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Defence Budget 2021 – marginal increase, not sufficient to cover inflation

The Government has to decide the optimum allocation for defence, given the existing security scenario and competing demands of health, education and infrastructure segments

Is Australian coal-lobby blocking uranium deal with India?

The powerful coal lobby in Australia has also come under a scanner for the role it may have played in blocking uranium sale to an energy-starved India.

Muslims may equal the number of Christians by 2050

If current trends continue, Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians around the world by 2050 …

Delhi Police women to wear khadi silk sarees

Over the years Khadi is becoming popular not only among common people but even government organisations are adopting Khadi. Traditional artisans in West Bengal are preparing Tasar-Katia Silk sarees for Delhi police

Shahi Imam has no relevance today

Hereditary imamat is un-Islamic. Shahi Imam means Imam of the emperor. It is not relevant today. All an imam does is to lead the prayer. Imamhood is not a license for power plays or monopoly of one family. It should be possible to remove Imams who bring a bad name to the community.

Post Office for sending letters to God Ayyappa

A unique post office near the famed Hindu temple at the Sabarimala hills allows you to post letters to God. It is used by people to post invitation cards for weddings and shop openings, seeking divine blessings from Lord Ayyappa

Frequent sex reduces lifespan: BJP MP

Is frequent sex among married couple, bad for their health and longevity? Recent medical researches have suggested having regular sex can make you feel closer to your partner but the BJP MP from Bhopal does not think so.

How did Tata Sumo get its name?

Tata Group’s first multi-utility vehicle Tata Sumo had nothing to do with Japanese heavyweight wrestlers and named after Sumant Moolgaokar - Su for SUmant and Mo for MOolgaokar

Who betrayed the Mahatma?

Was there a British angle in Mahatma's assassination? Another indication of a British hand in the plot was Apte’s refusal, at the height of the Great Depression, of a full-time job in the Royal Indian Air Force.The most likely explanation is that he was probably already occupied -- as a British agent. Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s investigation into that nexus was cut short when he was killed in the September 2008 attack on Mumbai, giving rise to a widespread belief that the attack was primarily aimed at eliminating him.

Parliamentary Standing Committee recommends Franchise Protection Act for Automobile Dealers

Franchise laws will actually level the playing field between large automakers and local dealers. Currently, almost all auto dealerships are privately owned proprietorship or family-owned businesses.

Benefits of getting a used car loan approved before buying a car

Getting your loan approved before finalizing the car has multiple benefits. Having a pre-approval letter improves your chances of negotiating on what matters the most i.e the car’s price.

Bharat Matrimony launches Rajasthani Matrimony and Bihari Matrimony

India’s leading matrimony service, announced the launch of RajasthaniMatrimony.com and BihariMatrimony.com, exclusive matrimony services for the two communities. The service is available on app, mobile site and desktop.

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