land Forces first-ever visit to India

In what is flaunted as the first-ever visit to India by a serving Royal Saudi Land Forces Commander the Commander of the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Lt Gen Fahd Bin Abdullah Mohammed Al-Mutair arrived in India on a two-day visit.

India is the world’s second-largest rice producer after China

India exported rice to over 150 countries across the globe in 2021-22.
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