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Why Netaji continues to rule over Bengalis’ heart?

Seven decades after his "disappearance", Subhas Chandra Bose continues to inspire generations and is still the numero uno political hero in Bengal and for Bengalis worldwide.

Women in combat – better late than never?

Induction of women in combat arms, combat support arms and services should be based on their abilities and not based on their gender. The armed forces should lay down minimum physical standards for combat arms, combat support arms and services irrespective of gender and recruit accordingly.

India’s odyssey in space – an insight

India's space security threats are increasing. In future, India will have to enhance its capabilities and influence the global governance of space.

Delhi Police women to wear khadi silk sarees

Over the years Khadi is becoming popular not only among common people but even government organisations are adopting Khadi. Traditional artisans in West Bengal are preparing Tasar-Katia Silk sarees for Delhi police

Government of Meghalaya – Mission health for all

The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Meghalaya is offering a variety of plans to make medical treatment affordable and accessible for everyone.

Big, Bigger, Smallest – Airports in India

There are 487 airports, airstrips, flying schools and military bases in India including 35 International, and 81 Domestic Airports

Sports Authority decides to help boxer who is a truck driver

Bhosale (28) won a bronze medal in the 64 kg weight category at the National Championship in Nagpur and has been hoping to get a decent job that will allow him to focus on his boxing career. Destiny has other things in store for him as he is currently working as a tempo driver to earn a living.

Why are road accidents an everyday affair in India?

Many drivers are maniacs in a hurry, who do not follow traffic rules, over speed, overtake from the wrong side, and drive under the influence of liquor.

How COVID has impacted the lives of Women?

Women have faced severe consequences of COVID. They are looked down upon with disgust and negative remarks and have had to suffer a lot.

Fingerprint analysis- science or ‘medical palmistry’?

Investigators have been depending on fingerprint analysis to solve crimes for 100s of years. However there is no scientific way to determine how long a fingerprint has been on a surface or under what circumstances it was placed there.

Halal vs. Haram – the debate continues

In the meat and poultry food industry, animals such as sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and game birds etc, are considered halal, but they must be prepared according to Islamic laws in order for their meat to be suitable for consumption.

Added sugar in processed foods – recipe for disaster

Sugar sweetened beverages are responsible for nearly 1,80,000 deaths every year. High fructose corn syrup which is the most frequently used sweetener in processed foods, particularly fruit-flavoured and fizzy drinks.
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