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Top 10 qualities why Krishna is relevant today – 5

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Quality # 5: Cosmic Lover

Lord Krishna 3

As the God of Devine Love — Lord Krishna showed the path of devine love. His love for Radha was both immortal and pious. Even though he married Rukmini till date his name is always taken with his childhood love Radha. Similarly his love for the Gopis and Meera is part of folk lore till date.

The many names of Radha include Govinda-anandini–one who gives pleasure to Govinda; Govinda-mohini– one who impresses Govinda; Krishnamayi–one who sees Krishna within and without; Govinda-sarvasa–the all-in-all of Lord Govinda and Shiromani Sarva-kanta–crown jewel of all the Lord’s consorts.

Krishna painting

Strangely though Radha is married to someone else and fair in color, Krishna is said to be incomplete without Radha that is why he is sometimes referred to as Shri Radha Govind.

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Radha – Krishna represents eternity love of atman and parmatman.

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